Promoting Yourself with SAP Consultant Registry

SAP Consultant Registry

Recently SAP introduced a new portal called SAP Consultant Registry that can be used by SAP consultants to publish information about their credentials and passed SAP certifications. The information on this portal is open for everybody and companies that are looking to hire an SAP consultant can search for a certified SAP professional there. Let us have … Continue reading “Promoting Yourself with SAP Consultant Registry”

SAP Full Form: What Does SAP Stand For?

SAP Full Form

SAP is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems currently available at the market. In this post, we are going to discuss what does SAP stand for or in other words what is SAP full form. If you actually would like to know what is SAP, we recommend you this short article: What … Continue reading “SAP Full Form: What Does SAP Stand For?”

Free SAP Training with SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub (Free SAP Training)

SAP consistently maintains relatively high prices for its training courses. For instance, an instructor-led course that lasts 3 days can cost several thousand US dollars. Therefore, many individuals who want to learn SAP prefer to gain knowledge through self-study using books or tutorials published online. However, in the global education we starting to see more … Continue reading “Free SAP Training with SAP Learning Hub”

SAP Tutorials: Top 10 Free SAP Tutorials

SAP Tutorials

Learning SAP could be very expensive. The prices for one week SAP courses given by SAP Education start from 2500 USD in the United States. In order to prepare for SAP certification, one generally needs to take SAP academy course lasting for two weeks. It is easy to do the math and get the total … Continue reading “SAP Tutorials: Top 10 Free SAP Tutorials”

SAP Salaries: Why SAP Jobs Pay Much?

SAP Salaries

SAP Salaries SAP is the most widely used ERP system.  There are many great opportunities for a SAP consultant. Wide use of SAP to run business by many companies leaves a bright future ahead of us in the field of SAP. Many people wonder why SAP consultants are paid higher than other IT specialists. Everyone … Continue reading “SAP Salaries: Why SAP Jobs Pay Much?”