SAP Certification Centers in India

SAP Certification Centers India

For those people who want to pass SAP Certification in India or want to get SAP Training in India, we share contact information of the official SAP Certification Centers in India. Siemens is SAP India’s Education partner in India with its training locations in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and other cities. If you are going … Continue reading “SAP Certification Centers in India”

My SAP MM Certification Experience

SAP MM Certification Experience

I would like to share with everyone my SAP MM Certification experience. You might consider it useful to learn a couple of things before going to the exam. So, here are my experience and recommendations: 1) The examination questions are grouped together on topic-wise and evaluated accordingly. You can see at the beginning of the … Continue reading “My SAP MM Certification Experience”

What is SAP IDES?


People who have interest in SAP training might often meet an acronym IDES. So what does these four mysterious letters actually stand for? What is SAP IDES? The truth is that IDES means Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System and is used as SAP internal system mainly for testing and training purposes. The IDES system is run in … Continue reading “What is SAP IDES?”

What is SAP?

What is SAP?

What is SAP? Let’s get a clear understanding about what people can mean when using this word. The SAP acronym can mean two things: 1. SAP is a software system that integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization. It embraces finance, manufacturing, sales and service, CRM, etc. SAP automates these activities with an integrated software … Continue reading “What is SAP?”

SAP Certification Prerequisites

SAP Certification Prerequisites

Many people are curious if SAP certification exams are based on a mandatory set of prerequisites, such as participation in a series of training courses or job experience. This post will provide actual information about the SAP certification prerequisites. Surprisingly enough the prerequisites for the certification depend on the geographical location of SAP academy. For … Continue reading “SAP Certification Prerequisites”