SAP SD Questions (vol. 1)


3. Indentify the CORRECT answers:

  1. The shipping point is determined by the shipping condition, loading group and the delivering plant.
  2. It is always possible to change the shipping point manually in the delivery document.
  3. A single delivery can only be processed by one shipping point.
  4. Shipping point is the highest organizational unit in the system whose employees is responsible for complete processing of shipping and delivery process.
  5. Default value of a shipping point can be changed manually in a sales document as long as the new shipping point has been added in the shipping point determination in customizing.

4. Which of the following are true about routes?

  1. They are made up of itineraries and shipping types.
  2. They consist of connection points in which only legs can connect the points.
  3. The volume of the items in the delivery is considered when determining a route in the delivery.
  4. The shipping point, ship-to, sold-to, and material are factors in determining the proposed route.
  5. Routes are maintained on the customer master and do not have to be determined by the system. Copy control copy the route from the master data into the sales order.

5. Shipment scheduling take into consideration certain lead times. Which of the following is false?

  1. Transit time
  2. Pick and packing time as well as loading time
  3. Confirmed delivery time
  4. Billing time
  5. Transportation lead time

6. If the material availability date is in the past, forward scheduling will take place to determine the new material availability date. Two schedule line items will be created. The first with the customers required delivery date but not with a quantity and a second schedule line with the confirmed delivery date and the confirmed quantity.

  1. True
  2. False
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