ABAP Development for SAP HANA

ABAP Development for SAP HANASee how SAP HANA has changed ABAP! Whether you’re studying for certification or just want to see what’s new, you can learn to design simple and advanced SAP HANA applications with ABAP by using this comprehensive guide. Learn to enable code pushdown, use new Open SQL enhancements and CDS views, and integrate native SAP HANA objects. Use detailed programming examples to develop database procedures and optimize your applications. You’ll be programming for SAP HANA in no time!

  • Understand how SAP HANA changes ABAP for even the most experienced developers
  • Enable code pushdown to move code from the application server to the database
  • Get up to speed on the SAP HANA IDE and integration of native SAP HANA objects

What You Will Learn?

Basic Principles

Explore essential SAP HANA principles like in-memory technology and architecture, the SAP Web IDE, and AS ABAP database programming.

Advanced Techniques

Learn to use tools like InfoProviders, EasyQuery Interface, and the Application Function Modeler for SAP HANA. Discover how to integrate geographical data from SAP HANA in ABAP programs.

Optimizing Existing Applications

Get step-by-step instructions to help you optimize existing ABAP applications, and learn how to speed up applications with SAP HANA.

Book’s Highlights

  • Code pushdown
  • SAP Web IDE
  • Eclipse
  • CDS views
  • SQLScript
  • Native SAP HANA object integration
  • Open SQL enhancements
  • Geo-information
  • Text searches
  • Error analysis

About the Author of This SAP ABAP Book

Hermann Gahm is an AGS support architect at SAP working with ABAP and database performance. He developed internal trainings relating to ABAP performance and is the author/co-author of several SAP PRESS books in English and German.

Thorsten Schneider is a product manager for SAP HANA at SAP. He studied business information management and worked as a PLM developer and solution architect. Before he assumed his current position, he worked as a product manager for ABAP and HANA at SAP.

Christiaan Swanepoel has worked for SAP SE since 2003. He is currently Product Owner in the area of ABAP development tools for Core Data Services (CDS) in Eclipse. Prior to that, he worked in the area of ABAP programming language development and was part of the ABAP for SAP HANA integration team that deals with the software development based on ABAP and SAP HANA. Another focus of his work is agile software development. This includes agile testing of CDS objects in ABAP.

Dr. Eric Westenberger works at SAP as a product expert in the area of technology and innovation for the SAP HANA platform. After having completed his research work, he worked as a developer and architect for SAP NetWeaver (ABAP and Java) before he assumed his current position.

Purchase This SAP ABAP Book

If you want to download this e-book, please click on the cover image. You will be redirected to sap-press.com, the only website that sells SAP PRESS e-books. Don’t worry, if you prefer to hold your book the print version is also available for purchase.

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