SAP PM CertificationSAP PM Certification was introduced by SAP for those people who work with Plant Maintenance (PM) module of SAP ERP system. Is it challenging to pass SAP PM certification? Not very much if you come prepared and we will help you as much as we can to do your best and become a certified SAP PM consultant.

What is SAP PM?

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) is an SAP functional module used in manufacturing industries for easy process flow of plant maintenance operation and to capture the different types of reports related to machine breakdown analysis, cost analysis, spare analysis, etc.

SAP PM is integrated with below functional modules during implementation as per the business needs and client requirements. Here is a brief overview of how PM is integrated with other SAP modules:

MM (Materials management): Integrated with PM module, will be useful in equipment spares management, spares planning, spare reservation, purchase request generation, equipment external servicing, refurbishment process during Equipment maintenance, and for report generation.

PP (Production planning): Integrated with PM module, will be useful during production planning by the production team by considering the Equipment availability for precise planning and their production output.

HR (Human resource): Integrated with PM module, will be useful for maintenance labour planning and assigning different skill sets to different labour group like — electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, etc.

QM (Quality management): Integrated with PM module, will be useful during Equipment or instruments calibration process and to capture the related reports.

CO (Costing): Integrated with PM module, will be useful during maintenance work order process and cost calculation on maintenance labour part as per the different labour skill set.

FI (Finance): Integrated with PM module, will be useful in equipment master data update which are created as assets in FI area. Also, will be useful for investment orders, asset depreciation value calculations and to check on assets installation location.

SAP PM Certification

One can get certified in SAP PM module once he/she meets any one of the below mentioned criteria to take up the certification exam:

  1. After completing the full 5 weeks training at one of the authorised education partner of SAP.
  2. After completing 2 implementation projects, the company where the employee is working should sponsors the candidate, provided the company should be a SAP partner.

These criteria are applicable only for test takers from Asian region (India and other countries). In other regions (for example, Europe, Americas, Australia) the prerequisites mentioned above are not required. Also, see information about prerequisites for SAP certification.

Here are the books covered in the SAP PM module certification course:

PLM 300: Covers on maintenance processes in plant maintenance and execution of the same and relevant Organisation elements in PM.

PLM 305: Describing the technical objects (machines/equipments) in plant maintenance. Configurations of necessary settings in plant maintenance processes.

PLM 310: Configuring the maintenance strategies which is used for equipment maintenance planning.

PLM 315: Customising of minimum settings required for the maintenance processing.

PLM 318: Explaining on the important reporting structure in PM and running of technical and costing related reports.

SAP PM Certification code: C_TPLM30_66

  • Certification exam duration: 180 minutes
  • Number of questions: 80
  • Minimum scoring marks for passing certification: 70%

How to prepare for SAP PM Certification?

General tendency of the candidates who go for certification is that, in the first step itself studying the training material provided by the SAP training institutes. But our suggestion is to follow the below mentioned steps, to clear the certification exam in first attempt itself.

  1. Understand the business process in plant maintenance in all types of manufacturing industry.
  2. Do the hands on in SAP IDES for those scenarios. This will give enough confidence on the process and SAP system.
  3. Now do thoroughly study the learning material provided by SAP training institutes.
  4. Complete the exercises given at the end of the each chapter of the SAP books.
  5. Finally — Practice, Practice, Practice! You might also want to have a look at these six simple steps for SAP certification preparation.

Good luck with your SAP PM certification!


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SAP PM Certification Training

If you don’t feel very confident before SAP PM Certification, we recommend you to consider taking SAP PM Training. SAP PM Training is essential if you are a complete beginner in SAP PM and is beneficial even for those who have some experience as SAP PM consultants. Choose from free and paid PM courses available online or in your city.

SAP PM (EAM) Questions

SAP PM Certification Questions

Sample SAP PM Questions are extremely useful during the preparation for SAP PM Certification. They can help you to practice before the real exam and to evaluate your knowledge. You should attempt to answer these questions. Do not worry, if you’re able to answer only a few from the first attempt. Instead, try to understand why the answers were wrong.

SAP PM Books

SAP PM Certification Books

If you are completely new to SAP PM, it is probably a good idea to first get one of SAP PM Books and grasp some basics. On the other hand, it also makes sense to browse SAP Books if you are already experienced SAP consultant. The level of SAP Books varies and everyone will definitely find and learn something new from the books.

SAP PM Certification Syllabus

SAP PM Certification Syllabus

If you prepare for SAP PM certification, you should make sure that you spend your time efficiently. It really helps to have a plan of preparation beforehand. You should make this plan according to SAP PM Certification Syllabus and allocate your time according to the importance of the topics (for example, pricing or master data) as indicated in the syllabus.

SAP PM Certification FAQ

SAP PM Certification FAQ

SAP PM Certification FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is an archive of the most frequently asked questions that are related to SAP Certification. We collected them in one place and provided answers for every question, so that people do not need to ask the same question again and again at SAP-related forums.

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  2. I am interested to do sap pm course pls let me know the procedure. I am now in Kolkata. I have worked as team lead of PM(from client side) during implementation of PM module in our organization.

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