SAP BW Training


Module 0: Introduction to SAP

Tutorial 0.1What is SAP?

Tutorial 0.2SAP for Beginners


Module 1: Getting Started with SAP BW

Tutorial 1.1What is SAP BW?

Tutorial 1.2SAP BW Overview

Tutorial 1.3SAP BEx Tools Overview

Tutorial 1.4SAP BEx Analyzer Overview

Tutorial 1.5SAP BEx Query Designer – How to Create a Simple Query?


Tutorial 1.6SAP BW Characteristics

Tutorial 1.7SAP BW Hierarchy

Tutorial 1.8SAP BW InfoСube

Module 2: Key Figures and Structures

Tutorial 2.1SAP Restricted Key Figures

Tutorial 2.2SAP Calculated Key Figures

Tutorial 2.3SAP Key Figures Properties

Tutorial 2.4SAP BW Structures

Module 3: Using Variables in BW

Tutorial 3.1SAP BW Variables

Tutorial 3.2SAP BW Text Variable

Tutorial 3.3SAP BW Hierarchy Variable

Tutorial 3.4SAP BW Formula Variable

Tutorial 3.5SAP BW Business Content Variables

Tutorial 3.6SAP BW Offset Variables

Module 4: Additional Functions in BW Queries

Tutorial 4.1SAP BEx Exceptions

Tutorial 4.2SAP BEx Conditions

Tutorial 4.3SAP BW InfoProviders

Tutorial 4.4SAP BW Workbooks

Module 5: SAP BW Information Broadcasting

Tutorial 5.1SAP BW Broadcasting

Tutorial 5.2SAP BEx Broadcaster Configuration

Module 6: Other topics

Tutorial 6.1SAP BW Report-Report Interface

Tutorial 6.2SAP BW Business Content

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