SAP PP Training

sap pp trainingWelcome to the free SAP PP Training Course provided by ERProof. In this course, you will learn SAP PP module from an absolute beginner to advanced level. This online training course consists of a series of tutorials that cover all the topics of SAP Production Planning and will help you to gain new or improve existing knowledge of production planning in SAP.

Module 0: Introduction

Tutorial 0.1: What is SAP?

Tutorial 0.2: SAP for Beginners

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP PP

Tutorial 1.1: SAP PP Overview

Tutorial 1.2: Production Planning Process in SAP

Tutorial 1.3: Demand Management in SAP

Tutorial 1.4: SAP Storage Location

Module 2: Master Data in SAP PP

Tutorial 2.1: SAP PP Master Data

Tutorial 2.2SAP PP Material Master

Tutorial 2.3SAP Bill of Materials

Tutorial 2.4SAP Work Centers

Tutorial 2.5SAP Work Center Capacity

Tutorial 2.6SAP Work Center and Cost Center Integration

Tutorial 2.7SAP Task List

Tutorial 2.8SAP PP Routing

Tutorial 2.9SAP Phantom Assembly

Tutorial 2.10SAP Co-Products and By-Products

Tutorial 2.11SAP Multiple BOM and Variant BOM

Tutorial 2.12: SAP Master Recipe

Module 3: Additional Functions

Tutorial 3.1SAP Reference Operation Set

Tutorial 3.2SAP PP Scheduling

Tutorial 3.3SAP Reduction Strategy

Tutorial 3.4SAP Trigger Points

Tutorial 3.5: SAP Scrapping Process

Tutorial 3.6: SAP Production Order

Tutorial 3.7: SAP Planned Order

Tutorial 3.8: SAP Batch Determination

Module 4: SAP Repetitive Manufacturing

Tutorial 4.1: SAP Repetitive Manufacturing (REM)

Tutorial 4.2: SAP Backflushing in Repetitive Manufacturing (REM)

Tutorial 4.3: SAP Material Staging

Module 5: Miscellaneous

Tutorial 5.1: SAP PP Tables

Tutorial 5.2: SAP Production Version

Tutorial 5.3: SAP Factory Calendar

Tutorial 5.4: SAP BOM Tables

Tutorial 5.5: SAP Safety Stock

Tutorial 5.6: SAP Special Procurement Type

Tutorial 5.7: Material Classification in SAP

Tutorial 5.8: SAP MRP Reports

Tutorial 5.9: SAP COOIS Report

Tutorial 5.10: SAP Number Ranges

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  1. Dear SATP expert team;

    I would like to do the online SAP Course / TRaning because most Private and Global companies is implementing this sofrware fir their day to day bysuness transactions as well as for resporting.

    I am based in South Africa, AND WORK ON SEVERAL ACCOUNTING PACKAGES but this is the one that is my shortfall.

    Thanking you for your help and assistance and hope to hear from you soones

  2. Where can we get compile documentation?
    I am certified in MM , But this is also my strong area, what are the bottleneck moments mostly in PP.

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