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SAP Production VersionProduction Version is a master data object in SAP that belongs to the production and planning (PP) module. SAP production version is a combination of a bill of material and routing. Bill of Materials (BOM) consists of the components and the consumption of those components which are required to manufacture a product. Routing of the material consists of the activities that need to be done to manufacture a product.

For a given product, there can be different components that can be used to manufacture. When there are such substitute components, it is possible to create an alternative BOM in SAP. There can be multiple alternative BOMs for a given product. Like multiple BOMs, there can be different methods or tasks which can be used to manufacture a product. These different methods or sequences of activities can be maintained as alternative routings or routing groups.

SAP production version is used to group these different combinations of BOM and routings so that depending on the material availability and the resources, production can be carried out for those materials. Production versions can be maintained through the material master or using the production version mass maintenance transaction C223. In SAP S/4HANA, the production version is a mandatory PP master data. Let us look at how the SAP production version is created:

  1. Execute the transaction MM02 to view the material master.
  2. Select the MRP 4 tab.
  3. Click on the production versions button.

When creating a new production version, follow the below steps.

  1. Give the production version number, a description of the version, and the validity period. The validity period is useful to control how long the version can be used in production order. Once the validity period expires, that production version cannot be used in production order.
  2. Select the production version and click on the “Details” button.
  3. Now we need to give the routing. To select the appropriate routing for the version,
    1. Select the task list type N in detailed planning.
    2. Give the routing group. The group is generated when the routing is created from CA01.
    3. Give the group counter. This is also generated from CA01.
  4. Next, we can give the alternative BOM number that we need to associate with this SAP production version.
  5. Once the above data is entered, click on the “Check” button. This will check whether there are any inconsistencies in the selected routing group and alternative BOM. If everything is correct, a green light indicator will be shown.
  6. Save the material master.

SAP production version creation is now complete. After the MRP run, planned orders will be created for the internally produced items. If there is a production version maintained, it will be picked to the planned order by default. If there are multiple versions and if we want to assign a different version for the plan order, it is possible to do so. When the plan order is converted into a production order, the production version in the plan order will be copied to the production order. By carrying out the function “read PP master data” in the production order, we can change the production version.

For mass maintenance of the production version, we can use the transaction code C223. The details which need to be entered in this transaction are like the above details that we discussed. By using the above-mentioned methods, we can create a production version is SAP.

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  1. Very clear explanation. Is there any difference when we are in sap pp pi ?
    In my current project we have to go from ecc6 discret production to process production with s/4, do you have any advice and what we have to take care?

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