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free sap sd trainingSAP SD (Sales and Distribution) module of SAP ERP system enables companies to manage sales and customer service. It is one of the fundamental modules of SAP ERP and is implemented in most SAP projects. This module is also related to outbound logistics and shipments. Our team at ERP 360 developed a free SAP SD training course that will help interested people to learn SAP SD by following our free tutorials.

This training course is currently under development. You can browse selected modules of this course using the links below. New links will be added over time.

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP SD

Tutorial 1.1: SAP SD Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.2: How to Create SAP SD Inquiry

Tutorial 1.3: How to Create SAP SD Quotation

Tutorial 1.4: How to Create SAP SD Contract

Tutorial 1.5: How to Create SAP SD Sales Order

Tutorial 1.6How to Create a Scheduling Agreement in SAP SD

Module 2: SAP SD Master Data

Tutorial 2.1SAP Customer Master Data

Tutorial 2.2SAP SD Material Master

Tutorial 2.3SAP Customer-Material Info Record

Tutorial 2.4SAP SD Conditions Master Data

Tutorial 2.5SAP SD Output Master Data

Module 3: SAP SD Sales Customizing

Tutorial 3.1SAP SD Sales Document Types

Tutorial 3.2: SAP SD Item Categories

Tutorial 3.3SAP SD Schedule Line Categories

Tutorial 3.4SAP Sales Organization

Tutorial 3.5: SAP Distribution Channel

Tutorial 3.6SAP SD Division

Tutorial 3.7SAP Sales Area

Tutorial 3.8SAP Sales Office

Tutorial 3.9SAP Sales Group

Tutorial 3.10: SAP Shipping Point

Tutorial 3.11Assignment of Plant to Sales Organization and Distribution Channel

Module 4: SAP SD Processes

Tutorial 4.1SAP Order to Cash Process

Tutorial 4.2SAP Sales Document Flow

Tutorial 4.3SAP SD Copy Control

Tutorial 4.4: SAP SD Availability Check

Tutorial 4.5SAP SD Incompletion Procedure

Tutorial 4.6SAP Material Determination

Tutorial 4.7SAP Material Listing

Tutorial 4.8SAP Material Exclusion

Tutorial 4.9: SAP Profit Center Determination in Sales Order

Module 5: Additional Sales Scenarios

Tutorial 5.1SAP Free Goods

Tutorial 5.2SAP Sales to Employees Process

Tutorial 5.3SAP Delivery Block Functionality

Tutorial 5.4SAP Service Order Process

Tutorial 5.5SAP Make to Order Process

Module 6: Processing of Complaints

Tutorial 6.1SAP SD Credit Memo Processing

Tutorial 6.2SAP SD Debit Memo Processing

Tutorial 6.3SAP SD Return Order Process

Tutorial 6.4SAP Invoice Correction Request

Tutorial 6.5SAP Advanced Returns Management

Module 7: SAP SD Reporting

Tutorial 7.1Essential SAP SD Reports

Tutorial 7.2SAP Sales Information System

Module 8: Business Partners

Tutorial 8.1SAP Business Partner

Tutorial 8.2: SAP Partner Function Configuration

Tutorial 8.3SAP SD Partner Determination

Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes

  1. Sales Quotation Business Process in SAP
  2. Sales Order Processing: Sale from Stock
  3. Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
  4. Sales Processing using Third Party (w. Shipping Notification)
  5. Free of Charge Delivery
  6. Credit Management
  7. Returns and Complaints
  8. Advanced Customer Returns Management
  9. Sales Order Processing for Prospect
  10. Sales of Non-stock Item with Order Specific Procurement
  11. Debit Memo Processing
  12. Foreign Trade Export Processing
  13. Customer Consignment Processing
  14. Returnables Processing
  15. Cross-Company Sales Order Processing
  16. Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
  17. Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting
  18. Sales: Period End Closing Operations
  19. Credit Memo Processing
  20. Sales Order Processing with Collective Billing
  21. SAP SD Tables
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  1. I am really thankful this SAP SD team, who are going to devote their precious time for me for “free”.
    I was waiting for an opportunity to learn SAP.


  2. I appreciate your team for developing this free SD course, but can we work on SAP ides, and will be getting login id etc so that atleast one live project example can be practiced by us.

    1. Agree with Saurav,IDES would be awesome. This is where the real costs are. I’m willing to pay, albeit a realist amount, to access an IDES to practise config etc.

      1. We can’t provide IDES ourselves but there is a LOT of companies that offer this kind of service. Their prices are quite different. We’ve written an overview of IDES providers here: SAP IDES Access. I hope it can be useful for somebody.

  3. Oh really is this genuine? as I need this training as I am completely new to SAP and wish to to pursue a career within this field.

  4. This very knowledgeable course and it will definitely help newcomers and expertise to be more confident . But it is useless without certification. So ,I request if you can arrange for certification and I hope everybody will agree to make an payment if certification will be at affordable price ,once the course will be completed.

    1. It’s really helpful and I appreciate to this service providers whoever is interesting in poors help like who r not able to get this thing .thanks a lot.

  5. what is the cost of doing only SAP MM certification course ? i do not want to do training.
    i heard that i will charge $ 500/- if a person is having some experience ,Pls Explain.

  6. After completion of SAP SD training program for SAP institute will give any reference certification?

  7. Hello,
    I’m interested in learning SAP ERP to. And I agree that the best way to do this is reading tutorials and then practice. So the practice is really necessarily.
    I suggest to create a “students organization” for all of us that want’s to learn SAP and search for the best IDES solution. Maybe we can rent a dedicated server and share the costs between the members.
    Waiting for opinions.

  8. Today i found myself lucky to be on that site.i would like to thank and appreicate SAP SD team for there great work.I will love to get the SAP training but cant afford it.

    1. Hello Zuhair..
      Yes,its a site to feed at its best to the visitors & SAP Learners.

      It seems, you are likely to learn SAP SD & feeling some discomfort on making it.. Kindly write on Forum and get the favour respondings..

      All the best…

  9. Please let me know which are release process from SAP SD Business Processes
    as i am interested in learning them


  10. hi sir,



  11. Hello, I’m an accountant and do the banks reconciliations , I want to take a training course as soon as possible, what do you have for now so I can register
    waiting for your quick reply


    1. Mr.Naya
      Happy to write you here..
      Nice of your intentions towards learning SAP. Since you got a good relevant experiences in Finance side, you can very well proceed to SAP FI-CO, getting certified in SAP FI is more enough then establish your skills into SAP CO too.
      Kindly approach the nearby,SAP Authorized Center’s like Atos, Lithan Genovate etc.Kindly write me, in case you looking for more assistance on it.

      Mani, SAP MM

      1. Hi, My name is Rajan and I am looking for training on SAP FICO from Authorised SAP institute. I have tried contacting Atos but not getting any response from them. I have emailed them and reached out over the phone as well but there is no reply. Could you please tell me how do I contact?

  12. Dear Mani,
    I would like to have info on how to take sap training and get certification.
    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi Gentlemen,
      Well..You can approach any SAP Authorized Center’s at your location or nearby SAP Authorized Center’s. It’s better to learn from the real time SAP SD experienced real time trainer to learn from the basics to real time scenarios then you can move up to OLT (Self Learning Mode) to get certified.
      Kindly share ur location & contact details to suggest you the better options & procedures to make it.
      Good time…

  13. Hello,

    I really appreciated your effort for these SD tutorial. You are very kind to help us understand much more. I searched and found many tutorial from other webs but not in much detail like you.

    Will you continue to teach the rest sessions of Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes? It is very helpful to understand in real processes.

  14. Hello SAP forum,
    Am Utpal Karade , working in SMS Limited Nagpur ( EPC Company ) recently our company launces SAP.
    your SAP tutorial is too awsome and it is very helpful to my daily practice. I lean too many new concepts from your tutorials regarding SAP SD & MM.

    Thank you to all team.

  15. Hi,
    Will you continue to upload the rest sessions of Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes? It is very helpful to understand these processes.
    Would really appreciate if this could be done.

    Best Regards,

  16. Hi, I have a retail banking and investment banking experience. Could you please let me know which SAP module I should opt for? I have to register very soon as I want to learn SAP. Is SAP SD is good for me or SAP FICO/SAP HANA? I am completely new to this so very confused before starting.

  17. May i know is this complete SD course or is there any pending. I don’t know because am completely new to this.

  18. May i know is this complete SD course or is there any pending. I don’t know because am completely new to this.

  19. People this course is incomplete they did not continued with the updates..

    missing links are these..

    Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
    Sales Processing using Third Party (w. Shipping Notification)
    Free of Charge Delivery
    Credit Management
    Returns and Complaints
    Advanced Customer Returns Management
    Sales Order Processing for Prospect
    Sales of Non-stock Item with Order Specific Procurement
    Debit Memo Processing
    Foreign Trade Export Processing
    Customer Consignment Processing
    Returnables Processing
    Cross-Company Sales Order Processing
    Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
    Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting
    Sales: Period End Closing Operations
    Credit Memo Processing
    Sales Order Processing with Collective Billing

    too bad, but thanks for the efforts..


  20. Hello, thank you very much for your SAP training session. I had to pass SD End User Certification and I would like to say yours training supports are much better than French SAP’s.

    See u soon

    I would to change of job and becoming SAP consultant. I spent 20 years in sales back office department.
    How can you advice me for being successful ? In France, no experience as SAP consultant, no job but my personality ( I passed a test) shows I am made for project management.
    Thanks for yours advices

  21. Hi,
    Regarding Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes, not all the processes explained in details. They are just bullet points. Could you please let me know where these details would be available?

    Thanks & regards,

  22. Thank you so much to the entire team for such type of tutorials. These tutorials helps me a lot. After going through this tutorials one can understand the concept easily. My request to the team is please upload the link for availability check, pricing, gst configuration, ale/idoc, debugging, asap methodology. Once again
    Thank you so much

  23. Bom dia! Parabéns pelo conteúdo. Uma pergunta: o grupo de contas impacta em mais processos posteriores após a utilização no SD? Aqui usamos um grupo de contas para ter um cliente como emissor da ordem e outro cliente para recebedor…esse grupo de contas interfere em outros processos que não esse?

  24. Thank you for Your Information on the SAP SD training institute in hyderabad. It is really helpful. After reading your article I was amazed. I know that you explain it very well. And I hope that other readers will also experience how I feel after reading your article.

  25. Hi,
    Will you continue to upload the rest sessions of Module 10: SAP SD Business Processes?
    Can you please also upload also Billing, pricing, gst configuration, ale/idoc, debugging, asap methodology?

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