SAP SD Questions

SAP SD QuestionsHere you will find sample SAP SD questions and mock tests for SAP SD certification that are relatively similar to the original exam. You should definitely use them during preparation for the certification, because it will help you to familiarize yourself with the exam format, test your knowledge, identify areas that require additional attention, and sometimes these sample questions are just a little bit similar to what you might encounter at the real exam.

SAP SD Certification Questions

Before you read these sample questions, it is necessary to make one thing crystal clear: there is absolutely no way to get SAP SD questions that will appear at the actual certification. There are several reasons why it is not possible. First, no one has access to the bank of the certification questions because they are kept in the utmost secrecy. Second, the pool of questions that SAP has is so large that, even if someone could extract some questions from the secret database, the probability of getting these SAP SD questions at the exam is extremely low because the questions are randomly selected by a computer. Therefore, do not believe the people who try to sell you SAP SD questions and promise that after studying them you will definitely pass SAP SD certification.

During SAP SD certification you will be required to answer 80 multiple choice questions. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. It means that you should try to answer as many questions as possible even if you are not sure what is the correct answer. You will be given 180 minutes to complete the certification. The current passing score for SAP SD certification is around 60%.

Official SAP SD Certification Questions

SAP Education provides official practice questions for SAP SD Certification: SAP SD Certification Official Sample Questions.

Free SAP SD Certification Questions

Below are 80 sample questions for SAP SD certification. If you are preparing for the exam, try to answer these SAP SD questions and see how many questions you could answer correctly. Here we also posted answers to these SAP SD questions and brief explanations for each of the questions.

Disclaimer: These sample SAP SD questions are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams. Answering the sample questions correctly is no guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. However, it is a great way to prepare for the actual certification exams and helped many people to become certified SAP consultants.

In every SAP SD question, except ‘true or false’ questions, at least one or more answers can be correct.

1. Please indicate which of the following documents are not a part of the sales documents chain:

a. Inquiry; b. Quotation; c. Sales order; d. Delivery; e. Goods issue; f. Invoice

2. Each sales document consists of the following:

a. Header; b. Schedule line; c. Delivery line; d. Item

3. The header of a sales document contains general data, which is valid for the whole document. This data includes:

a. Sold-to party; b. Ship-to party; c. Payer; d. Material number; e. Pricing procedure

4. Which of the following data can be found in a sales document:

a. Payment terms; b. Shipping point; c. Plant; d. Material price; e. Delivery date; f. Incoterms

5. The goals of the organizational structures in SAP are to enable:

a. Flexibility in representing complex corporate structures; b. Adaptation to changes in the corporate structures; c. Differentiation between views in logistics (Sales and Distribution, Purchasing, and so on), cost accounting, and financial accounting; d. Processing of data across company codes

6. The organizational structures in Sales and Distribution represent the legal and organizational structure of a company. Which of the following organizational units do not belong to Sales and Distribution:

a. Sales organization; b. Company code; c. Sales office; d. Division; e. Business area

7. What are the optional organizational units in Sales and Distribution?

a. Sales organization; b. Distribution channel; c. Sales area; d. Sales office; e. Sales group; f. Division

8. Please choose the correct statements:

a. Sales organization is assigned to one or more company codes; b. Sales organization is assigned to one or more plants; c. Sales organization is assigned to exactly one company code; d. Sales organization is assigned to exactly one plant

9. Please choose the correct statements about a division:

a. Within a division you can carry out statistical analyses or devise your own marketing strategies; b. A material can be assigned to exactly one division; c. A material can be assigned to one or more divisions; d. Each division represents a selling unit as a legal entity

10. For a plant to deliver goods to customers, it must be configured appropriately as a delivering plant in Sales and Distribution customizing. Please indicate which of the following configuration options are possible:

a. One plant can only be assigned to one sales organization; b. One plant can only be assigned to one distribution channel; c. One plant can be assigned to several sales organizations; d. One plant can be assigned to several distribution channels; e. A plant can be assigned to a different company code than that of the sales organization

11. The sales area is unique and defined combination of the following:

a. Sales organization; b. Division; c. Sales office; d. Distribution channel; e. Sales group; f. Sales person

12. What are the sources of document data?

a. Master data; b. Existing document data; c. Customizing; d. Hard-coded controls

13. Please select the essential business partners for a sales transaction from the following list:

a. Sales representative; b. Ship-to; c. Bill-to; d. Payer; e. Sold-to

14. When you enter an item in a sales order, SAP attempts to determine a delivering plant automatically from the master data. What is the sequence of determination (from left to right)?

a. Material master record, customer-material info record, customer master record; b. Customer-material info record, customer master record, material master record; c. Customer master record, material master record, customer-material info record; d. Customer-material info record, material master record, customer master record

15. Which data in a sales order is not re-determined after a change of the sold-to party?

a. Texts; b. Prices; c. Sales office and sales group; d. Availability and product allocation; e. Output

16. Identify if the following statement is true or false: the sold-to party in a sales order can always be changed.

a. True; b. False

17. Which of the following sales document types are not standard outline agreement types?

a. QC = Quality contract; b. DS = Scheduling agreement; c. CF = Consignment fill-up; d. WK1 = General value contract

18. What are the functions of the sales document type?

a. Number assignment; b. Default values; c. Checks; d. Mandatory reference; e. Copying control

19. Sales document types might be created and valid only in some sales areas. Is it true or false?

a. True; b. False

20. Customizing for a sales document can be done on the following levels:

a. Header level; b. Item level; c. Schedule line level; d. Delivery line level

21. Please indicate sales document types that are not standard SAP document types:

a. Debit memo request; b. Inquiry; c. Rush order; d. Standard order; e. Rush contract

22. Which of the following item categories are included in SAP as standard item categories?

a. TAD = Service in standard order; b. KEN = Standard item in consignment issue; c. KMN = Standard item in quantity contract; d. BGN = Schedule in standard order; e. KLN = Free-of-charge item

23. What are the functions of an item category?

a. Determination if business data in an item can be different from the header; b. Control of item pricing; c. Control of incompleteness log on the item level; d. Determination of the way how an item is billed

24. Please indicate if the following statement is true of false: It is possible to copy a text item from the sales order to the delivery document if the delivery relevance indicator is set for this item.

a. True; b. False

25. What are the factors that influence determination of the item category in a sales document?

a. The item category group in material master; b. Plant specified in the header of the sales document; c. The item usage indicator; d. The item category of a higher-level item

26. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: item category is influenced by division of the material.

a. True; b. False

27. What are the two minimum factors for determination of the item category?

a. Usage; b. Document type; c. Higher level item category; d. Item category group

28. What is the best way to create new sales document type?

a. Generate a new sales document type by copying existing one; b. Carefully analyze business requirements and create a new sales document type from scratch according to the results of the analysis; c. Creating a new sales document type from scratch

29. Which item category group has to be specified in the material master to enable pricing at the sub-item level of the bill of material (BOM)?

a. ERLA; b. LUMF

30. Which of the following schedule line categories are not provided with standard SAP?

a. AT = Inquiry schedule line; b. DN = Schedule line in returns without MRP; c. CP = Order schedule line with MRP; d. AL = Quotation schedule line

31. The schedule line category may influence the following functions and processes:

a. Requirements transfer; b. Purchasing; c. Availability check; d. Delivery relevance; e. Goods movement

32. Please indicate if the following statement is true of false: the schedule lines in a quotation must not be relevant for delivery.

a. True; b. False

33. What is the purpose of the assignment of schedule line categories to item category?

a. Determination of alternative schedule line categories; b. Configuration of SAP for automatic proposition of schedule line category; c. Configuration of SAP for automatic proposition of item category

34. What are the steps in automatic schedule lines category determination?

a. The system determines schedule line category by sales document type and material type; b. The system determines schedule line category by item category and MRP type; c. The system determines schedule line category by sales document type and item category; d. The system determines schedule line category only by item category

35. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: it is possible to create custom schedule line categories.

a. True; b. False

36. Sales documents can be created with reference at the following moments of time:

a. Only at the initial screen of the sales document entry; b. Only during the sales document entry; c. Both at the initial screen and during the sales document entry

37. The copying procedure in SD is controlled with:

a. Copying checks; b. Copying requirements; c. Data transfer routines; d. Indicators

38. Copying control in sales documents can be set up at the following levels:

a. Only at the header level; b. Only at the item level; c. Only at the schedule line level; d. Only at the header and item levels; e. Only at the item and schedule line levels; f. At header, item, and schedule line levels

39. Is it possible to configure SD so that the system will automatically create a delivery every time a sales order is saved?

a. Yes; b. No

40. Which types of sales documents can be used in cases when a customer needs immediately pick up goods from a warehouse?

a. Standard order; b. Rush order; c. Consignment fill-up; d. Cash sales

41. Please indicate the correct statements:

a. A controlling area and a company code have to use the same local currency; b. A company code can be assigned to one or more controlling areas; c. A business area is assigned to the combination of a company code and a sales organization; d. A plant is assigned to only one company code

42. Which of the following can be used as an output media in SAP?

a. EDI; b. Printer; c. Fax; d. SAP office; e. External media

43. Please indicate if the following statement is true of false: if for a sales document copying control has not been set up, the system will not allow to create new documents with reference to this document.

a. True; b. False

44. Where incompletion log in SD is defined?

a. Only in sales document header; b. Only in sales document items; c. Both in sales document header and items; d. In customizing

45. Does SAP provides a possibility to block saving of an incomplete sales document?

a. Yes; b. No

46. Please indicate which of the following statements are correct:

a. Items in a delivery document must belong to the same distribution channel; b. The distribution channel describes the way how goods or services reach customers; c. Items in a billing document must belong to the same distribution channel; d. The distribution channel can be assigned to only one sales organization; e. New sales document types can be defined for the distribution channel

47. Please select incorrect statements:

a. The incompletion procedure for the header of a sales document is defined in the document type; b. The incompletion procedure for the item of a sales document is defined in the item category; c. The incompletion procedure for the schedule line of a sales document is defined in the schedule line category; d. The incompletion procedure depends on sold-to and ship-to parties

48. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: partner functions allow distinguishing between different business partners.

a. True; b. False

49. Please indicate which of the following partner functions are standard partner functions provided by SAP.

a. Ship-to party; b. Payer; c. Sold-to party; d. Contact person; e. Forwarding agent; f. Bill-to party; g. Employee responsible

50. What is defined with the account group?

a. Texts of the customer master record; b. Partners tab of the customer master record; c. The number range; d. Partner function

51. Please indicate if the following statement if true or false: possible partner functions of a business partner are controlled with account group.

a. True; b. False

52. Please indicate at which levels in the system partners appear?

a. Billing item; b. Sales activity (CAS); c. Billing header; d. Customer master; e. Sales document header; f. Delivery; g. Sales document item

53. How partner procedures are assigned to the sales document header?

a. Using combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and sales document type; b. Using combination of sales organization and distribution channel; c. Using sales document type

54. What is the step that precedes creation of an access sequence?

a. Creation of pricing procedure; b. Creation of condition records; c. Creation of pricing procedure; d. Creation of condition type

55. What are the options in the system for redetermination of the pricing at the time of billing?

a. Pricing elements are copied from a reference document; b. New pricing; c. Prices are copied from a reference document and scales are determined; d. New pricing without changes in manually entered prices; e. Pricing elements are copied unchanged

56. Which of the following actions are possible during the processing of a sales order?

a. Revenue account determination; b. Packing proposal; c. Pricing; d. Delivery scheduling; e. Material substitution analysis; f. Free goods analysis

57. In which situations is the forward scheduling carried out?

a. The backward scheduling is not defined; b. When the delivery dates are in the past; c. When there is not stock

58. Which data will prevent creation of a delivery, if this data is missing in a sales order?

a. Shipping point; b. Route; c. Net weight; d. Warehouse number; e. Serial numbers

59. Please indicate which of the following is true about milestone billing plans?

a. Date proposals are used; b. Amount is distributed among the periods; c. Amount is constant across the periods; d. Assigned only to sales document type

60. Please indicate if the following statement is true of false: a unit of packaging material is called a shipping unit.

a. True; b. False

61. In order to enable the system to propose delivery dates, they should be defined in:

a. Sales document type; b. Copy control for sales documents; c. Item categories; d. Schedule line item categories

62. What determines if a delivery item is relevant for picking?

a. Delivery item type; b. Delivery item copy control; c. Sales item category; d. Delivery type

63. What does the billing document type control?

a. Partner functions at the header level; b. Output; c. Document number; d. Billing document type of a cancellation document; e. The procedure of the accounts assignment in financial accounting; f. Partner functions at the item level

64. Shipping point is determined on the basis of:

a. Loading group; b. Delivery plant; c. Destination country; d. Storage conditions; e. Shipping conditions; f. Storage location

65. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: currency that is used in a sales document and the currency specified for a credit control area must be the same.

a. True; b. False

66. Please indicate which of the following are types of contract in SAP sales and distribution?

a. Value; b. Rental; c. Quantity; d. Service and maintenance; e. Scheduling agreement

67. Please indicate if the following statement is true of false: assortment module is a list of materials that are permitted in a value contract.

a. True; b. False

68. How materials in a value contract can be released?

a. Assortment module; b. Product hierarchy node; c. Direct material entry

69. What is controlled with the substitution reason during the material determination?

a. If special packaging has to be added for the selected products; b. If the selected products should be evaluated again when the document is referenced; c. What products should be printed in output documents; d. If the selected products should be directly copied from the source documents

70. During the processing of the condition techniques for material master records it is possible to:

a. Determine reasons for substitution; b. Restrict the validity period of a record; c. Save one or more substitutes per master record; d. Save only one substitute per master record; e. Maintain separate entries for each key combination

71. Which functionality can be used for the material determination?

a. Material listings; b. Material exclusion; c. Automatic substitution; d. Manual selection of a substitute material

72. Which of the following is not used in the material determination?

a. Condition record; b. Condition type; c. Access sequence; d. Material determination procedure; e. Procedure determination; f. Priority table

73. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: in the material determination material listings and material exclusions can be used together.

a. True; b. False

74. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: the analysis of the free goods determination can be performed from a sales document.

a. True; b. False

75. What are the possible delivery settings for the free goods?

a. The free goods can only be delivered with at least some of the ordered goods; b. The free goods items are processed independently from the main items; c. The free goods can be delivered if part of the ordered quantity is being delivered; d. The quantity of the free goods delivered automatically changes in proportion to changes to the ordered material in a delivery; e. The free goods can be delivered if the complete quantity of the main items is being delivered

76. What are the standard calculation rules provided by SAP for the free goods?

a. The free goods quantity is the quantity that is calculated from the discount quantity; b. The document quantity is the quantity entered by the person who creates a sales order; c. The free goods quantity is parameterized with the bonus factor; d. The additional quantity is the quantity delivered free of charge

77. Please indicate if the following statement if true or false: it is possible to process different master data with the same key for inclusive and exclusive bonus quantities at the same time.

a. True; b. False

78. Which of the following output types support the sales to employee business process?

a. Order confirmation; b. Cash receipt; c. Dunning note; d. Invoice generated from a billing document

79. Please indicate if the following statement is true or false: the delivery item category is the same as the sales order item category.

a. True; b. False

80. What are the consequences of the goods issue posting?

a. Creation of a work list for billing; b. Reduction of the warehouse stock; c. Reduction of the delivery requirements; d. Posting of the value change to the stocks accounts in the inventory accounting

Answers and Explanations for SAP SD Questions

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