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SAP FI TrainingLearn SAP FI (Financial Accounting) with this free SAP FI Training course. The training course consists of a series of SAP FI tutorials that will help you to learn SAP FI module on your own pace.

This training course is currently under development. You can browse selected modules of this course using the links below. New links will be added over time.

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP FI

Tutorial 1.1SAP FI Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.2How to create a company code in SAP

Tutorial 1.3What is the Variant Principle in SAP FI?

Tutorial 1.4SAP Fiscal Year and Fiscal Year Variants

Tutorial 1.5: Currencies in SAP

Tutorial 1.6: SAP Exchange Rates

Tutorial 1.7SAP Exchange Rate Table

Tutorial 1.8SAP Chart of Accounts

Tutorial 1.9SAP G/L Account Segments

Tutorial 1.10SAP Balance Sheet and P&L Statement Accounts

Tutorial 1.11SAP Account Group of G/L Accounts

Tutorial 1.12SAP Field Status Variant

Module 2: SAP FI Master Data

Tutorial 2.1SAP General Ledger Account (G/L Account)

Tutorial 2.2SAP Customer Account

Tutorial 2.3SAP Vendor Account

Tutorial 2.4SAP Bank Master Data

Module 3: SAP FI Documents

Tutorial 3.1SAP FI Document Types

Tutorial 3.2SAP FI Document Structure

Tutorial 3.3SAP FI Posting Periods

Tutorial 3.4SAP FI Posting Authorization

Tutorial 3.5SAP FB50 Transaction Tutorial

Tutorial 3.6SAP FI Tax

Tutorial 3.7SAP Tax Configuration

Tutorial 3.8SAP Document Change Rules

Tutorial 3.9SAP Document Reversal

Module 4: Clearing Processes in SAP FI

Tutorial 4.1SAP Clearing of Open Items

Tutorial 4.2SAP Incoming Payment

Tutorial 4.3SAP Outgoing Payment

Tutorial 4.4SAP Tolerance Groups

Tutorial 4.5SAP Payment Differences Processing

Tutorial 4.6SAP Partial and Residual Payments

Tutorial 4.7SAP Exchange Rate Differences

Module 5: SAP Cash Journal

Tutorial 5.1SAP Cash Journal Configuration

Tutorial 5.2: SAP FBCJ Cash Journal

Module 6: Special G/L Transactions

Tutorial 6.1SAP Special G/L Introduction

Tutorial 6.2SAP Customer Down Payment Process

Tutorial 6.3SAP Vendor Down Payment Process

Tutorial 6.4SAP Bill of Exchange

Tutorial 6.5SAP Posting Key Configuration

Tutorial 6.6SAP Special G/L Indicator Configuration

Tutorial 6.7SAP Statistical Entry Configuration

Module 7: Parking and Holding Documents in SAP

Tutorial 7.1SAP Parking and Holding Documents

Tutorial 7.2Post Parked SAP Documents

Tutorial 7.3Post Parked Documents Using SAP Workflow

Module 8: Automatic Payment Program

Tutorial 8.1SAP Payment Run Process

Tutorial 8.2SAP Payment Program Configuration

Tutorial 8.3SAP Payment Run Step by Step Demonstration

Tutorial 8.4SAP Payment Medium Workbench

Tutorial 8.5SAP Debit Balance Check

Module 9: Dunning

Tutorial 9.1SAP Dunning Process

Tutorial 9.2SAP Dunning Configuration

Tutorial 9.3SAP Dunning Run Step by Step Demonstration

Tutorial 9.4SAP Dunning Proposal Modification

Tutorial 9.5SAP Dunning Notice

Module 10: Closing Activities

Tutorial 10.1SAP Month End Closing Process

Tutorial 10.2SAP Year End Closing Process

Module 11: Financial Statements in SAP

Tutorial 11.1SAP Financial Statement Version

Tutorial 11.2SAP Drilldown Reporting

Module 12: Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables

Tutorial 12.1SAP Balance Confirmation

Tutorial 12.2SAP Foreign Currency Valuation

Tutorial 12.3SAP Value Adjustments

Tutorial 12.4SAP Regrouping Receivables Payables

Module 13: Accruals and Deferrals

Tutorial 13.1SAP Accrual Deferral Posting

Module 14: Integration with Other Modules

Tutorial 14.1SAP MM FI Integration


SAP Leased Assets Configuration Steps

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      1. Hi Cleo,
        Would you be able to tell me if SAP financial accounting will help me. I’ve done my degree in Accounting long back. I’ve got number of year experience in this field in overseas. Now I’ve been migrated to Australia. Is is right to do SAP financial to enhance my chances to get work in Australia in this field.

        1. There is no doubt go for it by all it means. I know late response but do not wait any longer and go for it.

      2. Should I opt it as I have done bachelor’s in Mechanical technology and I wanna get the job as CSR so would it be good for me?

    1. Hello sir,
      I have degree, and experience in Accounting above 20 year Accountant. And regular worked in Tally ERP, and Prime Tally. I wish learn in SAP fico and start to work. It’s a Last dream in my life. How I learn free and get practice free.

      Balasaheb Pagare

  1. Cleo Isco I am an ACCA going to have Chartered Accountancy Certification. Recently I got SAP Fi End User training and I have been obsessed with ERP for a long time as SAP always fascinated me. I have worked as Junior Functional Consultant in Oracle 11i in 2004 and then moving to traditional Finance role. I am thinking about getting eAcademy and then certification for SAP Fi and then CO. I want to ask, what benefits a finance professional would have other than financial benefits a person would have as SAP Fi/Co certified professional. More importantly in terms of career prospects I mean what position in hierarchy a person would have after certification.

      1. Hi Cleo,
        Always been thank full to you for your valuable inputs.
        I am A qualified Chartered Accountant with 5 + Year of experience in Accounting, Audit & MIS Reporting.
        Could you please Suggest me If I wanted to make profession in the SAP Filed where should I need to start my self. As I worked on different accounting packages Like E-BIZ, EMPRO, GERP etc. and having more than end user experience.
        I will wait for your counselling…

  2. When are you goint to update Module 2: Accounts Payable in SAP FI? These is no content there) Thanks for your answer.

  3. Hi,

    I have done my M.Com way back and now a days i am working as a banker(operations head for the past 10years) in private bank. Since SAP fascinated me i would like to learn and move further as my career in this field.

    Please suggest how i can move further.

    1. Thank you for the interest. We decided to first teach a module about SAP FI documents and after it proceed with accounts payable. New tutorials will follow!

  4. Hi Cleo, I am so happy to read your in detailed tutorials. Eagerly waiting to watch your next postings. Keep the good work going…

  5. Hello Cleo Isco,
    There is nothing to view/review for Module 3 (AP in SAP FI Training) ** it said you have removed the contents on 1/14/17 – Will you be posting some docs or info there soon?
    thank you much. Great review materials 🙂

  6. Thanks Cleo for module 3 . when are we having more master data templates. How do we interact with writers on this site especially the one who is writing on master data

  7. Thank you for your job. I will keep checking the site.
    In Spain it is usually ask to know SAP FI-CO, not only SAP FI.
    Thanks again!

      1. Hi,
        i just applied for sap fico in one institute their the trainer have 5 year experience(consultant) but now he is retired and he is only into corporate training and individual training,should i start with them or should i go for someone who is currently working? please suggest its urgent.

  8. Hi.
    I’m living in Greenville,SC and I’m going to get the FI certificate. Could you please tell me is there any institute or school here for getting this certificate?

  9. Hi Cleo,
    Thank you very much for this free FI course! I have been searching for this training for a long time. It is really helpful! Just want to check if the course ends up on “Module 4” or there will be updated soon.

  10. Can I eligible to take only SAP ID from Siemens? Afterwards, will get training through free online cessions and will appear in exams.- exams fees I will ready to pay when I will prepare/ready for the exam.
    At first please advise me that Is it is correct learning process for new user or should take the training cessions from the institute?and Also advise about SAP ID Cost (if I am eligible).

  11. Hi Cleo

    I would like to know if it is possible to write the SAP FI certification after studying these tutorials?
    Also could you advise me on where I could find SAP training centres in South Africa or more specifically Botswana?

    Looking forward to your answer.

  12. Hello,
    Thank you to all the contributors, I’ve just end school and I was looking for a FI/CO training and you just give it to me.
    I’ve learned a lot from you and I’m only at the half way of your modules.

    Thanks a lot

  13. Hi Cleo,
    Like I said in the mail I asked to you few days ago, I have MBA in finance few years back and I am looking into going for SAP FICO. Will U advice me to do that or recommend another course in SAP?
    Kindly let me know, thanks a lot.
    And well done for the good work.

  14. Hi Cleo, could you please also provide the Asset Accounting Training as its missing here, i need to learn Asset Accounting now. Thanks

  15. whoah this weblog is wonderful i like studying your articles. Keep up the good paintings! You already know, lots of persons are hunting around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  16. May I ask if this is applied to ECC6 or S4?
    My organization is planning to transfer from ECC6 to S4, im looking for some materials to learn about S4 FICO, do yo have any recommendations on self-learning and resource recommendation?

  17. Unlock your SAP skills and capabilities with our flexible online SAP training led by subject matter experts.

  18. Am collins ,an accountant in kenya,and i wanted to get some basics about installing sap ,connecting to data source.a challenge to me.

  19. Hi my name is Ravinder ,I have completed my MBA in 2015 with finance and I am interested in SAP FICO S/4 HANA but i am confused to learn any technical skills like AWS or CKA or CCBP 4.0 intensive program ? please help me with this confusion . Thanks in advance .

  20. Bonjour !
    Je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous faites pour notre formation en SAP . Mon inquiétude est de savoir si vous avez des livres et des cours en Français ?
    Je voudrais les connaître ;
    Merci et à bientôt ,

  21. Recently I have completed my MBA, specialization i took IT and Finance so now I’m interested to learn SAP fico any one could u please suggest me where I will get free course and a to z detailed explanation classes of SAP FICCO and also I need to clarify one doubt SAP Fi and SAP fico is it different are same?
    I need to learn this course for my future development guys please help me to suggest any free course available if u know thank you.

  22. Hi
    I have completed MBA finance 2008 , I have 6 to 7 years experience in accounting and finance. We did migrated to Australia and not working in accounting but I am decided to do SAP FI S4 HANA certification. If I do start this course . can I able to complete ?? Also anyone help me to install SAP in my laptop?

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