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At ERProof we cover all the topics related to SAP certification, training and career. SAP ERP system has created a huge international job market for people that know how configure and implement SAP systems. SAP AG (the company-creator of SAP system) has a dedicated division, which is in charge for training and certification, called SAP Education. SAP Education prefers to manage SAP certification and training in a centralized fashion and, thus, ensure a reasonable quality of educational services. However, an individual who wants to learn SAP does not really need to attend expensive SAP training courses. There are other options such as self-learning (with SAP books), third party SAP training institutions (some of them are licensed by SAP AG, some – are not) or hands on learning (when you learn SAP by using it and performing various tasks). Having said that we should admit that if financial question is not an issue, official SAP training classes are undoubtedly the best option. The situation with SAP certification is different. Only certifications passed at SAP Education facilities (or their educational partners facilities in some countries) are officially recognized and valued. SAP AG apprises their SAP certification initiative very high and has made the following statement regarding it:

“Few credentials in the business world carry the value of SAP certification. Those who hold it have honed their skills through rigorous study and direct experience – and have demonstrated their abilities by passing demanding, process-oriented exams.”

While not everyone in SAP industry agrees with SAP AG about the value of SAP certification and SAP Education regularly receives substantial amount of critique, SAP certification remains the only recognized professional qualification in SAP world and many people have to go through certification for a number of various reasons. The main cause behind of our website is to help people with preparation for SAP certification.

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