If you decided to learn SAP ABAP by yourself or need reference material for your job of an ABAP developer, you might be looking for some books that can teach you programming using ABAP language – SAP ABAP books. There is a large variety of SAP ABAP books out there. Some are old, some are newer. Some are good and insightful while other are not very interesting or useful. We also often receive questions and requests for recommendations about best books to prepare for SAP ABAP certification.

For these reasons we decided to put together a section on our website with links to decent (in our humble opinion) SAP ABAP books. There are different books in our collection – some are good for beginners while other discuss more advanced topics that will be interesting for experienced ABAP programmers. There are also books that market themselves as useful for SAP ABAP certification preparation. We advise you to be cautious with these books because the best way of preparing to the certification is by using the books that SAP Education distributes to attendees of their official SAP training courses. Although they are considered to be the best source of knowledge for preparing towards passing SAP certification, unfortunately, you cannot just buy them. SAP does not sale them because they want to guard value of the official training courses. What you can do about it? Not much – either attend the official course (online or classroom) or try to borrow these books from friends or colleagues who have followed these courses before (SAP gives these books for free to all participants of there training programs).

SAP is a very complex and sometimes tricky software system. Therefore, if you don’t feel like you quite understand concepts that are explained in SAP ABAP books, don’t worry and try to invest more time into learning. Alternatively, you can look for third-party training companies that provide SAP training. In this regard, you will find useful our free and open catalog of SAP training. It contains information about training institutes from all over the worlds, their prices, and contact details.

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