Complete ABAP

Complete ABAPImmerse yourself in the world of ABAP with this all-in-one guide to 7.5! Offering instructions for beginners and refreshers for seasoned experts, this resource covers everything ABAP. Get information on basic programming concepts and tools, like data types and the ABAP Data Dictionary, and steps for developing interfaces and dynamic programs. Packed with 1000+ pages on procedural and object-oriented programming techniques, you’ll find the know-how you need to code yourself out of any corner.

  • An everyday reference for the ABAP programmer of all levels
  • Language elements, syntax, concepts, and more
  • Up to date for release 7.5

What You Will Learn?


Discover everything there is to know about ABAP. Begin with the basics: ABAP keywords, syntax, tools, data types, events, and more. Try your hand at more advanced concepts, including user interaction, exception handling, dialog and dynamic programming, among others. Finally, make it work: debug and test.

Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming

Don’t limit yourself to one technique! Dive into both the procedural and OOP approaches to ABAP.

Practice Examples

Learn by doing. Walk through the numerous examples and follow along using practice code provided throughout the book.

Book’s Highlights

  • Architecture and environment
  • Procedural and object-oriented programming
  • ABAP tools
  • Syntax, keywords, structures, and tables
  • User interaction
  • Modularization
  • Persistent data
  • Dialog and dynamic programming
  • Screens and forms
  • Debugging and testing
  • Interface development
  • Modifications and enhancements

About the Author of This SAP ABAP Book

Kiran Bandari is a solution architect for one of the world’s leading confection companies, and has been working with ABAP for more than 10 years. He has worked as a lead ABAP consultant on multiple SAP implementations, roll outs, and upgrade projects with a specific focus on custom development using ABAP Objects and Web Dynpro ABAP. He is also an industry trainer and has conducted ABAP training workshops for major clients like Wrigley’s, IBM, Accenture, CapGemini, and more.

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