SAP PP (Production Planning)

SAP PPSAP PP module is one of the core modules of SAP ERP system. SAP PP stands for Production Planning and Control. This module of SAP ERP is dedicated to planning and execution of manufacturing business processes in an organization. Unlike other SAP ERP modules like Financial Accounting or Materials Management, not all companies choose to implement SAP PP module because it is only necessary if a company performs manufacturing activities. However, since the majority of companies do have manufacturing plants, SAP PP provides the capabilities for efficient management of production facilities and processes.

Modelling of manufacturing processes in SAP PP starts with master data. It stores information about characteristics of materials and other objects that doesn’t change frequently. The key elements of master data in SAP PP include:

These elements of master data enable companies to quantify parameters of manufacturing processes. For example, material master data will provide differentiation between raw materials and finished goods. Another example is routings that define sequences of operations in production processes.

Besides master data, SAP PP also uses organizational data that is needed to capture the organizational structure of a company. The most important organizational unit of SAP PP module is not surprisingly a plant. Plants should be assigned to legal entities (knows as company codes in SAP) to properly reflect the organizational hierarchy of a company and ensure integration with SAP FI module.

SAP PP provides support for different manufacturing processes, such as:

Since manufacturing business processes are different from company to company, implementation of SAP PP module requires customization of SAP ERP system according to the needs to a particular company. This is usually performed by a team of professionals known as SAP PP consultants.

In order to benchmark the level of expertise of SAP PP consultants, SAP introduced a SAP PP certification. This exam provides a verification of knowledge and skills in Production Planning module of SAP ERP.

SAP PP Certification

The official name of SAP PP certification at the associate level is a bit lengthy and reads as follows: “SAP Certified Application Associate – Production – Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0”. Having a mention of SAP PP certification in a CV might help to receive more job offers as potential employers might recognize this certification and shortlist you for an interview. There are two levels of SAP PP certification: associate and professional:

  • C_TSCM42_66: SAP Certified Application Associate – Production – Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6
    • Exam: 80 questions
    • Cut Score: 56%
    • Duration: 180 mins
  • P_PROD_66: SAP Certified Application Professional – Production Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6
    • Exam: 80 questions
    • Cut Score: 56%
    • Duration: 180 mins

Most of the people are getting certified at the associate level and only few will go for the professional level because the professional level certification requires a candidate to prove 4-7 years of relevant experience in the solution area. Interestingly, prerequisites for SAP certification even at the associate level vary from country to country.

How to Prepare for SAP PP Certification?

In order for you to be prepared to take SAP PP certification test, it is recommended that you acquire knowledge from the following sources.

SAP PP Training

The most straightforward approach in preparation for SAP PP certification is to simply choose a training course and let experienced instructors to teach you SAP PP. You can compare different SAP PP Training option and take a free SAP PP course on our website.

SAP PP Books

Here are the suggested books that are usually used in the official SAP PP training courses:

  • TERP01
  • SAP129
  • SM001
  • SCM240
  • SCM300
  • SCM310
  • PLM114

Or it is also possible to use books from SAP Partner Academies:

  • TSCM40
  • TSCM42

Additionally, we have picked some SAP PP books published by SAP Press and available for purchase: SAP PP books.

Practical Exercises

It is also necessary to have the practice with SAP and not only the theoretical knowledge. You can practise SAP in sandbox environments of you company (if it has SAP) or in a training environment, as well as your daily duties. Another option is to download a demo version of SAP ERP from SAP Service Marketplace. There are also companies that provide paid access to ready sandbox SAP ERP systems. You can see our review of these companies here: SAP IDES Access. In order for you to pass the test, is recommended that you learn as much as you can through the reading of the books mentioned above and the real practice with a sandbox of SAP PP.

Good luck with your SAP PP Certification!

SAP PP Training

SAP PP Certification Training

If you don’t feel very confident before SAP PP Certification, we recommend you to consider taking SAP PP Training. SAP PP Training is essential if you are a complete beginner in SAP PP and is beneficial even for those who have some experience as SAP PP consultants. Choose from free and paid PP courses available online or in your city.

SAP PP Questions

SAP PP Certification Questions

Sample SAP PP Questions are extremely useful during the preparation for SAP PP Certification. They can help you to practice before the real exam and to evaluate your knowledge. You should attempt to answer these questions. Do not worry, if you’re able to answer only a few from the first attempt. Instead, try to understand why the answers were wrong.

SAP PP Books

SAP PP Certification Books

If you are completely new to SAP PP, it is probably a good idea to first get one of SAP PP Books and grasp some basics. On the other hand, it also makes sense to browse SAP Books if you are already experienced SAP consultant. The level of SAP Books varies and everyone will definitely find and learn something new from the books.

SAP PP Certification Syllabus

SAP PP Certification Syllabus

If you prepare for SAP PP certification, you should make sure that you spend your time efficiently. It really helps to have a plan of preparation beforehand. You should make this plan according to SAP PP Certification Syllabus and allocate your time according to the importance of the topics (for example, pricing or master data) as indicated in the syllabus.


SAP PP Certification FAQ

SAP PP Certification FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is an archive of the most frequently asked questions that are related to SAP Certification. We collected them in one place and provided answers for every question, so that people do not need to ask the same question again and again at SAP-related forums.

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  1. Hello,
    Please is the SAP Certified Application Associate Production Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 book by J Clark & N Thind enough for me to pass my C_TSCM42_66
    SAP Certified Application Associate – Production – Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 exam.
    I have seven(7) years experience as a SAP production execution super user, been involved at some point with blueprinting and user acceptance testings.

  2. Hello

    I have used and been involved with MRP and ERP using a number of systems for over 20 year or more
    and also been involved in implementation to the lesser degree supporting, however my role has changed considerably over the years and a lot of companies seem to have migrated to SAP, this is where i struggle,
    Ive scoured the internet for couses Primariliy on associate level SAP PP and may require SAP MM
    I understand the modules are interconnected along the supply route somewhere.
    the cost and length of the courses is parmount to my enquiry, as also the learning method

    please forward me some details

  3. I am trying to get an answer to this question any help
    The manufacturing output settlement is higher than the consumption expenses for raw materials and semi-finished goods.
    Review and explain the expenses and the settlements of your production order in detail.

  4. Hello. I’m trying to find a report or T-code that will allow me to inquire how many of a certain item can I produce based on current stock levels. i.e.: “How many red wagons can I build based on our current stock levels of wheels, bodies, axles, etc. (the BOM)?”

  5. Hello,

    Worked in Process Planning in large scale production. Need to know if you have PP training (would also consider MM)
    So, please have someone email me and I can explain a few things. Time is important now, so contact me soo.

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