SAP Certification Prerequisites

SAP Certification Prerequisites

Many people are curious if SAP certification exams are based on a mandatory set of prerequisites, such as participation in a series of training courses or job experience. This post will provide actual information about the SAP certification prerequisites.

Surprisingly enough the prerequisites for the certification depend on the geographical location of SAP academy. For example, in the United States there is no course or set of courses required in order to take a particular certification exam. Nevertheless, SAP has a listing of recommended courses to help you prepare. In addition, you do not have to have completed a lower level (associate) exam in order to take a higher level (professional) exam; however, many professional-level certification seekers may find it valuable.

The situation is different in Asia Pacific Japan region. All candidates registering for SAP Certification Test must ensure that they have at least 2 years SAP implementation experience or have attended at least 15 days of relevant training in SAP. Proof of the above must be presented upon registration.

If you are going to register for SAP Certification Test, it is advised to check with local SAP institution, which administers the test, what are the requirements and SAP certification prerequisites in your country. You should normally be able to find contact details on the official website of SAP in the section of Training and Education. Try to be patient with SAP website, because due to the fact that it has a lot of fancy images, it sometimes takes quite some time before it completely loads.

Good luck with the certification!

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  1. Prerequisites say I have to have at least 15 days of relevant training, does that mean 15 days of training from SAP authorized institutes ?

    What if I get a local institute ?

    Is there any third party which can provide SAP certification?

    1. Yes, it has to be from an authorized institute.

      Local institute can be authorized. However, if it is not authorized than you will not be allowed to write the certification exam.

      Yes, for example, Pearson VUE.

    1. Yes. Make sure to make a phone call to Pearson center before registering in order to get the final confirmation that you fulfill their SAP certification prerequisites.

      Good luck with you SAP certification!


      1. Dear Cleo,
        I am in KSA for project but I am from India. working in Wipro technology. I have implemented Simple Finance in KSA. Now i want to go for certification S4 HANA. but i am not getting the payment link or registration. in which currency i need to pay the amount. I am FI certified also. Please help fro the same.

  2. i want to write the certification exam directly in dubai…can independent consultants directly write the exam in dubai without going for training…?

  3. i have sent a mail to sap mena i just want to do associate level certificaton and got this message by saying
    If you have an S user ID, kindly provide us, as we need it for our reference. (This is for the person who is taking the exam)

    Please Note:We are no longer taking application from Indepdent candidates, provide us your s-user to accept your application.If fails to provide, application will not be accepted.
    what does it mean …independent consultants can write the exam or not?

    1. Well, it seems that if you don’t have an S-user ID, you cannot be admitted for the certification. This is what I understood from the message you posted above. Is SAP changing SAP certification prerequisites?

  4. i am taking a training through my cousin in SAP(HCM)and that training in final stage and i am planing to come dubai for examination, so plz can u guide which institute suitable for examination or certification because i am leaving pakistan in pakistan you should registered with any training center and then give exam.

  5. I am planning to do SAP SD certification but have no idea where to start off. I just completed my MBA last june and working in sales domain, my company is an SAP partner. Can someone please let me know more about this certification. I have no idea of what this is going to be and also the prerequisites to do the certification. I am from India.

      1. Is that rule applicable to sap philippines? When i inquire to them personally, they just told me that the requirement is to have at least 2 years of work experience with or finish an accredited sap academy (kaisa and fasttrack only).

  6. I am working as a SAP-SD consultant for more than 5 Years. I want to apply for SAP SD certification. How Can I proceed further.

  7. I completed BSc (Computer science), I heard about SAP,
    And now i interested in SAP but I don’t no what should choose in this

  8. I want to join sap course I have master degree in politics from UK and have work experience in finance for 25 yrs. How do I join sap in oman

  9. Hi
    This kowsiq from Bangladesh. I am a SAP ABAP programmer. ABAP training provided by PWC ABAP consultant. I am working on a local company in Bangladesh which is using SAP ECC and HANA DB. I have three years experience as a ABAP programmer in this company. I have completed a online training on HANA and S4HANA. So for certification exam, what can I do? Please give me a advice. Which document I will provide for certification exam?

  10. Hello,
    I am pursuing MBA in finance from Indore,India.I want to apply for SAP Associate level,is this useful for me?and how can I apply for it in India?

  11. Thanks for the interesting article 🙂

    I have read your post and I am impressed with your content. I totally agree with “SAP has a listing of recommended courses to help you prepare”.

    I want to give you a simple advice and it’s very important for your career path – You should get the training from any reputed training center such as – Koenig Solutions.

    A training center plays always important role in your career

  12. If I have no experience in SAP MM,but I want to get SAP mm certification from Singapore. Am I eligible for this exam?

  13. i am btech CES background , very interested in FICO for this firstly i complied all accounting related subjects in B.COM and now i am joining FICO course.

    Here My Query is ..IS companies consider me?(as i am non accounting background)

  14. can you please tell ,e the cetification of charges of C4C SALES hybris with all cost , i will be great full to you. thank you

  15. Hi,
    I am an Indian resident and looking to do SAP FICO from USA. What is the eligiblity criteria for that? Also, If I do SAP training from an Unauthorised Institute can I get a job in USA?

  16. Dear Guru,
    Want to know, an Diploma guy can wright SAP exam having 4+ years of SAP support & 15+ years of domain expeience.

  17. i am from india i am working in multi national company in india and working on material management module. Can i do sap certification from here.

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