How to Register for SAP Certification?

How to Register for SAP Certification? Step-by-Step Guide.

In this article we will explain how to register for SAP Certification exam. We will go step by step through the registration process and illustrate each step with a screenshot. The registration process does not seem to be difficult, but still a lot of people ask how to register for SAP certification test. That was our main motivation to write this article.

Welcome to the SAP world! You decided to become a certified SAP consultant and it is a good way to start your career in SAP area. In this guide we assume that you have already taken appropriate SAP training course, practiced with SAP certification sample questions, fulfilled certification prerequisites, and are ready to try yourself with the certification. Our guide will be focused on registration for SAP Certification in United States through SAP website (online). So far it is the most convenient way that is offered by SAP. Registration in other countries is almost identical with one big exception: there are countries where online registration is not yet implemented. If you want to get certified in one of these countries you should contact SAP Education by phone. We will talk more about registration by phone in the section Offline Registration for SAP Certification (see below). If you do not know whether it is possible to register for SAP Certification online in your country, follow the guide for online registration and you will very soon find it out.

Online Registration for SAP Certification

Step 1: Open you favorite web browser and type in the address bar Be patient, their website is slow. Which is strange taking into account that their ERP system is pretty fast:). If you have never visited this website before, you will be welcomed with a page where you can select your country and language (the background picture could be different, it seem that they are picked randomly):

How to Register for SAP Certification :SAP Location Selector

Here you should choose the desired location and language. When you are done, click Continue. If you have already visited this website before, you can probably skip this step because you set your location and language earlier.

Step 2: On the next webpage you should click on Training & Education link:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Training & Education

You will be taken to the webpage which is dedicated to SAP educational business. It should look like this:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Select Tab

Here you should click the tab Certification (see the picture above) and then click on the link Find Certifications by Solution:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Find Certifications by Solution

Step 3: Now you need to choose for which SAP solution you would like to certify. In most cases people register for solution SAP Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, because currently it is the primary SAP product and it creates the largest number of jobs.

How to Register for SAP Certification: SAP ERP

As soon as you clicks on the solution of your choice, you will be taken to SAP Training and Certification Shop (see image below), here it is necessary to select Certifications tab:

How to Register for SAP Certification: SAP Training and Certification Shop

Then in the list with various certification, you should locate the desired one.

Step 4: Let us assume that in this tutorial we want to register for SAP SD Certification, which is going to take place on 27th of July 2012 in Chicago.

How to Register for SAP Certification: Choose the Test

Click the button Add to plan and then scroll to the top of the page and locate Plan & Buy button there:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Plan & Buy

Click on this button and you will be redirected to checkout page:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Checkout

Step 5: On the checkout page you should simply click Book button. Then SAP will offer you two opportunities: either create an account on their website or proceed as a guest.

How to Register for SAP Certification: Choice

In this guide we will proceed as a guest, but if you wish, you are welcome to create an account for SAP website. It certainly will not harm. On the next page you will be asked to enter your S-user number or offered with an opportunity to create it if you do not have one yet.

How to Register for SAP Certification: S-user

On the next page you will be asked to provide payment details. You can pay for SAP certification with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). It is possible that the available payment methods vary depending on a country. So you might also be able to pay with one of your local payment methods.

How to Register for SAP Certification: Payment

As soon as you fill in your payment data, click on Continue button and you will have one more chance to review your order. If you agree with everything, you should confirm the order and complete the registration. You will shortly receive an e-mail with confirmation of your registration. It is a good idea to print this confirmation out and take it with you for the certification. Congratulations, you are done! And good luck with your certification, we are sure you are going to ace it :).

Offline Registration for SAP Certification

As we mentioned earlier, online registration for SAP Certification is not yet implemented everywhere in the world. How to check if you can register online in your country? Very easy, it can be seen from this page:

How to Register for SAP Certification: Offline

You see that instead of the nearest dates and locations the webpage says No schedule available in your country. What then you should do? Unfortunately, it is necessary to contact SAP Education directly by giving them a phone call. You can find their phone number in the top right corner of the page. For example, in India their number is +91 080 4082 90 00. So just give them a call and an operator will guide you through the process of registration for SAP Certification.

We hope that we’ve answered how to register for SAP certification. Do you still have questions? Something is unclear? Let us know with the comment box below!

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  2. I have three years experience in SAP MM module. I would like to do certification course. I am in brampton, Canada. Kindly mail the details of SAP authorized centre in brampton for taking the certification course.

      1. Thank you very much for the reply.
        Is pearsonvue offering training course on SAP MM certification also ?
        If I register online, will I get study materials and SAP user id ?

  3. Hi Cleo,
    I am Hemant. I’ve just completed my ABAP learning from a institute and searching for a job, but everywhere certified SAP consultants are needed. While filling the form of S-User number they require “company name” and I’ve not worked in any company, what should be the next step in my case.
    please help me with a solution.

    1. Hi Hemant,

      Then, I would propose to put ‘N/A’ instead of the company name. This would mean ‘non applicable’. Try it and let me know how it worked out!


  4. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to take up certification for C_GRAC_10.I have 3+ years experience.I would like to know if there are any authorised centers in India to take up the exam.

    Thanking you in Advance,


  5. Hi Cleo Isco,

    I am interested in doing a SAP Course with certification from Canada. I have 5 years of experience in Sales in India.I am an engineer + MBA in Marketing.
    I will appreciate if you can if you can provide clarification on below mentioned points:

    1) Is there any SAP course available in Canada for around 6 months.
    2) I am currently in India, will the center/institute help in getting visa and all.
    3) What are the Job prospects in canada after completion of course and certification.



  6. Hi, I was using SAP as end user and now I am intersted to get the training courese online. Kindly assist me as I am a new user and want to learn SAP full moduel. What time it will take and can it be taken online?

  7. Hi – I have certified twice in a module – once as an independent and once whilst working for SAP. How do I get an S-number – I need it to look for notes etc.

    1. It depends on a country because SAP has different rules for different regions. In most of the countries you can simply study from a book yourself and pass SAP certification.

  8. hi,

    I had completed master’s in computer application and looking for the job. I have no experience in industry and beginner in sap. Please suggest me which certification of sap should i adopt

  9. Hi,
    1st of all let me say that you are doing a great job providing help to all SAP aspirants 😀 kudos to that.
    I guess its OK to post a query here if not than i am sorry. but plz do reply
    I am graduate with accounting degree.
    Now my questions are 1) with accounting background is it good choice to break into consultancy field with sap fico certification?
    2) as i am planning to attempt the sap fico certification exam, my accounting background will be helpful in any way?


  10. Dear Cleo Isco

    Can you tell me how to get S user id password. I have done my SAP certifcation in FI and SAP Business one.

    Please help


    Dhanshekar Venugopal

  11. what the good courses of SAP will be benefit for me I am doing supply chain management and business management?

  12. Hi,
    I want to know if it is required to have hands on experience in SAP to register for exam?

    and any source where we can get sample exams for FICO

  13. DEAR SIR,
    Iam sreenu i had completed sap sd module and how to get sap certification and what are the centres in india.

  14. Hi,

    I am working in Oil & Gas construction field. Looking to go as Data analyst/ Analytic or Business development person in Oil & Gas field but into Big Data/BI field. For that I m looking for a training in BI to enter in this field . how much it will be charged.

  15. Dear Sir,

    I have 2 years & 8 months of work experience in SAP (Accounts payable) R-3 version. And I want to learn FICO module.
    Is we have the scope in FICO module? If not then which module should be suitable for Accounts. & this will make my career.

    Please suggest.

  16. i am from Pakistan and sap SD certified , can i take test for sap CRM certification, and what is the requirement.

  17. I have done my SAP OS/DB Migration certification for Netweaver 7.30, but I can’t remember the S-user id I used to get the certification. I have my certification copy and also the certification ID.

    How do I get my S-user id or link my certification to my current S-user id?

  18. Hello,
    I’m a certified SD consultant in India.
    Now, I’m looking for certification in logistic execution.
    Through my employer, I can access SAP learning hub.
    Can you please help me to know the process so that I can appear for certification exam.
    I have searched a lot but didn’t get satisfactory answer so far.

  19. Hi,
    I am from india from last 9 years i am working in sap as an end user meanwile i took training of SAP fi implemenatatio from a senior Sap consultant now i want to give sap certification exam . Is there any option through which i can give certification exam.

    Pleas help me in this

    Samir Parab

  20. Hi I am Sindhu, I am a Bcom student and i have no domain experience.I am planning to write FI Certification.Am i eligible to write the exam with out any experience in any of the abroad countries?

    Please suggest me ASAP

    Thanks & Regards

  21. DEAR SIR,

  22. Hi Cleo,

    I am part of implementation team of SuccessFactors and parallel I wanted to do a certification for

    SAP SucessFactors.
    Employee Central

    How can I do this India. please help.

  23. Hi Cleo,
    I have 9 years experience of working as a SAP BI/BO consultant . But I am not working currently in US with work authorization.
    I have 2 questions:
    1. Can I keep the company name blank (N/A) and apply for S-user id?
    2. I am currently in USA, can I appear in the C_HANAIMP_15 exam on cloud or should it be in a Pearson Vue Center?
    Thanks and Regards,

  24. I have been using SAP for over 5 years,, am experienced in SAP MM, SD; how can be a certified SAP MM consultant as well as certified on SD, PP?

  25. MY name is souadou drame i am in guinea i grew up in america and i have a bachelor degree and i am working with an enterprise in my country in guinea and i really want to do a trining course in sap and have a certficate thank you

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