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SAP Certification CostOne of the important factors in making a decision about going for an SAP certification is the cost of registering for the exam. If it is your employer who pays the registration fee than this decision could be easier for you. On the other hand, if you incur all components of SAP certification cost by yourself, it is necessary to decide whether the potential benefits of SAP certification overweight its price. In this post, we will provide an overview of SAP certification cost that is often comprised of several parts (some of which are hidden). Moreover, we will see how the cost of becoming certified SAP consultant varies in different parts of the world.

SAP Certification Cost Structure

SAP Certification Cost StructureThe cost structure for SAP certification is relatively straightforward. In most of the cases, an individual only needs to pay the admission fee during registration for the exam. This fee is set by SAP Education and covers their expenses on developing and maintaining an up-to-date certification curriculum, rent of certification centers, and salaries of administrative staff. In cases when SAP Education outsources the administration of SAP certification to its authorized education partners (for example, Siemens or Pearson VUE), SAP certification cost remains very similar. Probably, SAP Education requires its partners to adhere to certain pricing policies, and therefore, prices for registering on the exam are the same among different institutions. However, the overall SAP certification fees may vary due to the fact that in certain countries SAP requires people to undergo mandatory training courses before admission for the test.

SAP Certification Fees in USA, Canada

We start our review with the North America. In USA, one can easily register for SAP certification online, by phone or through a visit to a certification center and it is going to cost from 500 USD. This is the price for most of the certifications at the associate level. In Canada, the same SAP certifications are a little bit cheaper: from 500 CAD. Everywhere in the North America it is possible to register for SAP certification directly without the necessity of providing a proof of the previous work experience or attending SAP training courses.

SAP Certification Cost in India, Asia-Pacific Region

The rules of registering for SAP certification are considerably different in the countries located in Asia-Pacific region that includes India. This difference is important and has to be discussed in more details because it directly influences the overall cost of becoming a certified SAP specialist.

  • To appear for the associate level certification without attending any SAP course you need a minimum of 1 (one) year of SAP implementation experience or 2 (two) years of support experience with a minimum of 6 (six) months experience in the module and version of SAP in which you are going to get certified.
  • The last year of your work experience should be with your present employer.
  • Your present employer should be either a customer or a partner of SAP.

If an individual fulfills the above criteria, he or she can directly register for SAP certification and the registration fee is going to cost around 40000 INR. One may notice that this price is higher than in USA or Canada. The situation becomes even worse if one does not satisfy the strict requirements outlined above. In such cases, SAP requires people to take several weeks of training courses from an authorized SAP training provider. Usually, the cost of these training courses is considerably higher than SAP certification fee because they last longer and require larger investment from the teaching prospective. Therefore, the overall SAP certification cost becomes ridiculously high as it contains both the training expenses and the registration fee.

SAP Certification Cost in Europe

The approach towards SAP certification in Europe is very similar to the North America. The cost of registration for an exam starts from 350 GBP in United Kingdom and Ireland and from 400 EUR in other European countries. One can register for SAP certification directly and does not have to provide evidence of prior hands-on experience with configuring SAP systems.

Overview of SAP Certification Cost

In conclusion, we prepared a table with an overview of how the cost of SAP certification varies among different countries. The prices are given for the certification at associate level and are subject to change.

Country Registration Fee Other Expenses
Australia 560 AUD No special requirements.
Austria 400 EUR No special requirements.
Canada 500 CAD No special requirements.
Egypt 400 USD Please read our post about SAP certification in Middle East and North Africa.
France 400 EUR No special requirements.
Germany 400 EUR No special requirements.
Hong Kong 7500 HKD No special requirements.
India 40000 INR If you do not fulfill the requirements related to the previous work experience, you have to additionally pay for a training course from an authorized SAP training provider.
Italy 400 EUR No special requirements.
Japan 50000 YEN No special requirements.
Russia 400 EUR No special requirements.
Singapore 795 SGD No special requirements.
South Africa 3900 ZAR No special requirements.
Spain 400 EUR No special requirements.
Taiwan 25200 TWD No special requirements.
UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen 400 USD (1742 AED; 1500 SAR) Please read our post about SAP certification in Middle East and North Africa.
UK and Ireland 350 GBP No special requirements.
Ukraine 400 EUR No special requirements.
USA 500 USD No special requirements.

The fees given in the table above are only for the informative purposes and do not serve as an official offering. Please get in touch with SAP Education in your region to get an up-to-date information about SAP certification fees applicable in your situation.

How to become SAP certified for FREE?

If your country is not listed in the table above or the amount is incorrect, please let us know in the comments below! We will update this table if you could supply us with additional information.

Eligibility for SAP Certification

Are you eligible to register for SAP certification? It is a good idea to check SAP Certification Prerequisites to confirm this.

If you are considering taking SAP training before the certification, check out average SAP training cost.

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    1. Hi! SAP Education does not have an office in Pakistan, therefore, you can only do SAP certification via authorized partners (for example, Pearson VUE or Siemens). We do not know how much SAP certification is going to cost at these partners. Please contact them using these phone numbers:

      – Pearson VUE: +92 51 4863377
      – Siemens: +92 51 4103381

      If you get any information from them, please share it here with us and other people!

      Thanks 🙂

          1. Hi
            Above article shows that Singapore doesn’t have any special requirement. But the requirement is same as India in Singapore.

          2. Thank you for the comment. How did you find out that the requirements for SAP certification in Singapore are the same as in India?

          3. I studied in Singapore. I did Masters in ERP system (SAP) .But still SAP didn’t allow us to do certification. They said either we need to have 2 years work experience or need to take separate 20 days training from Education partner.

        1. Hey there

          Yes you can. A friend of mine workers for a company that provides this service. Its’s called TTCS and is located in Harare.

    1. Serve Consulting in Lagos offers SAP training. it costs about 800 – 1million naira. Depending on the module. I’ve also been thinking of it but the cost is outrageous.

  1. I would like to know about SAP Education, do u have any office in Saudia Arabia? If your answer is yes please provide me complete detail and contact No. and other important information. I want to do SAP CERTIFICATION.

    Waiting for your quick reply.

    Best regards.
    Khalid Khurshid Maan

      1. SIr Please tell me the SAP certification Fees in Germany & Which types of Placement provided. Currently I am Working In SAP end User (FI) in HCL Tech Noida Last 1 Year. My Total Work Exp 4 Yrs in SAP FI User.

        Thanks& Regards
        Puneet Chhabra

  2. One of SAP training center in INDIA charged me INR 179776/- (including Service Tax) for SAP MM Module for 3 months duration. (Without classroom training).

    Is is worth for registration, online training and books, etc?

    Mahesh Wajpe

  3. I have 19 years experiences in SAP SCM and SAP BO. I would like to have SAP certification for both.Do you have office in Indonesia? Can I get it thru online certification?

  4. Zimbabwe is not listed how much does it cost for me to just sit for the SAP SD AND SAP CRM exam without attending training.Just the exam fee.

  5. Hi,
    I live in Dubai and I would like to do the SAP course. What are the options available with cost details also.


    1. I am not sure if you can do SAP certification in Malawi. I checked and there is no officially registered SAP partners in this country. Probably, you will have to go abroad to pass SAP certification.

  6. Hi, I would like to know how much will SAP training in Philippines costs? Location also. Thanks.


  7. can u please say about,CRM module of -SAP , how will be the future,cost to learn. duration, book to prefer.reply will be appreciated in advance.


  8. I would like to do certification in Singapore. may i know details regarding that. Cost and is experience required to do certification Singapore..

  9. Hai
    Interested to learn in this certificate course. Any addtional experience need to start this course are related filed work is required to join in this course.

    1. The cost of associate level certification in Egypt (code starts with C) is 400 USD. The cost of professional level certification in Egypt (code starts with P) is 750 USD.

  10. Hello sir thank you for your valuable info about SAP.
    I just want to know SAP FICO certification cost with Contact details in Bangalore (India)

  11. Sir,
    I would like to write sap mm certification exam without taking training and I don’t have any experience in sap industry at the same time . so I called up sap Singapore to check with them. They are saying I need to take up training or I should have implementation experience . kindly advise me the details of the places where I can take up certification examination without training and without having experience

      1. Hi Cleo ,
        I think you have to update your post, because I started contacting sap all around the world and most of them are saying its mandatory to have training . except for north america , Europe and Australia . I am yet to get responses from some other countries as well , will keep you updated .

        1. hi sanjay,
          could yiou please forward me details regarding associate level certification exam for PS Module in hong kong without opting for certification course in india .

    1. hi..did you find anything ..? like i also want to do certification but not from india as it is very costly here…any near by country where i can go to give the exam ..


  12. Hi,
    Kenya is not listed here.How much is it?
    Are there specific dates for doing the exams?
    Do the charges include exams or this is just tuition?

    Kindly advice..

    Kind regards.

  13. I would like to do certification in India. may i know details regarding that. Cost and is experience required to do certification India..

  14. Hi Team,

    I have overall 3 years of SAP EWM experience and I don’t have implementation experience. I would like to take certification in SAP EWM, could you please advise me the procedure to take certification without attending the training program. Thanks in advance!!!!

  15. Hi i want to give SAP certification exam in Denmark. where do i register for exam and did i need the S User ID for certification or not?

  16. Can i know some contacts of Registered SAP training centres in mumbai as i dont have any information about this course

  17. SAP B1 online course Fee is only 1500 AED, and Tally EPR Training fee is only 350 AED Special discount on final Registration

    1. Hello
      Have you written the PM exam, if yes where did you write and how did it cost you ? kindly reply me by send a mail so we can discuss more
      thank you

  18. hell team,

    Is there any way to give exam in either Bangkok, malayasia or in singapore without attending trainings.
    If yes, please guide throu step by step

    vikas k

  19. Hello is there any training centre in Kenya. if yes what’s the cost? how long does it take for training and certification?

  20. Bhutan,srilanka is not listed for exam….pls provide the address and certifiation course fee & if any eligebility?

  21. can u tell me what is the process to get SAP FI certification in India.I know about the certification fee but i have little doubt. If i wanna get certification. I got the SAP FI training from my company and i don’t
    want to get training form authorized center so can i attend the sap certification exam. please tell me

  22. Hi
    My name is Aslam.
    I am from India.
    I want to do certification for SAP EWM in Germany in June 2016.
    Is this possible that i go there and give the certification exam directly?

  23. HI, I’m from Mexico, how can I do the SAP certification? What is the process and cost?

  24. hallow….
    i want to write sap certification in fi module from uae. is it possible to write exam without attending traing…how can i register the exam

  25. I am living in Pakistan, I have experience of about 2 years in SAP based organisation. I am Chartered Accountant both from Pakistan and UK. I want to know followings:

    e-academy cost?
    E-academy is compulsory?
    I am eligible to attempt exam right now after training, if not then when?

  26. HI is there have any one who can answer my some short but important questions please.
    a. Eligibility for sap, ABAP training.
    b. ABAP exam requirements.
    c. Training certificate is essential to appear in exam.
    waiting for solid reply…

    Thanks in advance

    1. HI is there have any one who can answer my some short but important questions please.
      a. Eligibility for sap, ABAP training.
      b. ABAP exam requirements.
      c. Training certificate is essential to appear in exam.
      waiting for solid reply…

      Thanks in advance

  27. I am interested in SAP certification. What center do l register with and the duration as well as cost.

    Do you have any link for the registration and an Advisor to relate with?

  28. Hello,

    I want to appear for SAP EHS exam. I am in Saudi Arabia. Which institute is best for E-Trainings or Class Room Trainings. Please advise.

    Abdul Hakeem

      1. Thank you for this informative platform.
        I am searching for official training institute in Dubai but unable to track. Can someone please share the contact info.
        It would be helpful if someone has experience with training institute to share here.

  29. Are there still no prerequisites in Singapore. I mean prerequisites like India. Also can a Indian national visit Singapore for certification ?

  30. Hi Guys

    I am from India and I have experince of more than 2 years working in SAP CRM as customer support advisor.
    Now i wanted to be a SAP certifier.
    Can anyone tell me whether I am eglible in doing SAP CRM and how much will be the Fee amount and from where can i do my certifiaction.

  31. Hi,

    The SAP registration cost mentioned for Singapore is SGD $795.
    Is that the final cost or there will be extra to be paid upon registration ?


  33. Kindly tell me the eligibility for SAP certification exam for PAKISTAN and also for dubai. Is it training from authorized institute and experience in SAP implemented organization is necessary for exam.

    1. I am interested in sap certification in HR or medical accounting. Can u suggest me which institute is suitable in karachi and can u give me it’s address or phone number. Thanks

  34. I am from Agra India and I have experience of more than 4 years working in Database and MIS. In our organization, I am working on tables on SAP and as front end user .
    I have passed the MBA in IT. And a have good knowledge of programming(VBA, Java, C++, SQL).
    Now i wanted to be a done a SAP ABAP
    Can anyone tell me whether I am eligible in doing SAP ABAP and how much will be the Fee amount and from where can i do my certification.
    If any other program and certification in SAP, which is best as per my profile. kindly suggest.

  35. Hi,
    Does SAP Education any office in Romania or authorized partners? If i choose to get my Certification in UK,it is possible?This Certification can be used in another country?
    Thank you,

  36. I have one and half years working exp with few transaction in BP, and i want to lean a module SAP MM. what is the exact cost in Chennai, INDIA. Is this period is enough for previous exp (just using few transaction like PO creation, Material Analysis, Release strategy checking, Open PR triggering, PO confirmation, PO Modification, OE, OE c, OD, INV, CSO & ISO creation etc.). could you please confirm the Fee for a module SAP MM in Chennai.

  37. Hi I want Certification USA New York City Please share details for contact person and locations


  38. What would be cost of trainings for the following In Fremont, California-
    1. SAP SCM
    2. SAP Testing
    3. SAP Test Automation.


  39. can i visit other countries to write exam if my country is available in the list. then, what will be procedure

  40. Hi i hae 2 years of exp in few of transition in MM Module ( PO Creation, po amend, Iso certificate, Blocked invoice,)and i want to do SAP certification.

  41. dear,
    i am an sap professional having 4 years of end user exp. and 4 years of functional conslt. exp. and all these exp. i was having of middle east work experience.
    now i am back to Hyderabad-India and want to go for SAP PM certification.
    kindly guide me for further process.

  42. Hi,
    i am an Iranian Student in Germany. Can I do the exam here? Since the sanctions are lifted now, can Iranians get the certificate? and how much does it cost?

  43. Hi,
    In malaysia,they are asking for either 2years of exp or training from one of the institutes..

    So ,does any one have any idea on this??I have completed my training in one of the institutes..

  44. Hi,
    Good article but you didn’t consider tax part which will increase the amount of certification.
    I want to do Simple Finance certification, in India it’s cost 39825 + 18% GST so it will cost me 46,993 Rs.
    Someone suggested me to buy it from some foreign country than it will be cost less, so can you suggest from which country it would be cheaper ?

  45. What is the requirment and cost of sap BI in India with training and duration, I have no prior knowledge

  46. Am from Nigeria, I want to know why India requirment for sap training stipulated that we must go through training to certified.please with the compulsory training,does it means it show that one is experienced after the training and exam.thanks

  47. I want to do SAP FI certification in Singapore, my company may not support for fee. Could you please how to start or whom to approach for certification exam and needed certification books. I am working with SAP partner product company from 8 years as a SAP techno functional consultant.

  48. Hi ,

    I wanto to re-take the sap hana certification ,what is the fee structure today and with in how many days can i re-apply.


  50. Can I know do we have any prerequisites to go through certification in cloud i.e CER006 in South Africa.
    As I am from India planning to visit South Africa so can I go through certification in cloud purchasing in South Africa with out any prerequisites / condition as in India. for example in India we need Implementation experience to write SAP HANA Certification. So such conditions will be in cloud if we purchase in South Africa.

  51. Hi Dear

    I want to give only certification exam, i don’t have any prior experience in SAP and but I read a lot about sap in sap module book and took online training also.

    now i am planing to give SAP FI Certification exam in Russia. So please can you tell me that can i give that and in english it is available in russia
    i am an indian citizen

  52. first of all, it ain`t mandatory for getting training only via authorised sap partners so yeah you can do it via private training institutes or even by yourself.
    i directly spoke with sap customer service team and thats how i cleared my misconceptions i had developed after talking to a few tutors who themselves never had gone through certification.
    And yeah, for professional level certifications, experience etc is a must

  53. if i do a e-course from SAP online.
    at the end of the course, will i get a course completion certificate ?
    now, my next question. After completion, am i eligible to do a certification exam by paying the relevant fee?

  54. Its a nice artivle on SAP certification. I want to pursue a SAP FICO certification in USA.
    Can i get the contact details of SAP Education. Center to communicate and pay registration fee?
    Also if i will leave USA and will go back to Infia, then can o continue from there?

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