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SAP Training CostThe question about SAP training cost comes up as soon as someone decides to consider a possibility to undertake SAP training. It is a major factor in evaluating the possibility of enrolling to an SAP training course. In this post, we aim to discuss prices for SAP training and compare SAP training fees in different countries as well as for different modes of SAP training – online and instructor-led.

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SAP Training

SAP training is usually the first step to the world of SAP consulting. It is required for learning technical and functional features of different modules of SAP program. Although it is totally possible to learn SAP for free by yourself, most of the people still prefer to follow at least some SAP training courses that cost some money. Moreover, in Asia (India and other countries), SAP made it obligatory to take SAP training from authorized SAP training providers for being allowed to pass SAP certification.

The default and preferred provider of SAP training is SAP Education. SAP Education is a division of SAP that is responsible for SAP training and certification. They offer all possible training courses and certifications. If you have an opportunity to get SAP training from SAP Education, it is the best possible option because their instructors are very competent and their training books are specifically tailored for passing SAP certification. Moreover, it is obvious that no one can know SAP better than SAP themselves. The only significant drawback of SAP Education is their expensive prices.

Besides SAP Education there are thousands of other training institutes that offer SAP training. These training companies have all kinds of SAP courses and it is really challenging to pick the right SAP training provider. In order to make the process of selecting a training company easier and more transparent, we have created a directory of SAP training providers. This is basically a list (or a directory) of companies that offer SAP training. The information in this list was checked and everyone can leave feedback about their experience with a particular SAP training institute. The companies in our list are ranked according to the quality of SAP training that they provide. Also, the information about prices for various SAP courses is included in the listings.

SAP Training Cost

The fees for SAP training vary a great deal between different institutes, different companies, and different modes of training. The most expensive price of SAP training if for instructor-led courses because the courses are associated with high costs for training providers: they need to provide classrooms, pay for SAP tutors, and also provide access to SAP systems for practical exercises. A more SAP training cost effective option is offered by remote SAP training that is conducted using teleconferencing software (for example, Skype). In this scenario, one training session can be joined by many people from different locations and countries. Participants of such a training session are able to see desktop of the instructor and listen to her or his oral presentation. Finally, the cheapest option is usually online SAP training. Online SAP training is normally conducted in a self-study format. Students are given access to a website with SAP training materials and (optionally) videos with pre-recorded presentations of SAP trainers. Students are asked to read or listen to SAP training materials and then do practical exercises and answer various SAP questions.

SAP Training Cost in India

SAP training centers in India that are authorized by SAP Education offer considerably expensive training courses. They are costly because all training material is provided by SAP Education. For example, a standard course with a duration of four weeks for any functional module of SAP (like SAP FI, SAP MM or SAP SD) will cost you around Rs. 364,800 (approximately USD 5,700) all included. Of course, this is very expensive for a personal budget. Therefore, most of the people who undertake these training classes are sponsored by their employers.

Much more affordable alternative is online SAP training from authorized SAP training providers. It costs from Rs. 164,000 to Rs. 174,000 (approximately USD 2,500 – USD 2,700) depending on duration of a training course. The online training courses that offer authorized SAP training centers are also created by SAP Education. They focus on learner-centric approach to training and include a range of highly interactive courses designed specifically to deliver effective transfer of knowledge about SAP.

Besides authorized SAP training centers, there are a lot SAP training providers that have not been authorized by SAP Education to conduct SAP training. It does not mean that they are bad institutes. It only means that they have not signed any agreement with SAP Education and develop their own SAP training courses. The best thing about these training providers is low SAP training cost that start from as low as USD 50. The worst thing about non-authorized SAP training centers is that it is very difficult to judge quality of the training that they provide before enrolling into a training course. This is why we decided to create a directory of SAP training in India where people can leave reviews about their experience and SAP training cost from various institutes.

SAP Training Cost in US

SAP training in US seems to be more expensive than in India. For example, the official online SAP training course will cost almost USD 9,000. On the other hand, instructor-led training (4 weeks) for any functional module of SAP will cost you almost whopping USD 14,000. These prices are obviously targeting people who are getting sponsored by their employers.

Unofficial SAP training in US is significantly more affordable that the one offered by SAP Education and its partners. For example, a complete SAP MM course delivered online is available for a fee of only USD 1,600. Overall, non-authorized training providers based in US look more reliable and seem to provide good course with low SAP training cost.

SAP Training Cost in South Africa

SAP training in South Africa is provided by SAP Education, authorized partners of SAP Education, and other training companies. SAP training cost in South Africa varies from one company to another and we will quote several prices so that you have a general idea. SAP training cost for a complete course in any functional module and a follow-up SAP certification exam is around ZAR 70,000 (approximately USD 5,800). Comparing to other countries this price for SAP training seems cheaper because it already includes the price of SAP certification. If you are looking for shorter courses, then the prices will be cheaper. For example, a five days course about SAP Business Intelligence will cost you ZAR 21,500 (approximately USD 1,700). Very short SAP training courses have even more lower fees starting from ZAR 1,750 (approximately USD 144) for a one day course.

SAP Training Cost in Pakistan

Pakistan do not have a lot of authorized SAP training institutes and it was difficult to find information about SAP training cost in Pakistan. Authorized training companies offer both instructor-led courses and e-Academies for all SAP modules. The eligibility criterion for any module is a Bachelor’s Degree with 2+ years of work experience. It does not matter whether you have prior SAP experience, these courses help develop your skills. The prices for SAP training are in Euro (EUR). An instructor-led SAP training course taught in Karachi or Islamabad will cost you 3990 EUR (this price includes everything). The duration of such a course is four weeks. If you want to pass SAP certification after this training course, it is necessary to pay an additional fee of 460 EUR. A cheaper option is to follow e-Academy (online training course without an instructor). SAP e-Academy in Pakistan costs 2300 EUR. The maximum duration of e-Academy is three months but you can finish it faster if you have a lot of time to learn the training material. Similarly to the instructor-led training it is possible to pass SAP certification after e-Academy. The fee for the certification is also 460 EUR.

SAP Training Cost in the UK

United Kingdom is not the cheapest country on the earth and SAP training is relatively expensive there. According to our catalog of SAP training in UK, a complete offline course from a company that is not authorized by SAP will cost you 1875 GBP.

SAP Training Cost in Malaysia

The price for the official training course from SAP in Malaysia varies depending on the course that you would like to take. For example, the price for SAP Solution Consultant Academy (duration 10 days) is RM16831.00 (MYR).

Online SAP Training Cost

Overall, online SAP training seem to be an attractive option nowadays. It offers a convenient self-paced learning environment and can be easily combined with full-time work. Modern internet infrastructure enables streaming of online SAP tutorials with videos and rich media content. Therefore, it is possible to experience very immersive learning environment that will facilitate learning of SAP. The obvious drawback of online SAP training is the lack of a live instructor who can answer your questions and explain difficult concepts. But this another side of the low SAP training price offered by online courses.

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After analyzing the offers that are currently available at the market of SAP training one can make several conclusions. First, SAP training is generally expensive and SAP training from the companies that are authorized by SAP Educations is even more expensive. Second, SAP training in India is more affordable than in US. And third, it is a good idea to check online SAP training courses if you would like to save some money on SAP training cost.

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  1. i just want to know how much the cost of training with software until i got the certificate.

    and what are the prerequisite.

    Thank you

    1. it depends on the module which you ll select. always contact to SAP Partner firm. SAP ID is necessary for certification exam. it ll cost near about 350,000 PKR.
      you can call CERM Pakistan 03323657102, 02135244160-2

    2. SAP is changing the way of training. Now its cheaper and easy to access from any where and every where
      For intermediate students: 80,000 PKR with a certification exam.
      For graduates students: 275,000 PKR with 2 certification exam attempts.
      For Professional students: 485,000 PKR with 6 exams. upgraded

  2. I have SAP erp ,SAP BW exprience and what I don’t have is certificate.where can I get SAP academy where I can pursue my studies in jhb.

  3. I am doing training of SAP FI RCC 6.0/R3 in just Rs: 30,000 from Karachi, Pakistan (for further information Contact: 00923453030560)

    1. Kindly don’t do that. its not authorized by SAP. Just a waste of 30k. Move to CERM Pakistan at Badar Comercial Near KFC Badar commercial branch. or Contact
      Syed Owais 03323657102

  4. I would like to know if there are any training centers here in abu dhabi for SAP and how much is the training course fee??

  5. i want to know each and every information about sap as am willing to study it next year …and for how long do i have to study so that i can see myself obtaining sap certificates

  6. Good day
    I just wanted to find out how much is the Sap full course in South Africa and where does it take place. Do u offer financial aids for it as well?

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    I just want to know if ever you have a training in Philippines ? and how much it cost (PESO Currency) ?

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  8. hi ,
    Myself vivek working in qatar, as a production engineer, i am having 2 months vacation, i need to utilize properly, if i take sap can i get a job through placement . especailly in european countries..

  9. dear sir,
    actually I have a question about SAP MM ,I’m taking training in private institute not sap authorized ,
    is it possible to may I give sap authorized exam after completion of course only fill exam fees in authorized centre.

  10. We are a small to medium size business and our largest customer is required by their largest customer to be SAP certified. So as a result our customer is thinking that we have to be SAP certified. How far back on the manufacturing chain will this take us? Will we also be forced into this and expect our vendors to be SAP certified for this one customer that we have? How do we benefit from becoming SAP certified? You mention in your web site that it is probably not a need for a small to medium size business. Does this help in the manufacturing process?

    1. PP Module is costly. thats y we arrange ILT for it to minimize its cost. you can contact Syed Owais 03323657102.

  11. Dear Sir

    I once subscribed for free online training with you but I faced some challenges along the way but now I am ready to resume so may you please help me.

  12. SAP Partner offering SAP Training in Karachi and all over Pakistan.
    CERM PAKISTAN is a prestigious organization since 1970 Now helping to enter in SAP World easily and cost effectively. for more details.
    Syed Owais
    Add: Oceanic House, Mezzanine Floor,6-E, Street#11,Badar Commercial Phase 5 Ext, DHA, Karachi- 75500 Pakistan.

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