SAP Training: Online or Classroom?

SAP Training: Online or ClassroomSAP Training

Presently more and more people want to get a job of SAP consultant and, therefore, the demand for SAP training is constantly increasing.  High demand for SAP training lead to the situation where more and more training institutes offer various SAP classes. SAP training market is extremely diverse and for this reason newcomers are often confused and do not know which course better suits their needs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide a review of all SAP training providers that currently operate on the market, because by the time we finish this review some training companies will disappear and new companies will take their places. So, we decided to write an article, which focuses not on particular training providers, but on the types of SAP training. In particular we want to discuss here the advantages and disadvantages of online SAP training and classroom SAP training.

SAP Classroom Training

SAP Classroom training is a traditional way to learn SAP. Depending on the training provider, you will be enrolled in a group with 10-12 students. In most cases training classes start in the morning and finish in the evening (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) with one hour break for lunch. The training course normally focuses on one of the SAP modules: SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP FI, SAP BI, SAP HR and others. Moreover, some courses teach two adjacent modules (e.g., MM and SD) at the same time. You will be given a handbook with theory and exercises. The handbook is usually included in the price of SAP course. There will be also computers in the classroom with an access for training SAP IDES installation. You should be able to access SAP via these computers anytime when you are in the classroom, but probably not from home. Due to the fact that there are several students in the group, an instructor will go through the materials with an average speed. So if you need more time than other students to understand something, you will not be given time for it. On the other hand if you are have good knowledge of SAP, then the speed might seem too slow for you.

SAP Online Training

SAP online training emerged recently and many people are still a bit suspicious to this kind of remote education. However, SAP online training has several big advantages over the traditional classroom based training. That is why more and more people to learn SAP online. The first and the main advantage is of course the price. SAP training is quite expensive for a number of reasons and many recent graduates just cannot afford it. Therefore, the low price of SAP online training is a major factor. Another good thing about online courses is that you go through them alone at your own pace. At the pace which is comfortable for you and allows you to understand the course better. In 90% of cases you will also be given with a 24/7 access to SAP system for practice. However, when you choose the training course, you should always ask if the course provider gives you an access to a training SAP system. In some cases training providers try to be silent about it until you pay for the course. Read more about fake SAP training. With online training you unfortunately loose the contact with a live instructor. You have to understand everything yourself. And if  you have any questions there is no one to quickly answer them.

SAP Training: Online or Classroom? What to choose?

Of course each situation is different and you should decide yourself which type of SAP training better suits your needs. Here we tried to briefly describe what to expect from these two types of SAP training. It can be clearly seen that each training type has its own advantages and disadvantages. That is classroom based SAP training is a better fit for people who very much like a guidance of a live instructor during the course. On the other hand, online SAP training might be good for those who like to learn on their own pace. Another important factor is the price of the training. Classroom based SAP training is traditionally way more expensive than online SAP training.

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17 thoughts on “SAP Training: Online or Classroom?”

  1. Hi,
    I think classroom training is the best option for SAP training because the trainer teaches according to business scenario & if you face any problem, he is there to solve it.
    But For SAP training the biggest issue/threat is “Training by local/unauthorized institutes” which give training in very less price & make fake certificates for students & get good job.
    SAP should be strict for illegal/unauthorized training of SAP.


    1. Hello shashank,I reside in mumbai & want to undergo sap classroom training as suggested by you.can you help me find a authorised sap training institute around????

  2. We can discuss about the training later. But first thing, what about the jobs for the SAP certified consultants. Are the Institutes helping the candidates to get a fresher SAP Consultant job in India. In every organization, there is a demand for a SAP consultant with min. 3 yrs of experience.
    Then why the institutes and SAP are providing training and certification for the freshers.
    People invest huge amount for certification and when they move for interview, advertisement from companies will be: WE NEED A CONSULTANT WITH MIN. 3 YRS EXPERIENCE.

    People are getting job by producing fake experience. SAP is facing such a huge loss. Still companies are hiring a fake candidate rather than a fresher SAP Consultant. This is demoralizing the Certified consultant and making them to either move away from SAP or to produce fake experience to get a job.
    Please tell me if a person got a domain experience, but he is fresher in SAP, so can’t he survive.
    How we started our first job with out experience. Still we are working and after doing certification, HR says, you have no experience of SAP.
    Please stop this.

    SAP must help the certified consultants and all the certified consultants should get a job in Industry.
    Same as the top universities students are getting jobs by campus interview.
    We can work hard, but the opportunities should be available.
    If this world is only for fake experience, then this training institutes and class room drama should stop.

    All Unauthorized institutes are earning in lakhs every year and students in hope of getting a SAP job are joining there. They don’t want to do certification as they can easily get job only by producing a fake experience certificate.

    This is the issue. Lets hope for a better future.

    SAP should take some serious step in this.

    1. Amar,

      I 100% agree that getting the first SAP job is a huge issue. However, I am not sure if SAP is willing to do something about it, because there are so many people who want to become SAP consultants.

  3. hi,
    i want to do sap-hr certification.I have already done the trainnig.plz help me to find how to prepare for certification.what’s the procedure/any sample papers are available online or not.

  4. hi sir i want to do sap.but i don,t have idea how much cost incur each module.and what is the procedure of training and exam.i will w8ing ur response .thanks

  5. Hi,
    i am having 1 year of experience in hr but i am interested to do sap hr course but in bangalore there are many institute and Iam totally confused if i go for good institute they will cahrge 3L and above they will Guarantee but still people are not getting job..please help me .

  6. Hi, I am SCM guy and 8 years experience in SAP environment of MM module, I Want to certification of MM module I am at Gujarat , pls give some advise how to give exam and if any institute at Gujarat , Vadodara available for help me for exam , training and certification of Authentic SAP certificate.

  7. I hv 2 years exp in bpo sector….but i am vexed with copy paste work can you which is the best course i can doo to Change my career….not only in sap….in any other also please i will waiting for your replies

  8. Other content online cannot measure up to the work you have put out here. Your insight on this subject has convinced me of many of the points you have expressed. This is great unique writing.

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