Beware of Fake SAP Training


Fake SAP Training CenterHello SAP Professionals,

According to the news, recently a lot of SAP training centers that offered fake certification were discovered. Students wanting to learn SAP should be cautious while applying for the course. They should cross-check the identity of the person conducting the training program. The investigation revealed that the course materials provided by fake SAP certification training centers are out-dated, there is no SAP server for exercises and the materials are based on bootlegged training and project materials of previous generations. Therefore students of fake SAP training centers are fooled and do not get the real training.


Here comes the questions: how to find out if the SAP training center has an official accreditation with SAP. In order to check the training center, it is necessary to have a look at the official SAP website, here is, for example, a direct link for Asian SAP training partners: So just look for your SAP training provider in this list. If you located in other region you can use this link

Beware of fake SAP training centers and good luck with training and certification!

The ERP Certifications Team

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  1. Hi,

    Can you please help me out to get the SAP HANA Certification, its Cost and training institute in Mumbai (INDIA).

    Bharat G.

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