Value of SAP Certification

Value of SAP Certification

Value of SAP Certification

Many people ask the questions if SAP Certification adds any value to your professional profile and makes your CV more attractive from an employer’s point of view. Therefore, we decided to write this post and discuss different perspectives on value of SAP Certification.

Value of SAP Certification at LinkedIn

Let us start with LinkedIn, because it is the most popular job search network in the world. One might include information about certification “SAP-(SD, MM, FI, etc) Certified Associate” or “SAP-(SD, MM, FI, etc) Certified Professional” as a headline on his or her LinkedIn profile. It is reasonable to assume that this headline definitely implies some value. For instance, employers do not know you, but when they see this, they know that the consultant has invested some time and effort into getting knowledgeable about SAP and showing the world that he or her wants people to know it. Therefore, we conclude that it gives the consultant some additional credibility, but of course the certification alone will not get you a job or a contract, because there is a plenty of other things in your CV that attracts employers’ attention.

Value of SAP Certification in The Real World

There is a lot of talks on that SAP certifications do not mean anything because almost everyone claims that they are certified. However, the same can be said with a Bachelor’s degree. As long as you can back up with what you learned or got certified in, with words to your future employer, then that will pay off. Plus, they give you an SAP certification award letter, which you can show to an employer during an interview. Just like when you graduate from college, you can get a diploma or transcript. Being certified in any field of technology is VERY beneficial and particular in SAP area. Just saying that you can build computer, design a SAP project, or protect a network means nothing to an employer, unless you have been tested on it and others are backing up with what you said. I am working on my SAP project and that will open many doors for me. Just reading the book about SAP is not enough, as I have no way of proving that I was tested on the material.

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  2. Yes, It must be knowledge base, certification may get by any means of way, but knowledge is practical approach which required to industries to map & configure their bussiness.

  3. hii
    i m planning to pursue SAP FICO from a training centre in lucknow and the training will be done by ab experienced SAP consultant but they will not provide certification….Will that help me to get a job or certification in mandatory??please revert me asap…..
    thank u

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