Is SAP Certification Worth It?

Is SAP Certification Worth It?

Is SAP Certification Worth It?We have already written several times about the value of SAP certification from both an employee and an employer points of view. However, this questions remains remarkably important for many people that are considering opportunities and benefits of being a certified SAP consultant and, for this reason, we decided once again discuss is SAP certification worth it or not.

Every person is often inquiring, is definitely an SAP Certification worthy of the money and effort? When you have the price range to acquire this exam and be considered a certified SAP professional, then carry on. It could be a very good investment in yourself. Sad to say, not all of us might have a lot of extra money and only a limited number of people can afford to consider a test that costs at least 500 USD. Moreover, you should also bear in mind the cost of SAP training that is recommended before the certification. This generally means that you ought to think about it in case you would seriously choose to go after the career in SAP field. Opt for the SAP certification test that could finest suit both of those your requirements.

There is certainly a conflict between the value of having a certification and getting actual SAP configuration skills. Just lately, many people, and especially the SAP specialists, expressed their opinion with regards to the need to have SAP Certification. You could find a lengthy debate thread relating to this issue on the Internet. The opinions differ from person to person. Later on, you might find out if you actually really need to get SAP certification or when you should really concentrate on this intention. The stated thread points out that should you be a different IT skilled, will the certification be of any assist to you?

Many problems happen to be circulating with regards to the SAP Certification and all the things it encompasses. The IT professionals as of late couldn’t figure out if SAP certification can provide you a great deal of gains or will it just be a squander of time. Is SAP certification worth it? The benefits that SAP certification may perhaps give largely rely for the individual himself or herself. With regards to trying to enter the SAP career path and wanting to get an immediate respond to, it may not be quite useful. However, if you are targeting long-term goals and objectives, it may potentially guide you to some much better SAP position.

Should you feel you’re a good SAP specialist, then you will find seriously no problem about acquiring a certificate. Proudly owning a certification just shows your abilities, with no must actually go on the trial period of time for companies. Most SAP gurus would suggest that you simply go on and get SAP certified. Not absolutely everyone within the IT marketplace gets the chance of undergoing cost-free SAP training and test for your mentioned certification.

So, is SAP Certification worth it, truly? The answer remains to be relative from one individual to another. Some people are really profitable due to SAP certificate they have. It can be a very good addition for the list of qualifications. But you will discover also individuals that are not pleased with the choice. Likely, the top issue to try and do is usually to take a look at the craze and demand for SAP gurus. From there, you may come to a decision whether you need to go for SAP certification or not.

12 thoughts on “Is SAP Certification Worth It?”

  1. I would like to suggest at least for Indian scenario – do not try for SAP Certification as carrier change, here it will help you at all. The freshers with SAP certificate is worthless, try not to get into this mindlessly – a victim

  2. I would like to suggest at least for Indian scenario – do not try for SAP Certification as carrier change, here it will not help you at all. The freshers with SAP certificate is worthless, try not to get into this mindlessly (may be it works for SAP working professionals) – a victim

  3. SAP SD certification is a waste adn not worth .
    there are thousands of people who have taken up loans and done this certification which costs a bomb and now paying up the EMIS, and spoilt their life and carrier .

    **********dont go for SAP SD Certification***************

    1. Sir, I have done my SAP MM Functional training in an unauthorized institute. Is it really worth going for Certified Course? I heard getting jobs will be easy with certificate…

      1. If you have already invested some money into SAP training from an unauthorized institute, I do not think it makes sense to pay again for a course from an official institute. You will simply pay twice for the same training course. If you live in a country where SAP allows to write certification only for those people who graduated from an official insitute (e.g., India), it is better to try to find a job and get some hands-on SAP experience. Later, you can still consider becoming a certified SAP consultant.

  4. Hi, I have 13 years exp. in manufacturing of glass as manager production. I want to establish my career in SAP PP. Please guide me what i have to do for that.

    1. If you have domain experience its better to do SAP PP. In Mysore there is an SAP Authorized training center where they are offering free internship after certification. It is ITChamps Software Pvt. Ltd… Better to do there because it has its own offshore department from where they are also doing SAP implementation and support

  5. I am a junior in college and am majoring in MIS. I was wondering if the taking the SAP overview course would be worth it to help me land a job, or taking any SAP course in general? Please help

  6. Pls give some idea to me….. i am going do sap pp….. were i joined authorized center or any training center.. sap pp is worth or not?…. Pls give ur valuable suggestions….

  7. Can anyone guide me what should i do ahead. I have an experience of Infosys in SAP BI for 2 yrs and then i have a gap of 3 yrs and jobless right now .
    Should I opt for SAP certification or not ?

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