Discount on SAP eAcademy Training from SAP MENA

Discount on SAP eAcademySeveral years ago SAP introduced eAcademies – online training courses that became a more affordable alternative to the traditional classroom SAP training. We have already discussed once the pros and cons of online and classroom training and concluded that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Online SAP training could be a good option for those people who prefer to go through the course at their own pace and do not depend on classmates.

SAP eAcademies is the official online SAP training programs developed by SAP Education and normally they are a bit pricey comparing to the training classes offered by third party institutions. However, now for a limited period of time you can enroll to SAP eAcademies with 15% discount. This discount on SAP eAcademy is offered by SAP Education MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and it will be valid until the 31st of December 2012. However, it is only valid for the eAcademies mentioned in the table below.

SAP eAcademies training will benefit you with a flexible learning program. SAP eAcademies give you an opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you want. Students receive convenient access to e-learning content, training systems, and help desk support for a period of 5 months. SAP eAcademies prepare learners for job related tasks and should be followed by SAP’s certification exams. During the training period the student will have access to the tips from tutors and expert know-how via voice chat, Net-meeting, or Web-based chat. SAP eAcademies fully support and cover all the topics taught in classroom environments to ensure constant and consistent help to learners for all units in the module.

eAcademy Duration Normal Price Price with Discount
SAP eAcademy NetWeaver – ABAP Basics (SAP NetWeaver) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy Financials – Financial Accounting (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy Financials – Management Accounting (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy HCM – Management & Administration (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy SCM – Order Fulfillment (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy SCM – Procurement (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy SCM – Planning & Manufacturing (ECC 6.0) 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP eAcademy PLM – Plant Maintenance & Repair 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570
SAP for Retail eAcademy 5 Month $ 4,200 $ 3,570

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