Six Simple Steps For SAP Certification Exam Preparation

Six Simple Steps For SAP Certification Exam PreparationOne of the most commonly asked questions that we receive in our Facebook group and by e-mail, “How can I prepare for my certification exam?” Potential test takers also ask about the areas of study most exam questions cover and what type of training would help them be more successful in achieving a passing grade.

This guide to certification exam preparation stems from our 10+ years experience gained during work as SAP mentors and 2+ years of running this website. We hope the information helps you in your quest for exam readiness.

Always find out what to study before you bury yourself in SAP books and test information. Check out our website to make an informed decision. For each type of SAP exam, you can find what the questions cover, recommended areas of study, duration of the exam period and how many questions there will be.

Before you take your SAP certification exam, work through the following six steps that will get you prepared and more likely to pass:

Step 1: Decide if you need SAP certification

No kidding! Make sure that you understand the benefits of SAP certification. A lot of people in the SAP community consider practical SAP experience as the most important factor when hiring a new SAP consultant. From their opinion, SAP certification does not hold much value. Of course, this is not true but you should still be aware of the fact that the value of SAP certification is a controversial topic. Luckily, we wrote several articles that may help you to make up your mind:

Step 2: Choose the Right Level of Certification for You

Two types of certification exam exist: professional or associate. Certification at the professional level indicates you have advanced experience with projects and a more in depth knowledge of SAP solutions. Associate level certification is available for people with no or little experience.

Step 3: Locate the Correct Exam

Navigating the web store is easy with these simple tips:

  • Begin searching in the certification web shop;
  • Indicate your home country;
  • Do not search for specific terms at first, but brows the shop options;
  • Filter or sort the resultant list of all SAP certifications until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Step 4: Consider a Training Course First

SAP Education offers multiple training courses and methods designed to help you pass the associate level exams. These can greatly improve the chances of people who are new to the field. Explore their overview of different training options and choose what is right for you. They offer live and online classroom education, e-learning courses and multiple other options as well. Here is the link.

The exam sites list all relevant training courses an interested person may want to take before taking the certification exams. SAP Education’s professional packages can help people with real-world experience and those who are already certified at the associate level. These packages let you work at your own pace while you go after certification upgrades or renewal.

You may also find this article useful in deciding which type of training is best for you:

Step 5: Review the Syllabus

Exam preparations become even easier with the topic lists and syllabus descriptions on our certification site. These indicate which subjects are weighted more heavily on the exam questions and thus show which are more important and worthwhile studying. Here are some links to get you started:

Step 6: Practice with Sample Questions

Under the Certification Details in each exam, SAP Education gives a list of sample questions that can help you study. These questions appeared on past tests and give a great indication of the subjects and varieties of questions you can find on current tests. In addition to this, we provide excellent sets of questions with answers and explanations for various SAP certifications. We have both free and premium preparation material. Here are some of our offerings:

Hopefully these six simple steps for SAP certification exam preparation can assist you in preparing for certification exams. We would love feedback about the methods that work best for you. What methods would you recommend to new SAP test takers? How was your experience with certification exams in the past?

20 thoughts on “Six Simple Steps For SAP Certification Exam Preparation”

  1. Hi
    This is Gurpret singh, ,i done MSc-IT ,Sap is my Favorite ,plzz send some PDF study metrial
    i wait your reply ….

    1. Hi,

      We don’t send any materials by e-mail. Everything that we offer for SAP certification preparation you can buy or get for free from our website. Just explore all the part of the website!


  2. I finished all sap material after 120 course but my goal is to understand the platform of sap to be good abap but I didn’t take the basis exam I have fears.!
    my question is is my plan is wrong? Second how to start abap right good start “I am for 4 months trying to start but getting messy ? Hope to get an advice will be thankful

  3. I finished all sap basis material after 120hrs course but my goal is to understand the platform well of sap to be good abap but I didn’t take the basis exam I have fears.:(!
    my question is is my plan is wrong? Second how to start abap right good start “I am for 4 months trying to start but getting messy plus fears? Hope to get an advice will be thankful

  4. Hi, my name is Usman, I have started with SAP CO. I was wondering if you have any sample questions i can browse through. If so, please let me know. It does not show any CO questions in the list above.

    Thank you

  5. Hi i am complete fresher in technical field… i have started learning sap abap from an institute later will apply for sap certification directly from sap.. any guidance or tips? Please reply

  6. i do not know what about sap . i will study sap. can you help me? how to clear sap exam? which should study books and how to submit online from?

  7. Hello,
    I wanna take SAP FICO certification exam, can you please guide me what should I study and any sample papers i’ll go trough.

  8. Hi.,
    It is really helpful information.
    I am twinkle from India. Currently living in Germany.
    My question is that, May I apply for certification exam in Germany? If yes, then Is this exam in English or German?
    As per SAP website, In India ,if Any one want to apply for certification exam, then they must have to get training from SAP authorized center or they have an experience more than 2 years.
    But In Germany there is no any specific criteria.
    As I have no work experience but I prepare my self for certificate exam under my husband’s support as He is SAP consultant.
    So my doubt is ” Am I eligible to attain exam from Germany in English Language?”
    Thank you very much

    1. Please contact SAP Education in Germany with this question. They will be able to answer it. As far as I know, there is no such strict requirements in Europe as in Asia.

  9. Thank you for Answering.!
    I will contact SAP for further details and I will post here.


  10. Hi,
    I am a Banking professional with 7 years of experience in Retail Branch Banking. My job profile was Sales cum service.Currently I am on a parental career break and staying in UK. I am now determined to resume my career. Looking forward for your advice if some relevant SAP course is there to pursue, considering I have a Banking background. As I want to start fresh, don’t want to go back to my previous profile but would be really good if my somewhat previous skill can be of some use.

    Thanking you in advance.

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