What is SAP Certification? And Why Should You Care?

What is SAP certification?Before we go any further, first thing that needs to be said: Only actual SAP experience is a valid qualification for SAP jobs. You can look at it in terms of graphic artists. People are more impressed by beautiful portfolio than by art degree. Okay, so what is SAP certification and why should you care?

SAP Certification is an exam conducted by SAP AG, the leading provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and it is expensive by anybody’s standards, which usually means that your employer should be one paying for your certification. When that is not possible, it’s time to jolt down those good old pro’s and con’s and decide whether it is right investment to make.

Just like most other IT skills, SAP certification is full of controversy because of the contrast between the importance of certification versus hands-on SAP skills.  If you intend to have a career as SAP consultant the choice is easy. In that case you are required to obtain the certificate from SAP. That makes sense as SAP consultant is expected to stay updated in order to be able to lend expertise to companies and help them build hi-tech services.

If you are hoping to get certified in order to get a job, unless the place training you guarantees job placements, you might as well forget about it. This is very in demand field, and there is always going to be more qualified personnel than jobs.

Primary candidates for SAP certification are people who already work with SAP, but are looking to gain more credibility and open up opportunities for advancement. Yes you might already know everything about SAP better than SAP AG, but if you are up against somebody who has experience and certification, they are more likely to get that job. SAP is one of IT skills that is likely to always be in very high demand, even during periods when economy is doing rather poorly. It is not investment into present, but into the future.

Have we answered the question “What is SAP certification?“? Please let us know in the comments below!

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154 thoughts on “What is SAP Certification? And Why Should You Care?”

  1. I am 2 years certified and went for certification without any SAP knowledge. I am facing a very big challenge as all funds were used in paying SAP and no job @ end of the day

    1. Exactly! This is the situation that many newcomers to the SAP world are facing. I believe that people should first try to get some SAP related experience and only then continue with the certification.

      1. Hi Cleo, I am a mechanical engineering student (final year) . I want to get certified in material management. Please tell me what is the scope in SAP for mechanical engineer in future.

  2. Hey I am planning on doing SAP BI certification I do have Prior SAP ABAP experience fr 2-3 yrs…and have learnt SAP BI aswel so planning to give certification to enhance my Resume..I have moved to US now and with my Exp level its difficult for me to get opportunity….Is certification gona help me get a job in US?? plz suggest

    1. Hi!

      In US the situation with SAP certification is much better than in Asia. You do not have to enroll into SAP training course and spend a fortune on it (like fhatuwani did). If you a confident in your knowledge, you can just go and write the certification. I think it is around 500 USD.

      I will also provide a citation of Susan Martin who wrote on the SCN blog that “SAP Certification is certainly not the only solution to career challenges, and it is not the most suitable answer for everyone – but it can be a very valuable “trump card” to have combined with other factors, depending on the situation each individual finds themselves in – one of the major differentiators being whether the (prospective) employer values validation of leading edge skills.”

      I really hope that you will get the right opportunity very soon!

      Good luck!

      1. Thankyou so much for quick response…..

        Yes the certification cost is 500 USD…..
        Just planning to give it soon if any guidence as to how to prepare plz let me know….
        I would like to give the latest version SAP Certified Application Associate – Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0 C_TBI30_73…I do not have standard SAP Notes so plz Advice me the right path and let me know in How many days I should prepare and appear for the certification….I have started studying with TBW10 & 20 …Also let me kknow if any good SAP-Press Books to refer..

        Thanks in Advance 🙂

        1. We have a special section for SAP BI certification, please see the link in the footer of this page. You are reading the right books. The certification mainly tests the knowledge of the content of these books. Other good books from SAP Press are listed in the ‘Books’ section of our website (please see the menu above this post). Just read their description and pick the one you like more.

          Good luck with your SAP certification! Let us know how it worked out!

      2. Well said, here in India we have to invest a good amount of money on training only, where the classes are only just bunch of a slide show nothing more than that & afterwards only one can qualify the criteria for getting the certification.
        Really hopeless for most of the asian country.

  3. I now hold 2 certificates, one in FI and other in SAP Business One. Am based in RSA…… What are chances or should be my next step?

    1. I am really sorry to hear that… However, I thought that in South Africa there is good job market for SAP professionals because some of my ex-colleagues (SAP consultants) even moved to South Africa after getting job offers with very good benefits packages.

      You should not give up! Try as many interviews as possible, eventually you will get it, I am sure!

  4. Hi,

    I am a BSc IT Graduate and very much interested in getting a job a SAP professional. I am not working as a Software developer but a non technical Profile with a Healthcare IT company. I would like to know the jobs in SAP that I can try to get to earn some experience and later on do a SAP Certification. Please Guide me.If Possible step by step details.

    Thank You in advance.

    1. Hi Rinil,

      I did not really understand what is your current job. Are you a software developer? Then, it is a good idea to become SAP ABAP consultant. Essentially, you will be writing code for modification of standard SAP functionality and adding new custom features. Then, you will be able to go for SAP ABAP certification.


  5. Hi,I am looking for SAP BI certification & I am already working in SAP reporting tool i.e. Deski & Webi (but only involved in report designing part) from last 3-3.5 years.So can I go for SAP BI Certification & could you please also guide me that SAP BI certification includes Universe designing??I am very keen to do the universe designing. If it so then how can I learn the universe designing in 4-5 days as SAP academy is offering a course of 13 days for SAP BI certification which includes 4-5 days for universe designing. Kindly suggest.

    1. Hi Akash,

      We have a dedicated page for SAP BI certification. However, I think, that you actually need SAP BO certification because the Universe Designer is a part of SAP Business Objects curriculum. Unfortunately, we do not (yet!) provide information about SAP certification in BO but it is certainly in our future plans. You can learn more about the Universe Designer in the following courses: BOU310 (3 days) and BOU320 (2 days).


      1. Hi Cleo,

        Thanks a lot for providing this info!! Really appreciate for this!!

        But Cleo how can I learn the universe designing in 5 days, I mean SAP Academy covers everything about Universe designing in 5 days i.e. How to create objects, Creating complex linking in any database Or they will just provide the overview about Universe??

        1. According to the description on SAP Education website, the first course I mentioned teaches basics of the Universe Designer. The second one is the advanced course. So, I think that in 5 days they cover everything.

          Disclaimer: I have never taken those courses myself so my advice is based on the publicly available information shared by SAP.


  6. Hi Cleo,

    I have SAP BI Certificate, and currently doing SAP BW/BI/BO.
    Currently I been given a chance to sit for SAP FI exam (I only need to pay for Exam fees which is around SGD600).
    What I want to know is:-

    1. Would SAP FI Cert would help me gain any advantages prior to what I do?

    2. Or perhaps allow me to change FI capability in the future etc?

    What is your advice?


    1. Hi Vince,

      Thanks for visiting our humble blog about SAP certification 🙂

      1. No
      2. Maybe

      I don’t think that you need SAP FI certification. Big data and business analytics is a hot area now and, I think, it will continue to grow. I recently read about a study that indicated a shortage of data scientists and professionals who can work with the big data. My proposal is that you should focus on BI/BW/BO. It will be beneficial for you in terms of a faster career growth and a higher salary. If you for some reason still want to switch to FI, then SAP FI certification will likely benefit you. But again, I don’t think you should go for SAP FI.


  7. hi,
    i have 13 yrs exp. in glass industry. now i am jobless and thinking to change my career to sap pp from where i should start pl. advice

    1. I would say that you should start reading about SAP PP on the Internet and try to get some basic knowledge about SAP yourself. Then, if you like it, take an SAP training course for a deeper inside into SAP PP. After that, try to apply for entry-level SAP jobs. You can also pass SAP certification after the training course or when already have a job.


  8. hi, Cleo,
    Thanks for advice.
    I would more like to know :
    1. it is advisable to change the career ?
    2. What is the job scope as SAP PP for the person like me.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I don’t know anything about you 🙂 So, it is difficult to answer your questions. The only thing I can say for sure is that you should wait with SAP certification.


  9. HI,

    I am having Finance & Accounts exprience and want to take SAP FI exam. From where can I get the study material

  10. I’ve 10+ experience in Sybase ASE & IQ. Im planning to do SAP HANA CERTIFICATION. Is it worth doing SAP certification and getting into SAP job ? Please advise


    1. Hi,

      I don’t know the job market for Sybase ASE & IQ. If there are very few vacancies available, then moving to SAP HANA may be a good idea. SAP certification in this case may help you to make the career switch because it would be viewed as a positive asset by recruiters.


  11. Hi Cleo,

    Read your previous comments and liked it too.
    Need little advice from you. I am a graduate and working in HR field as recruiter from past 5 Yrs. I wish to have career shift now and i am thinking to do SAP HR certification.I am in India now and wish to work abroad.And i have little knowledge on SAP but no working experience.

    1)Will SAP HR will give boost in my career.
    2)As per my knowledge SAP HR is not very popular module, many companies dont look for SAP HR people. Is it true.
    3)Will i able to get some SAP HR jobs abroad based on my exp+certification.


  12. Hi,

    I am a B.tech and working for 2.2 yrs in an IT company in India. Currently I am working on Sales Reporting using the Client’s reporting tool which requires very basic knowledge of SD and ABAP. I am not very happy with my current project as its not giving me any good experience which can help me in my career. I am thinking of taking training in SD and hence switch to some other company. Could you please give your advice on this?


    1. Hey Kritika,

      Hope you doing well in your current job..
      First Clear you i’m not Passed out or any experience in IT related sectors..
      so may be my proposal are not truly accepted for you

      You have good experience in IT Based Company and hope you are good in programming and another coding…

      If you not Happy with your current job so try to switch in another Project like (Where ever you like..)

      As per my views same things with do in programming and ABAP Only change way of thinking …

      you really wanna change in your life then SD or ABAP good options for you….

      If you need any help
      ask to free 🙂
      Hardik Goti

  13. Hi Cleo,
    Definitely a great portal & articles..thanks.
    Currently I’m working as a Team Lead in .NET programming language in a software company, no doubt this position contains technical & functional both roles and playing the same. But now I’m willing to switch from core development to techno functional role or domain in term of SAP to join a non IT organisation. Basically I’m interesting to join steel plant or similar type of manufacturing non IT companies, so decided to pursue SAP modules.

    But it’s bit confusing to choose the appropriate functional modules since it seems look there are lots of modules exist. I need some suggestion so that I can choose the appropriate module & that future should be secure too.

    Please advise me how to choose the correct module as well the process through which I can be familiar the same please.
    Already I have decided to opt SAP Basis or SAP BI but looking forward to your positive response.


    1. Hi Rajendra,

      I think that, taking into account your solid programming background, you should try becoming SAP ABAP consultant. There is always a big demand for ABAPers (this is how ABAP consultants are informally called) on SAP projects. It should be relatively easy for you to learn ABAP because people who already know one programming language can more easily learn another one. SAP Basis also can be an option.


      1. Hi Cleo,
        Thanks for the prompt response.

        Yes I agree with your suggestion that it would be bit easier to catch a new language if already working in other programming language. That’s why I kept this is one option too.
        But I’m willing to move form code programming to techno functional role specially where I can interact with data as well as all module’s data and top most can join a non IT organisation such as manufacturing or production company.
        I considered if I’m going to work for any non IT organisation then need to manage the functionality as well as related stuffs so SAP BI would be bit appropriate section.

        Please suggest or guide me if my concern is not correct.

      2. I have been working as anew IT support staff for years and I just moved to the UK to have an MBA certificat.I will like to write sap exam , pls advise which one to write.

  14. I should say, very informative blog and I really appreciate how your have patiently responded to the N number of queries adding on to the knowledge on SAP we could get. My question on this topic would be…..”I’m a customer relation executive working in a BPO for 2 years in India. I have no basic knowledge or work experience in SAP. Would an entry level course be available for me in SAP CRM? How are my job opportunities?”
    Hope you have the time for my question.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Uma
      Hope you doing Well..
      Nothing advise for you…
      but say one things…
      SAP is always better for options for you…

      FOR Job opportunities “Opportunities is depends on your ability and Skils”

      Hope is always with us 🙂

      If you really think you doing well with SAP CRM – you should to give 1 chance for change you life…

      Hardik Goti

  15. hi ..i did find this blog very lucrative and very galvanising.Am a bsc IT graduate and a MBA holder from mumbai university.In 6 months i will be going back to US (chicago)for rest of my future near my dad .I have a basic knowledge about SAP SD.Sir plz guide me as am planning to do a certification in sd from siemens.I have no job experience and being a fresher very nervous about my future.Am a bit oblivious about future steps about sap. plz guide me .
    1)Should i go for certification?
    2) sap job opportunities for freshers in chicago?

  16. Hi,

    I am a Java developer with more than 5 yrs of experience. I want to switch to SAP, but finding it difficult to get any job simply because I do not have any SAP experience. Will getting certified improve my chances of getting a job in this field? I am based in RSA.

  17. Hi,
    i am a dotnet developer iam interested in sap bpc course & certificationand i dont have any knowledge on bussiness things. it is possible for me to do with out any knowledge of predefined modules like sap bi and abap.Could any one please help me………

  18. Hi

    I am working as Ops Manager in reporting area eaand using SAP & SAP BO as end user.I had a thought of doing SAP FI and will it help.can you advise me on this

    1. Hey kumar
      i think you need to read previous comments of Cleo Isco for Vince

      For your ref#

      Vince says:
      July 16, 2013 at 1:27 pm
      Hi Cleo,

      I have SAP BI Certificate, and currently doing SAP BW/BI/BO.
      Currently I been given a chance to sit for SAP FI exam (I only need to pay for Exam fees which is around SGD600).
      What I want to know is:-

      1. Would SAP FI Cert would help me gain any advantages prior to what I do?

      2. Or perhaps allow me to change FI capability in the future etc?

      What is your advice?


      Cleo Isco says:
      July 16, 2013 at 7:20 pm
      Hi Vince,

      Thanks for visiting our humble blog about SAP certification ????

      1. No
      2. Maybe

      I don’t think that you need SAP FI certification. Big data and business analytics is a hot area now and, I think, it will continue to grow. I recently read about a study that indicated a shortage of data scientists and professionals who can work with the big data. My proposal is that you should focus on BI/BW/BO. It will be beneficial for you in terms of a faster career growth and a higher salary. If you for some reason still want to switch to FI, then SAP FI certification will likely benefit you. But again, I don’t think you should go for SAP FI.


  19. SAP programs for Php Developer
    I am currently working as a Php Developer in a company. I am a fresher as far as Php development is concerned.

    It would be of great help if you could tell me whether SAP program could help me in any way because I am looking for certification courses which could help me grow.

  20. I am working in finance sector in Dammam, KSA i would like to do certification in SAP FICO but there is no coaching for SAP FICO in Dammam so how can i get certified?

  21. Hi,

    i am working in paint manufacturing company in internal Audit Function from last 6 years. We are using Sap erp system. In addition to this we have BHP HaNa reporting tool.

    i would like know following things
    1. Whether Sap Fi certification will help me in my carrier?
    2. Is there any certification available in Data analytics??

  22. Hi now I am working in a steel company in India.I am interested in doing SAP certification. I don’t have any knowledge about SAP. Everybody say that SAP is having great demand and it will give more weightage to the career.That’s why I want to go for certification. Can you please guide me regarding this.

    Naveen Kumar V S

  23. Hi Clio,

    I have a 8 years of experience in procurement and logistics. I looking forward for a career in SAP. what would be your suggestion from where to start and what module to chose.

    your valued response will be highly appreciated.


    1. Hi Shakir,

      I think that the best place for you to start in SAP is MM module. MM stands for Material Management and it deals with procurement and inbound logistics. More info is here: SAP MM.

  24. Hi Cleo,

    I am a Chartered Accountant in India currently working in a KPO in the field of investment banking since past 7 months. I am looking forward for a career in SAP. Should I pursue SAP-FICO certification or rather gain some training/experience related to the same first?

    Your advice will be highly appreciated

    Shubhm Jain

  25. hi cleo,
    I have completed my BSC IT.I want to pursue SAP ABAP.
    can u plz tell me something about ABAP.and also what kind of package one should expect after completeion of SAP ABAP in india. Can you please guide me regarding this.looking forward to your response.

  26. Hello,

    Am from Dubai & I have 4 years of experience in SAP R/3 MM Module. I’ve no such a certificates for SAP. Kindly advice me from where I can get this done.

  27. Hi cleo,

    This blog is a life saver.answerd most on my questions and anxities about SAP.however,I still have a few questions and really need your advice.I graduated from human resource depart in a university in nigeria and I’m thinking of getting certified in SAP HR.Now my questions
    (1)..Will SAP HR make me valuable in the field of human resources?
    (2)..Do I stand a great chance of employment in the labour market,home and abroad ?
    (3)What advice can you offer me partaining to SAP based on the fact that I’m just a fresh graduate with no work experience whatsoever ?
    Please cleo I’m really really anticipating a reply from yo.thanks

    King lumi

  28. Hi,

    Looking for advise… I’ve been an SAP FICO consultant since 7 years. Currently Im an inhouse consultant/IT manager for a services company. I do not have any certifications and I’m looking to get 1. I’m unable to decide which is an appropriate one for me… should it be SAP FI? PMP? SAP Associate PM? How much do these approximately cost in India?


  29. Dear cleo. All d above conversation is very informative. All our queris are solved but my experience is very different. Iam working with india’s third largest transport corporation in the world as divisional accounts officer since 4 years. Which is d lower management grade.but d drawback is d organisation is totally IT less. All the work is exercised manually. i am looking for much growth both in financial as well as knowledge aspect. Basically i was planning for some of the courses in accounting such as peachtree sage, quickbook etc which r most demanding in MENA countries and switch over d job in the same. What would be ur suggestion on that? Should i go for SAP or some other?

  30. Hello, please I want to know more about SAP, I m not looking for a job, I run my firm. I need your advice on how to go about studying for SAP and seat for the exams. Thank you

  31. Hi Cleo,

    I have about 2yrs of IT development experience.I am a SAP ABAP developer and have also worked on SAP BI tools like Webi and Query analyzer.These days i am more into SAP Personas development and may be in near future as per our project requirement i may have to update myself with SAP FIORI too. So what exactly certification should i proceed so as to stay updated!


  32. hi everyone,i have one doubt B.E people can do SAP course,Is there any chance to get a job in SAP field…..I did .NET course but now i have to work on SAP.Can yours valuable suggestions.
    thank you


  33. Hi Cleo,

    I am a B.Sc ( Physical Science) & Partly qualified in Management accountant, currently working in a apparel manufacturing company for last five years, Our company is in the SAP implementation process from December 2013 & planed to go for GO LIVE on 20th March 2015 , im working as a module champion for CO & involving in MM also.

    I am working this project from December 2013 & have an idea of doing a SAP certification in CO, need your valuable advice to me on this, [ I have a planed to migrate Australia in near future]

    Thanks & Best rgds,

  34. I hv a BE degree and 3 years work exp working in planning and procurement,material management at a big indian manufacturing company. I had to leave my job due to personal reasons but now after 5 years gap i want to restart my career with SAP MM certification. i hv no SAP exp but hv worked on oracle erp system… will i be able to get jobs after SAP MM certification?

    1. Hi Supriya..

      Happy to write you here… And, appreciations your interest on SAP..

      You can very well take up a certification on SAP MM & can work as you desire since you already having good label companies in your profile.

      Few companies will say like, profiles with the gap 1 plus or 2 plus years are not considerable etc, but at the time of interviews you can tell & win.

      All the best..

  35. Hi, please I want to know more about SAP, , I am Working a company right now, I need your advice on how to go about studying for SAP .where i wil get class & exam ( Am n K S A ) what kind of certificate they need,

    Thank you

  36. Hi,
    I have 3 years of experience in SAP MM, SD and WM combined environment, at Accenture, India. Now am in Aus and finding difficult to get even interview calls…..so i guess there need to be a catch in my resume like certification to get my resume shortlisted atleast.. please let me know your thoughts if a SAP Certification would make a difference at ths point…

  37. Hi ,
    I am working as a software developer in a company having 1.5 years of experience on Java Technology.
    Since i don’t have experience in SAP, should i go for the SAP certifictaion?
    Kindly suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. Hi there, I have recently done bachelore degree in Electronics and got no skills in electronics at all. I have a little a bit knowledge about financial statements and stuff like that. I want to know can I go for the SAP certification or are there any pre-requisites for it.
    Second thing I want to tell you why I started thinking about SAP is that I am an internee in a big company and I know a guy there who is Mechanical Engineer but he’s working there as a SAP employee and getting highly paid. Justify me how can a Mechanical Engineer be a SAP employee ?

  39. Hello,

    I`m working in SAP SRM for 4 years.
    I want to take my certification for SRM .
    I am from Romania. How I can take my certification?

    Thank you,

  40. i have 10years work experience in telecoms warehouse and logistics operations but now i want to upgrade myself which SAP program is suitable for me. I do not have SAP idea whatsoever.

  41. hi Cleo
    i did SAP BO training but did not get a job cause they needed exp. i ave done my MBA Marketing and have 10 years of customer service exp. am planing to move back to india so what do you suggest me about SAP as i want to pursue SAP.

  42. Hi,

    Nice tutorial. Kindly help me, I’ve 6 years of programming experience in Java as well as Dot Net. Know I want to switch to SAP world. How and from where I can start? and also guide me that which module is better for me?

  43. Hello,
    I have over 12 yrs of experience in IT in technology & consulting environment. I have worked with other ERPs for 8+ yrs. I have exposure across all domains, finance being key strength as I am Commerce graduate & Computers post graduate. I started with ICWA but only finished foundation during my graduation. I have worked across multiple roles & areas in IT.
    I have excellent domain knowledge with good communication skills, and want to build up quick niche career within SAP. Is doing a FICO training & certification the right choice? Is there any other module that is hot in market i could spontaneously take up? What should be the fastest way to get a breakthrough with SAP career?

  44. Hi my name is Yogesh Chauhan and I am currently working as an administrator but now I want to change my profession. can I go ahead with SAP certification. And I have a query that I can go ahead with one module of SAP Cifo. will SAP will help me to get a job abroad.

  45. Hi,

    I have 3 years exp. in HR as an Executive. I want to move a head & want to do SAP – HR module. Currently I am in INDIA and looking for Job Abroad.
    (1)..Will I get great chance of employment in abroad ?
    (2)..Will SAP HR make me valuable in the field of human resources?
    (3) Advice me good points on SAP HR so that, it will become easy for me to find job?

    And if not HR module rhen which module will be helpful ?
    Please cleo I’m looking for answer which will give me way out. Thanks in Advance!


  46. Hi Cleo,

    Thanks for your time. I’m new to SAP but I have over 14 years experience in IT field. My job is System Administration, managing servers (AD, Exchange, VMware ESXi etc) and supporting users. I was told SAP will surely enhance my chance of getting better job with good salary. Kindly advice me on the exact certification to go for based on my past experience and job. Somebody has already suggested “SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (Oracle DB)
    with SAP NetWeaver 7.0”.
    Is this okay?
    Is there any other certification I can do apart from this?

    I hope to read from you soon

    Thank you in advance.

  47. Hi, everyone
    i was blind about this SAP
    but now i knw a little i would
    to thank all of u for ur comments……

    Hi, Cleo
    i heard u said the courses of SAP are differ, so what is the main purpose of Sap certificate?


  48. Hi

    Thoughts by the author are truly realistic. Mere SAP certification does not guarantee jobs to a fresher.

    Employers are increasingly looking for real-time project experience as a key criteria even for entry level positions. It is hence wise to find a platform where you can not only learn but also get industry experience.

  49. Hi, I am sales and marketing professional. I want to switch in IT field how SAP certification help me in that or would it possible after getting SAP certification I can get good job.

  50. Hello Cello,
    I am 26 year old graduate in accounting and finance. I belongs to Pakistan and have 4 years accounting experience. Currently I am pursing for ACCA with my job in Abu Dhabi UAE. I want to advance my career in SAP. I have to start it from scratch. Can you please guide me. Or suggest me any blog or person to start this journey. Which module I have to take, how and from where I have to start.
    Waiting for your guidance!


  51. Hi Cleo
    I am currently doing job in ERP software support role in one hospital, my role is to provide support to software raise calls on CRM for issues and make them solve by vendor company, also to analyze the client requirement and make them implement in software, i have this exp of 2 years , i also have done ITIL foundation certification , now i want to switch to company, what certification or training should i do in SAP or any other certification to raise my career. please guide


  52. Hi

    I read your whole article. Plz answer me some thing that I’m mba in IT trade and still didn’t do any job but now I want to do certification in SAP ABAP. So is it good for me or not and is it good for future?? Because I have no idea about it.
    Will I get a good job after SAP certification?

  53. I’m interested with functional modules of SAP although I am with CS background but have no interest with development…
    I have two options
    HCM and MM
    what will be best and what are the route map for both functional modules…

  54. I have done MBA HR. I have 4 years of experience into Recruitment.currently working with Recruitment Consulatancy. I am planning to go for SAP certification.wil it help me out to get better job in HR with Sap.i dont have any idea anout Sap.n hoe it help me out for better opportuniteis.what r the options r there in SAP to make my profile strong?

  55. Hi,
    I’m a first semester Computer Science student. i wanted to ask , Should i do SAP ? and which module ?
    Kindly answer my question ASAP.

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      SAP has technical & functional modules, if you are good in coding,programming etc, you can adopt for SAP module like ABAP [Technical],which even college fresh graduates can go for it.

      There are certain university, which secured SAP License & providing SAP courses to their students.

      Gud luck..

  56. Hi,

    I have been working with one of the companies here in Japan as SAP Administration support.
    I will be taking up System Administration [Oracle DB] with SAP netweaver 731.
    I am quite hesitant because i know my knowledge and experience is not enough. been working for 9 months and my exam is on september 2016. Please give me advices and recommendations. Also, I dont have enough budget to enroll in SAP standard education.

    I will appreciate any ideas. thanks!

  57. Sir/madam,
    Am ajay pursuing MCA and i need to know the procedure to study SAP courses and which SAP would be similar to my core industry(it). My ablilities are creative,working hard etc. Am new to it and planning to do MS CS in future once i get certified and gain experience in it industry through SAP

    1. Hi Ajay,

      SAP has technical & functional modules, if you good in coding,programming etc, you can adopt for SAP module like ABAP [Technical],which even college fresh graduates can go for it.

      But for functional modules like PP, FI,MM & SD etc, profile needs some domain exp.

      Gud time…

  58. Hello ,
    I’m fresher ,completed my Engineering in Electronics and communication and working in a good company for Event management Team which is non technical ,I’m planning to do SAP course and certification, as i’m very new to this field and i have no idea and knowledge about this,can someone guide me which is good for my future and what all basics i should know

    1. Dear Pooja..

      Welcome & thanks for the mail…

      Kindly ask me the things which you required to get more clarity regarding Certification.

      In India means.. Certifications can be done either by registering in SAP Authorized Academic Partners/Institutions like ATOS, Tespa, Broadline etc Or by SAP Business Partners where, an Organization can provide an offer to its employees.

      In your case, you got to approach SAP Authorized Institutes i guess..

      SAP has Technical & functional modules, based on your interest you can choose after a best counselling.

      There you will fine 2 kinds of teaching mod:

      1. Regular Class Room Training – INR.3,75,000 – INR 4,00,000
      2. Online (Self)Mode- INR 2,40,000- INR- 2,70,000. ( you can check outin ATOSor Tespa Portals too)

  59. Hi cleo
    Im a Bcom Graduate. Now im looking forward for SAP FICO Would you pls help me with this doubts.

    1. Where should i start ?
    2. What is this SAP Experience.
    3 . How to get proffessional level certification?

    1. Well, If you wish to get certified, just walk-in into any authorized SAP Partner like Atos, Broadline & Tespa etc.

      Kindly visit: https://training.sap.com

      And, Certification –> 1. Associate Level- this one you will & Professional Level, it need more project exp.

  60. Dear cleo
    Plz guide me my qualification is mba finance and masters in economics..i am planning for doing sap fi..from any institute in bangalore india..will dat b good..dey r promising of giving very good knowledge and the course duration will be 1.5 months..and fees would be around 150000 inr.will dat be beneficial?

    1. Yes.. Appreciations to your keen for getting certified. SAP AG Certification through SAP Authorized Partners means good, normally there are 2 types: [1] OLT – Online Learning, kind of self study,costs around 2.5L INR, [2] Regular – Classroom Training,costs around 3.75L INR,

      Kindly check you institute is authorized SAP partner & go ahead

      Good luck…

  61. I did MBA in SCM. please guide how & what certification will help me in my progress.
    please guide.

  62. Hi All,
    I’m looking for extended career in SAP. Currently I’m working as SAP SRM consultant with a bit of ABAP technical skills. Now I’m planning for master degree in the field of SAP.

    what would be helpful for me?
    Should I go for higher education and take adequate degree ?( MBA in ERP / MIS)
    Certification is enough to get a good job across the globe?

  63. Hi Cleo.
    I have Ms In software Engineering but currently working as HSE engineer. Now i want to change my profession to SAP BI. Please guide me

  64. Hi,

    I have done MBA in HR and 5 years experience in the same field.
    Now I have 2 years job gap due to marriage. So please help me that I should join SAP in HCM for my career growth or what to do next.
    Please help me.

  65. @manikandan k a-thank u so much for ur advice but by mistake i wrongly entered dere 150000 atually its is 15 k for fico module and d institutes r not providing the certification which is globaly accepted instead dey r giving d certificate of dere own institute..and d idea of working in sap fico..so will dat b benificial..or i should go for oracle?i dont want to spent much as already invested in my masters..now i am interested in getting a job based on dis course dan after some time would go for its universal certification?plz guide me if i m wrong…

    1. Hi Savita..

      Well you have gained some practical exposure in an un-authorized SAP Institute.

      if you are keen to make SAP AG Certification, it should be done through SAP Authorized Partners, in India it costs around Rs.2.6 Lakhs for Online & nearly Rs.4 Lackhs for regular class room training.

      If you want attend a SAP training along certification make sure do it from an authorized training center. But my first advice will be don’t leave your current job as sap openings for fresher’s is very less presently.

      No institutions will provide you placements instead they will suggest you to attend an interview if there is any openings in an company.

      All the best..

      1. Hi Savita..

        Well.. All the best to get your desired job.

        And, having a knowledge in SAP FI additional to your domain, surely will add valve but nowadays most of MNC’s or Implementing firms expecting SAP Certified Professionals.
        And, MNC’s SAP Freshers drives & recruitments also will be done with SAP Authorized Partners. So if you are fixed to start up your career as SAP Developer, go ahead with Confidence.

        All the best..

  66. Hi All,
    I am SAP BASIS consultant with 3 years experience, interested in certification. can any one help me to get good knowledge for the course and its scope to start with.

  67. I am a BE and MBA marketing graduate with 6months of sales experience. For better career and job I want to know these things.
    1. SAP training will do or Certification is must ?

    2. What is the best suited module to my profile ?

    3.What will be the best time to exit from my current job & pursue SAP Course and which course should be best in the market ?

    1. Hi Sweta

      Nice to know about your interest in SAP.

      Keeping it short, Opportunities are there in SAP SD/CRM but for a fresher it is ver few.
      If you want attend a SAP training along certification make sure do it from an authorized training center. But my first advice will be don’t leave your current job as sap openings for fresher’s is very less presently.

      No institutions will provide you placements instead they will suggest you to attend an interview if there is any openings in an company.

      People who have completed certification get jobs after 6 months to 2 years.

      All the best..

  68. asking for my brother.

    He has not done any degree but wants to start a career in SAP. He has no SAP-related experience. Is it best for him to do SAP CERTIFICATION? We are located in Middle-East.

    If its a good idea to start off a career with SAP certification, what would be the best modules to begin with in his situation? can I get the list of SAP modules, i have been finding it but unable to get it.

    Waiting for your reply.

  69. its a wonderful platform for geeting quieries cleared. i wanted to ask that i m a b.com. gtaduate and now i want to do FICO. will it help ke to get a job.?? what are the advantages of FICO course.??
    plz reply i m in big delima..

  70. I can understand the fact, but I have in seen in many web pages advicing us to be experienced before opting for SAP certification so its my humble request please tell me the whole procedure like how I can be experienced before SAP certification?

    1. Hello Vicky,

      in SAP, if you wish to go for SAP Certification in Functional Module means, it needs some domain experience in their domain or some end-user experience atleast 1plus yrs. SAP is very clear on it
      In Technical modules like ABAP, Basis etc, even college graduates can go ahead, its all about coding, programming etc.
      If you like to learn the basic knowledge , join in an best un-authorized institutes & learn the basics then go for certification.

      1. OK thanks for your help but I have one more question like I want to SAP BASIS as you told me I need to gain the basic knowledge in an authorized institutes but after that before professional certification I.e global certification do I need to do the SAP BASIS training in authorized institute?

  71. Last but not the least
    After i am done with the basic knowledge Which will be better like to pursue SAP in self learning and gaining experience by doing a job or to do a regular course in the SAP institute?

  72. Hi My Name is Chinmaya. From Last 5 Years i am working in SAP FICO Module.I am SAP certified CO Consultant.Want to appear S4 Hana Finance Certification only Paying the examination Fees.

    Please Let me know the procedure for individual registration for s4 hana finace certification (1511 Edition)

    I will be obliged to you for this.Presently i am working with NTT DATA,Gurgaon,India.

    Waiting for your reply. Cleo Isco.

    Best Regards,
    Chinmaya Mohapatra
    Sr. SAP FICO Consulatnt

  73. Hi sir …I got selected in steel manufacturing company for SAP in pp module..I’m from BE CS background..can my experience Wil help me to get job at IT company for SAP job like SAP labs ..etc.I’m fresher I don’t know anything on SAP..

  74. Hi
    I am a chemical Process Engineer working as a (QA specialist). I want to change carrier and SAP HANA seems to be very interesting. Have already studying and taking a course in SAP HANA online. What steps should I take to have an opportunity in SAP HANA

  75. Hi Cleo
    I am doing my MBA in Operations Management. I had a prior experience of 2 years in IT services.
    I like to know if there is any SAP course suitable for my career related to Operation Management.
    Expecting a wide view from you.


  76. Hi Cleo,
    I am a B. COM (Hons) graduate and 36 years old. I am working as Equity and Derivative Dealer since last 10 years. Now I am willing to change my field for better career growth in Accounting. Pls suggest me a course in SAP and its future prospect in Kolkata, India. I will be highly obliged if you reply in my email.

  77. I am a fresher chemical engineer and wanted to knw if SAP will advantageous me or not
    If advantageous than which module?

  78. Hi,
    I did my engineering in electronics and communication engineering and from the past 6 months i am working as a catalog analyst (Non technical Job). Somebody suggested me to do SAP course since there is a good demand for this. If i do this course can i get a job in the technical field. Please suggest me

  79. Hello sir,
    I was going through your blog, it was really helpful. But still i have some doubts, am graduate in B.E. CSE after that i pursed MBA in business analytics now i have one year of experience of education industry. In next 2 years i’ll shift to USA now please guide me i thinking for SAP certification. would it help me in USA for jobs and if yes please suggest in which module i’ll go. I’ll be grateful if you reply asap. thanks!

  80. Hello,
    Sir l am doing ACCA, plz suggest me which module of SAP & how much it will cost..
    Whether it would give me competitor edge in US…

  81. Hi,

    I am Masters student in Supply chain management. I have no work experience with SAP. I want to learn and develop the functional aspects of SAP in the supply chain. How should I go about pursuing the certification. I have two Certification that I like SAP SCM and SAP APO. Which one is better for me?
    And how should be the hierarchy of certificate in SAP? As the companies that I was looking for internship needs a fair bit of SAP knowledge.

    Can anyone please suggest me in this matter?
    Thank You

  82. Hi there
    I am a Masters student in HR and have no experience in SAP. I have registered for the free course here but how do I receive an actual certification to state that I am competent in the module (for CV purposes?)

    Thank you

  83. Hi Cleo,
    I have read all your comments and suggestions.I am SAP ABAP consultant and have 2 years of experience.I am planning to do certification either in ABAP or HANA.Could you please help me in this regard which is better for bright future( ABAP certification or HANA certification).


  84. I completed my B-TECH in Mechanical Engineering and i also have basic software knowledge,now i am interested to join SAP ABAP….is it use full for me in gaining a job?

  85. Hello, I am Poonam, I have done MBA in Finance and HR in 2012. Now, I am looking for SAP Certification courses because i did’nt any job in Finance and HR field. I am working in Front office and administration related job in small companies. Please suggest me should i go for the certification and how do i get job in relevent specialization after certification?

  86. Hallo,
    I am Tamilselvan completed my BE mechanical engineering and working in gulf for past 4.5 years and have overall experience of 12 years in oil and gas field as an END USER in SAP MM & PM module. Still I would like to do certification in the above said module.
    Query : Is there any Authorized Certification course available for the END USER level.(Location preferred Chennai and Bangalore).If so, can any one share information regarding this?

  87. Dear sir,
    I am gopal,currently working in bank.Shall I do Sap?? This suits for me ? Let me know the career options in sap?

  88. Hello sir,
    My Name is Muhammed Khaif, iam student who is ongoing throughout the course BBA i have heard that there is a course named SAP.sir is that good course for an BBA student……
    And may i know the oppertunity of SAP
    …. plz give your response

  89. Hello,

    My name is Ashley and I would like to learn and possibly get certified in SAP. However, I’m not sure which area. I would like to begin with the basics. I have my MBA in business management but, I’ve always worked in the oil and gas industry using my mechanical engineering technology degree. Recently laid off; I would like start using my MBA degree. Where should I start with the SAP program? There are several job opportunities here in Texas and I would like to get training. Any suggestions?

  90. Thank you all for your answers and explanations.
    My question is ; I am in the USA with long great experience in VSAT systems and networks. Handled many projects at management and technical level. But do not have any SAP previous experience ever. I never worked on it. What is the best start for me in the certification path.
    Thank you again and wish you happy Holidays season

  91. I have recently joined an MNC as senior manager IT and digitalization. My company is implementing SAP S4/Hana across all entities in 20 countries. I do not have prior SAP work experience, I stopped programming and development many years ago. But I have worked as a project manager, product developer, etc for 7 years. I want to know which SAP certification I can attempt to help me in my career growth
    Thank you,

  92. Hi,
    I have recently completed my training on SAP FICO Module from an outside unauthorised institute.
    Since I have 6 years of hands-on experience in SAP as an End-user in the P2P process.
    As there is slow growth in the P2P field thought of developing the skills and SAP is the first choice in my mind.
    After consideration, Planning to get the FICO certification, is that really worth it?
    Kindly input your thoughts!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!

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