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SAP Learning Hub (Free SAP Training)SAP consistently maintains relatively high prices for its training courses. For instance, an instructor-led course that lasts 3 days can cost several thousand US dollars. Therefore, many individuals who want to learn SAP prefer to gain knowledge through self-study using books or tutorials published online. However, in the global education we starting to see more and more trends towards democratization of education and free availability of training courses from one of the best universities in the world. For instance, the projects like Coursera bring training classes from the top universities to everyone with an internet connection. Have not heard about Coursera yet? Try to Google it because it is a really interesting initiative. Unfortunately, SAP Education has not yet come out with something like Coursera but for SAP training. They still earn a lot of money on SAP training courses and it does not really make sense to offer video versions of those courses for free. Nevertheless, the situation is slowly changing and the first indicator of this change was the introduction of SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based platform that includes SAP’s entire catalog of educational resources. Overall, it consists of more than 2,000 manuals and handbooks as well as a selection of live courses. SAP Learning Hub was originally introduced in 2012 and now counts more than 230 customers and 13,000 subscribers. Subscribers of the hub can engage with SAP instructors, subject matter experts and peer students in a convenient social learning environment using their access credentials. The big idea is that the ecosystem of SAP partners, SAP consultants and freelancers can use the hub to improve their skill and competencies in SAP. Also, they should be able to get practice that they need to become SAP certified and compete for more SAP projects.

Therefore, SAP Learning Hub seems like a great place for getting access to all SAP manuals and text-books across a variety of topics. Before this learning hub became available, there was no way to purchase SAP training books separately. One needed to register for SAP training and pay for it, and only then could get SAP training books (for free). It was definitely not the most customer-friendly and convenient way for distributing the text-books and manuals. Especially, if one did not want to pay the high price of the SAP training and only wanted to download PDF versions of the books.

Access to SAP Learning Hub requires a subscription that can be purchased on a per customer basis. At the moment SAP Education offers four types of subscriptions:

  • Business User Edition
  • Customer Edition
  • Discovery Edition
  • Partner Edition

The different types (or editions) of the subscription are intended for diverse segments of people.  The Business User Edition is meant for SAP business users, that is people who use SAP every day to run their businesses. This edition costs 250 EUR in Europe and includes 12 months of unlimited access to a catalogue containing SAP Education’s standard end-user enablement content.

The Customer Edition and the Partner Edition are targeted primarily to the companies that are either customers or partners of SAP. They are 10 time more expensive than the Business User Edition but also contain much more SAP training material. For instance, it includes more than 1000 of handbooks with customer and academy titles, interactive eLearning titles, and online knowledge products.

Finally, Discovery Edition is one of the most interesting versions of the subscription because it offers free access to selected SAP training books and webinars. Therefore, we are going to explore it in more detail.

Free SAP Training with Discovery Edition of SAP Training Hub

Signing Up for Discovery Edition of SAP Training Hub

First of all, you need to sign up for a free account that will give access to the Discovery Edition of SAP Training Hub. For this purpose, please visit this page and complete the checkout process as shown on the picture below.

SAP Learning Hub - Discovery Edition

Using SAP Learning Hub

You will get an e-mail from SAP Education with an S-User ID and instructions for accessing SAP Learning Hub. Basically, you just need to enter your login and password in the top right corner of their website. Then, you will need to go to My Training and select HUB001. This way you will launch SAP Learning Hub (Discovery Edition) and get access to free SAP training.

SAP Learning Hub - Launch It

Final Remarks

SAP Learning Hub could be extremely useful in providing a convenient access to the most popular SAP handbooks and eLearning courses. However, learning SAP without practical exercises is hardly possible and does not really make sense. For this reason, we recommend you to find an opportunity for hands-on practice with SAP.

As a next step, you may want to look at the this article How to Learn SAP for Free where we discuss more resources offering free SAP training.

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  1. This post just opened doors towards my goals. Thanks for posting this. Love You and God Bless You,CLEO ISCO. Take care!

    1. Hi Cleo i am realy interested in learning SAP for free,So If i follow the prescribed steps that U offer how many hours are required & out of 100% of SAP what knowledge % of SAP does your programs offer if i folow the steps accurately

  2. i complete all the procedure but i can’t find my traning option i’m logged in but i have no option so tell me now where is my traning option?

  3. You started this thought 2 years back. OpenSAP has started operations some time back, i think some where near the same time this article was published. openSAP is quite a good place for getting lots of free training. If the learner joins a running course it is the best. As the time based evaluation is very effective.

  4. It’s really nice to hear the information laid down here as it had let me gain knowledge about SAP. I would really go for HCM module as I am doing M.B.A. in operational and production management.

  5. Hi,

    I need Certification course in SAP FICO from SIEMENS or Any other company (in Bangalore) is providing Certification. Can i have contact details please?

  6. Hi Anil,
    Well.. Hope you are not aware that SIEMENS is not associated for SAP Certifications now, kindly confirm it by Google, Like Atos, Lithan Genovate etc are doing SAP Training & Certifications.. Kindly share your id or reply here, will let you know prerequisites,procedures & cost etc .

    All the best…

  7. respected sir,
    my name is prasad bhalerao. i am studying in pune university for bachelor degree. in fact, i want to say that sir i got some info.. about the scholar @ sap program and i am eligible for this. and interesting for doing but i does not the way for reaching on there. and even my college teacher doesn’t know more info about it so i am requesting for you for getting the help or information for doing Scholar @ SAP program with BITS, Pilani.

    if you are interesting for helping me & brighting the my career & life the you can me email on my account.

  8. I m new SAP user, I am facing problem for a affiliated entry. Suppose Co A paid electricity bill 1000 on behalf of an affiliate Co B. I m using T.code F-02 but cant able give credit to Co A and Vendor code, pls help me which t.code will use?

  9. S user ID creation did not work for me, I did not get any mail with the ID, But i could logon to the SAP learning hub

  10. S ID creation is not working anymore. I just received an email stating, learning course is available to access and a link to access.

    Can anyone try it and let me know if it works ?

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