SAP SD Certification Syllabus

SAP SD Certification SyllabusIf you do the preparation for SAP SD Certification it is vital to carefully plan the study schedule and distribute your time between different SAP SD competency areas according to their importance in SAP SD Certification. Therefore, you should study according to the SAP SD Certification Syllabus.

For you convenience we have prepared SAP SD Certification Syllabus adapted from, which illustrates the the competency areas covered in this test. The percentage indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area.

Weighting per Topic:

+ = <8%     ++ = 8-12%     +++ = >12%

Competency Importance
Way(s) to attain
Topic Primary Alternative Other
Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes 60%
Sales documents (customizing) +++ TSCM60 SCM605
-> Outline agreements
-> Special business transaction
(customizing) +
Shipping (customizing) ++ TSCM60 SCM610
Billing (customizing) ++ TSCM62 SCM615
Pricing and condition technique ++ TSCM62 SCM620
Cross-functional (customizing) ++ TSCM60,
-> Text control
-> Output determination
-> Copy Control
Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions and processes 40%
Organizational Structures + TSCM60,
Sales process + TSCM60 SCM600
Shipping process + TSCM60 SCM600,
-> Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
Billing (basics) + TSCM60 SCM600
Master data ++ TSCM60 SCM600
-> Customer
-> Material
-> Pricing
Availability check + TSCM60 SCM600
Basics of ERP, NW and Solution Manager + TERP01,
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4 thoughts on “SAP SD Certification Syllabus”

  1. Hi Team,

    I’m working as a SD professional in an MNC.

    I want to discuss to take SAP SD certification but a little confused.
    Please guide me regarding SAP exam and how it will be beneficial to me.


    1. Hi,

      I’m an SD/MM/LE consultant with 8 years’ experience. The certificate will definitely get you the interview with small-to-medium SAP consulting companies since these businesses need certified consultants for them to boost their profile to their clients, as well as a requirement for getting higher level SAP Partner status.

      The certification acts as a leverage also for getting a pay increase in your job.

      Another way you can benefit in this is that if a company had to choose between a person with certification and another without but your skills are equal, company will tend to prioritize a certified person.

      Interviews tend to be more lenient if you are certified, knowing that you have gone through the brutal questions and passed the SAP test.



  2. Hi,
    I failed my first attempt on the SD exam. Later I came to know about the syllabus. My question is, How often does SAP change its Syllabus?

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