How to Get SAP Certification? A Fresher Case

How to Get SAP Certification?In this post we would like to suggest a framework for getting SAP certification that is particularly relevant for fresh graduates in Asia Pacific region (we will use India as an example). This framework is largely based on the iconographics How to Get SAP Certification shared by Pramila Nagaraj on our Facebook page. We would like to thank her for sharing this iconographics and publish it on our blog in order to let more people read about it.

In a highly competitive SAP jobs market as India, finding the first job for a fresh graduate represents a compelling challenge. The necessity to compete with experienced SAP consultants for the few available job openings may sometimes be frustrating. While SAP certification is not always a critical factor, it could in some cases give a small competitive advantage. For this reason, many freshers consider getting SAP certified on the associate level. But then, the question they are facing is how to get SAP certification?

Normally, getting admitted for SAP certification is not a big deal. You just register for SAP certification exam online, pay around 500 USD, and is welcome to write the certification. The situation in India is, however, remarkably different. SAP Education introduced in India a set of prerequisites that one has to be fulfill in order to admitted to write the exam. Basically, in order to qualify for these requirements, one has to either have 1-2 years of relevant SAP experience working at a company that is an SAP partner or one has to purchase online or classroom SAP training. The problem is that none of these requirements are feasible to fresh graduates. They have not yet have SAP experience, nor have they money to pay for extremely expensive SAP training courses. How then fresh graduates can proceed? Is there a solution? How to get SAP certification?

Well, let us consider the iconographics made by Pramila. Suppose, that we have fresh graduates (MBA, CA, ICWA) that want to become certified functional consultants in one of SAP modules (e.g., SAP BI, SAP FI, SAP MM, SAP SD). What are their options to get SAP certification? Well, the first opportunity is if they are students of a college or a university that is registered as a member in SAP India University Alliance. In this case they have an option for getting certified on the campus. If the first option does not work for them (e.g., their university is not in SAP University Alliance), then, it is necessary to consider the second option. The second option means that graduates should try to join one of the training centers authorized by SAP Education. It is important to make sure that a training center is trustworthy because there are many institutes that try to deceive their students. Read more about fake SAP training here. How to get SAP certification at an authorized training center? Usually, they offer a training course and after completion of this course offer students to pass SAP certification. If option number two does not work for us, it is time to consider the third possibility. According to the third option, fresh graduates should try join an entry level SAP project support role (ideally, for SAP implementation but it is difficult) and spend some time working for a company. Gain 0.6 – 1.5 years of SAP support experience and appear for SAP certification at the cost of your company.

How to get SAP certification if none of these options did not work out? Then, you should consider possibility number five. You can try to join entry level support basis project roles in SAP channel partners that is outsourcing SAP consultants. Try to gain experience in E2E cycle of 1 – 2 years and appear for SAP certification directly.

And of course, we include in this post the original iconographics How to Get SAP Certification made by Pramila. It is below.

How to Get SAP Certification?

15 thoughts on “How to Get SAP Certification? A Fresher Case”

  1. Thank You admin for providing the great knowledge, but the thing I want to ask is “in order to qualify for these requirements, one has to either have 1-2 years of relevant SAP experience working at a company that is an SAP partner or one has to purchase online or classroom SAP training.” The classroom training would be considered valid if I undergo training in an Institute which provide SAP training or it had to be an SAP certified institute?

    Please reply, I am waiting.

  2. I am a b-tech third yr student. From electronics and communication technology branch. I find SAP course quite interesting and wish to pursue it. Now i just want to know which could be the best module for me. I am actually fed up of electronics. And i am sure that it is not going to take me long way! So i feel SAP is suitable for me. I am a university student and wish to start the course now itself. Plz give me some advice regarding this. Thankyou!!

    1. Hi,

      You will be surprised but you can actually go and study almost any SAP module! Your background is not particularly relevant for any module, and therefore, you will have to start from zero everywhere. The only restriction is the modules related to accounting (SAP FI, SAP CO) because for them companies prefer to hire somebody who has prior knowledge of accounting and/or finance.


  3. I’m Sri Lankan. I m interesting to get the SAP certification in FICO. I have 2 years experience in FICO. I need to know how o get the certification, how much cost & details. Please instruct me.

  4. Now I am working in Sap security as fresher, but I want to do certification in Sap ABAP. How it is possible?? And provide correct way to go through it.

  5. HI i am an MBA grad.currently i am working as Business Development Executive and having 1 yr of experience. i also did my in ECE. As of now i have 1yr experience, will SAP certification with my current experience and domain will help? pls give me a suggestion

  6. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable information. We strive to provide our candidates with excellent care and we take your comments to heart.As always, we appreciate your confidence and trust in us.

  7. Hi, I have overall 6.1yrs experience in Finance & Accounts in SAP. I have done SAP FI Certification last year . I have completed my MBA with Finance. But still i didn’t get any job regarding SAP FI. Having knowledge of SAP End User. Last 6 to 8 months company hired a employees who passout 2013,2014,2015….. What should I do?.

  8. Hi I am Sindhu, I am a Bcom student and i have no domain experience.I am planning to write FI Certification.Am i eligible to write the exam with out any experience in any of the abroad countries?

    Please suggest me ASAP

    Thanks & Regards

  9. i am a banking professional having 12 years experiance, want to do some SAP courses online .Please suggest

  10. I am a banker having 1yr experience and btech background.. I have done sap mm course… But now m confused ..should I go for sap fico or sap mm ..plz suggest Me suitable course and provide me an idea of good training center or online course..please would I make my career in sap

  11. Hi cleoisco,

    I am an IT infrastructure support professional,I want to change this field I am not getting that much opportunity in IT infra field.
    So I am planning to do SAP entry level courses,so please suggest me which one I start.
    Please suggest me as soon as possible.


  12. Hey I am Nakul I have completed my MBA in operations . I have more than Two year of Experience in Supply chain and Logistic. Currently I am working as End User of SAP in 3PL Logistic industry. I want to Pursue SAP MM certification Course. Is it compulsory To get job in SAP should be certified only. please reply

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