SAP Mobile Strategy (+ video)

As we are heading into the new century, the computing is changing. We are now witnessing the transition from PC to post-PC era. Recent hardware and software developments lead to the situation where we more and more tasks, which used to require a desktop computer, are performed on the go with smart phones and/or tablets. SAP is a major player in the business software area and it obviously needs to respond on these challenges and to define SAP mobile strategy.

The main SAP product is the famous ERP system, which became extremely popular in the last decade or two. However, SAP was traditionally very much oriented towards mainframe computers and not so much towards mobile devices. Recently, SAP shared its vision on SAP mobile strategy.

With SAP mobile strategy, the software giant recognizes that in the mobile era customers, employees and partners are using the latest mobile technology in their personal life and expect the same when it comes to their business. This means that if you want to run your business better, you need to go mobile and if you do not embrace mobile are taking the risk of being left behind by your competitors. SAP acknowledges that making your business mobile is not easy, you have to make sure that your mobile apps are connected to your business processes and back-end systems, support the ever increasing number of mobile devices, and ensure that data, which is stored on the devices, is secure. At the same time you need to control usage costs and maintenance requirements. SAP wants to offer an end-to-end solution that addresses all of the mentioned challenges. This solution will scale, support business-to-business and business-to-customer scenarios, and support millions of users on any popular mobile device. SAP also offers SAP Store for Mobile Apps where you can buy apps which are specifically fit your business processes. So, that is SAP mobile strategy in brief.

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