What is SAP IDES?


People who have interest in SAP training might often meet an acronym IDES. So what does these four mysterious letters actually stand for? What is SAP IDES?

The truth is that IDES means Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System and is used as SAP internal system mainly for testing and training purposes. The IDES system is run in Walldorf, the headquarter of SAP. This system has several SAP clients and contains a sample set of master data for every SAP module of the IDES model company. The IDES model company represents an organization with standardized business processes and is ideal for the purposes of demonstration and explanation of the functionality of the various SAP solutions to potential customers, SAP students, and prospects.

There are also IDES demo systems and IDES demo landscapes that can be accessed by customers. These systems are in fact just copies of the IDES system in Walldorf. Among other functions, the IDES systems are able to facilitate demos, self-study or functional evaluation or functional tests based on the pre-configured data and (or) clients. According to SAP the IDES in any case must not be used as a production system!

In SAP training courses, the IDES system is actually used, however initially SAP IDES systems do not contain training data for the SAP training courses. The training data is loaded to SAP IDES system just before the start of SAP training course.

For any additional information about SAP IDES please refer to the official IDES Info Site at the SAP Service Marketplace:


At our website, we did a review of all the companies that offer access to remote SAP servers with pre-installed IDES systems. You may find this kind service particularly useful if you need an SAP system for practice or testing purposes. SAP servers offered by these companies are running the latest SAP versions and are connected to the Internet via high-speed broadband channels. You can read our review and see what are the best providers of SAP sandbox systems (taking into account price, different features, quality, and trustworthiness) on the following page:

SAP IDES – SAP Remote Access

In case you have any questions about our rating of SAP IDES providers or your experience with a particular company, please feel free to leave your comments. It will be really valuable for other people to know which company offers the best SAP IDES service.

10 thoughts on “What is SAP IDES?”

  1. Babu technologies is providing SAP IDES for practice purposes with minimal cost. I am using it and practicing from that.

  2. Hi Cleo,
    Good day.
    Please do guide me if how I could obtain the User ID & PW for the link_https://service.sap.com/ides?
    Requires to register with a price to pay & so on?

  3. We have installed the “IDES ERP 2005 ECC 6.0 – Retail” on our server. The problem is we don’t find any master Data there. We are particularly interested in testing the SAP Bapi functions as a part of our ETL process. One of the Bapi function is BAPI_PO_GET_LIST. However we found out the Bapi function doesn’t return any data related to purchase orders. Eventually we tried to create our own Purchase orders. It turned out that the corresponding Master Data (like Material Master, Site, Articles etc.) are also not there. Can somebody explain how can we access the data (both Master and Transactional) to carry out our Bapi function testing. You urgent feedback is required. Thanks in advance.

  4. the site: https://erptrainingtech.com
    I think is a very good offer: https://erptrainingtech.com/collections/sap-ides-ecc6-ehp7/products/sap-ides-365-days
    but you can also test it free for one day.
    they say: “Access SAP ERP IDES 365 days. ALL STANDARD MODULES SAP ERP IDES access already comes with all modules configured for SAP ERP IDES companies. The modules FI, CO, LE, MM, PP, QM, PM, PS and SD are present.”
    but NO teaching support.
    warning:: you can download sap gui interface 7.50 from there, but you need vista or higher.
    I’m still using an old windows xp but fortunally I had a gui 7.20 somewere and is ok.

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