SAP Education Goes Mobile

SAP Education Goes Mobile

SAP Education Goes MobileIt should have happened at some point of time. Starting this month SAP Education goes mobile. They say that they created the mobile version of their educational catalog as a response to the growing demand from customers. SAP Education customers are busy people and it is almost not possible to see them sitting still. Well, that is a common characteristic of almost everyone who work in SAP area. It is not a secret that many SAP professionals are early adopters of new technologies such as smart phones and tablet computers. With mobile devices it is much easier to keep up with an ever increasing pace of business life of SAP consultants.

Having that in mind SAP Education announced that from now on their customers can experience SAP Training and Certification Shop from their mobile devices. SAP Education chose not to create separate apps for various mobile platforms, but instead offer their customers an optimized version of SAP Education website. This optimization is supposed to ensure an optimal performance on relatively small screens and slow internet connections. From the mobile SAP Training and Certification Shop you can search for SAP training courses, SAP certifications, make reservations for training and register for SAP certification.

The new mobile SAP Training and Certification Shop is available for all the major mobile platforms: Apple iPhone and iPad, all kinds of Android smart phones and tablets, and some of Blackberry devices. There is no difference between the functionality of the normal SAP Education catalog and the mobile SAP Education catalog. That is you can do on the go everything that you used to need a laptop for.

In order to access the new mobile SAP Training and Certification Shop, just open a browser on your mobile device and type in the URL bar:

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