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SAP India Online SurveyDo you live or work in India? Or maybe both? Currently it is not possible to register for official SAP training courses or SAP certification online in India. In order to enroll into a course or make an appointment for SAP certification, you have contact SAP call center. An operator from the call-center then will help you your request. However, today more more shops and businesses go online. So that you can purchase their services without leaving your internet browser. SAP follows this pattern. The company already offers online registration for SAP training and certification in a number of countries (for example, United States). Online registration is convenient, transparent and fast. Indeed, you can register at any time which is convenient for you. You see the prices straight away on SAP website. And it takes no longer than five minutes to complete the registration.

SAP India is now considering an opportunity to offer online registration for SAP training courses and SAP certification. They are not sure what Indian SAP professionals think about it. For this reason, they decided to host an online survey. With this survey SAP India wants to understand and anticipate the reaction of a wide range of people who are interested in SAP training and / or certification. Based on the results on the survey a decision will be made if online registration should be available in India. Here is the link to SAP India online survey:

If you want to take part in the future of SAP Education in India, you are very welcome to take part in this survey and express your opinion. Meanwhile we noticed some interesting facts in this survey. For example, generally SAP certification fee varies from INR 35,000 to 60,000. This inside is particularly interesting due to the fact that these prices are not listed at SAP website.

For those who are interested in online registration process for SAP certification, we recently wrote an article How to Register for SAP Certification. It contains step-by-step guide with many screenshots. Good luck with your SAP certification!

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