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SAP Material ExclusionWelcome to our tutorial on SAP material exclusion. This tutorial is part of our free SAP SD training. Here we will explain how to configure and execute material exclusion. This functionality allows a user to set certain materials that a customer may not receive.

SAP material exclusion can be controlled based on condition record, with validity dates which are entered in a master record. During sales order creation, if the delivery date falls within the validity period of the material exclusion and a restricted material is entered, the system will not allow the order to process. Therefore, material exclusion is useful when there are legal restrictions or when company policy limits certain products for certain customers.

SAP material exclusion has a higher priority than SAP material listing that we discussed in the previous tutorial. So, if both listing and exclusion condition records exist for a particular material, SAP system will not allow a customer to order it.

Configure SAP Material Exclusion

SAP material exclusion is configured in the same place as material listing, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will limit our discussion to material exclusion functionality. To configure material exclusion use the customizing path below in transaction code SPRO:

Sales and Distribution – Basic Functions – Listing/Exclusion

Select the first activity from the list: Activate listing/exclusion by sales document type.

Select Activate Listing/Exclusion Activity
Select Activate Listing/Exclusion Activity

Assign the standard material exclusion procedure B00001 to the relevant sales document types as shown below:

Assign Exclusion to Sales Document Types
Assign Exclusion to Sales Document Types

Hit Enter then Save . The exclusion will be saved with a confirmation message: .

Execute SAP Material Exclusion

To illustrate an SAP material exclusion, first a master record of the exclusion for the relevant validity dates must be set up. Next, the sales order can be created, at which point a validation is triggered. We will walk through these steps in the following sections.

Create Material Exclusion Master Record

Menu path Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Master Data > Products > Listing/Exclusion > Create
Transaction code VB01 – Create

In the initial screen of transaction code VB01 enter the listing type B001 – Exclusion as shown below:

Create Exclusion Initial Screen
Create Exclusion Initial Screen

Press Enter to create the material exclusion master record. Enter the following information:

  1. Customer number
  2. Valid From as the beginning date of the listing time period
  3. Valid To as the end date of the listing time period; Enter 31.12.9999 if you never want the material list to expire
  4. List of material numbers restricted from this customer
Create Material Listing
Create Material Listing

Hit Enter then Save . The material listing master record will be saved with a confirmation message: .

Create Material Exclusion Sales Order

To create a sales order, execute transaction code VA01. On the initial screen, enter one of the sales order types to which you assigned the material exclusion in the configuration step. In our example, we use order type ZDEM as shown below:

Create Sales Order Initial Screen
Create Sales Order Initial Screen

Hit Enter to proceed to enter sales order data. Enter all the details for the sales order, taking care to use the customer you created the exclusion for and a delivery date that falls within the range you set up in the master data. First, let’s see what happens when non-excluded material is entered. In our example, we enter lines for two material numbers that are not on the exclusion master record as shown below:

Enter Sales Order Data
Enter Sales Order Data

Once all data is entered, hit Enter to trigger the validation of the document. Since the entered materials are not part of the material exclusion, the system accepts them with no error message:

Sales Order Material Exclusion Validated
Sales Order Material Exclusion Validated

Now let’s try to enter the excluded material. Here, we add a third row with the excluded material number 50065702 and hit Enter to trigger the document validation. The system produces an error that the material is excluded for the customer as indicated below:

Material Exclusion Error
Material Exclusion Error

To process the sales order further, remove the excluded material. Hit Enter then Save to post the sales order.

Did you like this tutorial? Have any questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. It’d be a big help for us, and hopefully it’s something we can address for you in improvement of our free SAP SD tutorials.

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3 thoughts on “SAP Material Exclusion”

  1. Hi Mr. Rasheed

    I have a question about the exclusion in sales order. when we define an exclusion record in VB01, and use that material in sales order the valid on date for material exclusion is based on requested delivery date. but i want to set it based on order creation date. is there any way to di so?

    Best regards;

    Sara Gh

    1. Hi Sara

      One way to achieving it through standard is to make Lead Time Field Black in Requested Delivery Date section of your document type configuration in VOV8. The system will show requested delivery date same as creation date.


  2. Mornig in Vb01/2/3 descriptin op exclution is not displayed, and I have check everything, it is a custom field

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