SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive AnalyticsLeave your crystal ball behind and peer into the future with SAP Predictive Analytics! Master predictive models—regression, time series forecasting, clustering, and more—and learn how to get SAP Predictive Analytics up and running. Discover the essential tools, from Predictive Factory and the Automated Modeler to the Data Manager and Social Network Analysis. Get predictive analysis working for you!

  • Install SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x and plan your project
  • Build robust predictive models with the Predictive Factory, Automated Analytics, and Expert Analytics modules
  • Explore advanced workflows and integration options

What You Will Learn?

Predictive Factory
Create classification, regression, and time series forecasting models in Predictive Factory. Use the massive approach to continuously control the quality of your predictive models.

Automated Analytics
Explore advanced data preparation techniques to automate dataset creation with the Data Manager and then use clustering and automated predictive recommendation models to analyze that data.

Advanced Workflows
Get more out of SAP Predictive Analytics with the Expert Analytics interface and by integrating with SAP and third-party applications.

Book’s Highlights

  • Predictive models
  • Classification models
  • Regression models
  • Time-series forecasting models
  • Predictive Factory
  • Automated Analytics
  • Expert Analytics
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  • Data Manager
  • Installation
  • Integration

About the Authors of This SAP BI Book

Antoine Chabert is a product manager for SAP Predictive Analytics. He joined SAP in 2007 as a product owner for SAP BusinessObjects, where he work was dedicated to the semantic layer.

Andreas Forster is a member of SAP’s Global Center of Excellence for Analytics, based in Switzerland.

Laurent Tessier is a ‎‎predictive analytics expert at the Global Center of Excellence for SAP Predictive Analytics.

Pierpaolo Vezzosi is director of product management in the SAP Analytics organization.

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