Using Script Logic and FOX Code in SAP BPC

Using Script Logic and FOX Code in SAP BPCYour SAP BPC calculations require advanced logic to achieve maximum flexibility. Learn how to integrate Script Logic in standard SAP BPC implementations and how to use FOX code in SAP HANA-based implementations. Get step-by-step instructions about how to perform standard rounding and use dimension member formulas. For embedded projects, run FOX code in real time and use function modules to retract data. Get smart about custom logic!

  • Move beyond standard models or dimension logic for planning
  • Use Script Logic to enhance your standard SAP BPC implementation
  • Integrate FOX code with SAP HANA in embedded SAP BPC

What You Will Learn?

This E-Bite will teach you how to use custom code to extend your SAP BPC implementation’s native planning functionality. For standard SAP BPC, this is through Script Logic; for embedded SAP BPC implementations that run on SAP HANA, this is through FOX code. Using custom code approaches tailored to your data architecture, you can make advanced calculations to help your organization forecast into the future.

About the Authors of This SAP BPC Book

Peter Jones is a senior BI/BPC application consultant with MI6 Solutions LLC specializing in the areas of CO, EC, BI/BOBJ, SEM, and BPC. He has more than 16 years of consulting and educational experience in a variety of strategic and leadership roles, focused on global architecture and strategies for BI, ERP, and BPC.

Charles Soper (Tim) is a senior SAP educational consultant and has been with SAP for more than 15 years, with expertise in FI, CO, BI, SEM, and BPC. He has been involved with the development of numerous courses, including CO, BI, SEM, and BPC and is a course owner of several of them.

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