Organizational Management in SAP ERP HCM

Organizational Management in SAP ERP HCMSee Organizational Management under the microscope. Master OM basics like structuring objects and relationships, and then use advanced tools like Manager Self-Services, Manager’s Desktop, and the Organization and Staffing interface. Learn about evaluation paths, hierarchy reporting, and how you can strengthen the foundation of your human resources system through integration. Make sure your organizational and reporting structure is up to par!

  • Set up and maintain organizational structures and units in SAP ERP HCM Organizational Management
  • Use OM tools like MSS and MDT, the Organization and Staffing interface, General Structure, and Expert Mode
  • Integrate OM with on-premise SAP ERP HCM and with SAP SuccessFactors

What You Will Learn?

Organizational Management Basics

Learn OM basics, including the object-oriented concept and object relationships. Maintain objects and relationships using implementation guides, end user interfaces, and other tools.

Key OM Tools

Use SAP-delivered tools to maintain objects and relationships, such as MSS and MDT, the Organization and Staffing interface, Simple Maintenance, General Structure, Expert Mode, and more.

Reporting in OM

Learn how to create flat reports, analytical reports, statistical reports, and more.

Book’s Highlights

  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Evaluation paths
  • MSS and MDT interfaces
  • Infotype maintenance
  • Matrix structure
  • PNP/PNPCE, PAP, and PCH databases
  • Reporting tools
  • Implementation guides
  • Integration switches
  • SAP SuccessFactors

About the Author of This SAP HR Book

Soham Ray is a certified SAP ERP HCM consultant and trainer with more than ten years of experience. He has worked closely with SAP at various levels of his career, ranging from end user to project lead in both public and private sectors. Besides his experience in SAP ERP HCM, Soham has been the lead for organizational change management and the Center of Excellence at SAP. Soham began his career at Wipro, and has been part of numerous business processes related to management information systems (MIS), quality, training, and HR for over six years. A consultant, trainer, leader, and writer in his field, Soham has a deep passion for SAP software. Apart from implementations, numerous trainings with corporations gave him the opportunity to instruct and enrich end users and consultants. He has been associated with renowned companies such as SAP India Education, ATOS, HP, and JKTechnosoft. This book defines his knowledge and experience gained over the years. His passion lies in enriching learners with his thorough insight in the field of SAP.

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