Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM: ESS, MSS, and HR Renewal

Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM ESS, MSS, and HR RenewalThe self-services landscape is changing. Wrap your mind around the self-services picture with this guide to on-premise HCM offerings. Understand the benefits, functionality, and business processes enabled by new technology like HR Renewal and SAP Fiori, and see how to integrate them into your self-services strategy. Take advantage of HCM solutions that extend your reach and keep you connected and adaptable to the HR environment.

  • See how HR Renewal fits into your HR service delivery model
  • Explore the features and functionality of Employee Self-Services, Manager Self-Services, and the HR Professional role
  • Transition from the visual UI to the empowering UX

What You Will Learn?

HCM Integration

See the touch points between HR Renewal Add-on for HCM and Personnel Administration Organizational Management, Employee and Managers Self-Service, Learning, HR forms, and the Shared Service Framework.

Updated UI and Functionality

Learn what you’ll see and do with a new UI and improved ESS/MSS functionality.

Mobility in the Self-Services Space

Explore the mobile offerings from SAP including those via the Sybase platform and SAP Fiori.

Book’s Highlights

  • HR Renewal Add-on for HCM
  • SAP Fiori
  • Mobility
  • Deployment
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Manager Self-Service
  • HR Professional role
  • UI changes

About the Authors of This SAP HR Book

Jeremy Masters is an author, speaker, and SAP ERP HCM subject matter expert; he is also the co-founder and managing partner of Worklogix, which provides SAP ERP HCM professional services and software solutions to Fortune-500 companies. Mr. Masters has been an SAP ERP HCM practitioner for over 16 years, and spent his early years with Pricewaterhouse, PwC Consulting, and IBM Global Business Services. He has been involved in over 40 projects, many of them global in scope. Mr. Masters enjoys helping clients with architecting and implementing HR self-service and talent management solutions. Besides implementing HR Renewal and the new Employee and Manager Self-Services, he has worked with much of the latest talent management functionality, including Performance Management, Compensation Management, Succession Planning, and E-Recruiting.

Brandon Toombs is an independent consultant who has helped clients achieve results using SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors technology for over 15 years. He has served projects in every conceivable role: functional, technical, and project management. Mr. Toombs is a frequent speaker at SAP/SuccessFactors conferences and is also a founding member of the popular SAP HCM Insighst Podcasts. He began his career as a CPA with Arthur Andersen before transitioning into HR technology while at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Kris Bland is a ramp-up coach for HR Renewal 1.0 (Phase II), EHP 6 (Phase II), and SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 5 upgrade and MSS 1.0 Add-on. She has completed SAP internal testing for EHP 6 ESS enhancements and was the CUV lead for HR Renewal 1.0.
Ms. Bland’s specialties include ESS, MSS, and Portals configuration with all enhancement packs. Part of the SAP internal test team for EHP 5 and EHP 6, she has completed internal acceptance testing for MSS Add-On 1.0 and validation testing of MSS Add-On 1.0 and HR Renewal 1.0.

Justin Morgalis has been helping clients implement SAPERP HCM self-services since 2007. He comes from a consulting and development background, so he understands both the technical and functional aspects of SAP ERP HCM and can communicate them clearly to any audience. In the past three years, he has focused almost exclusively on projects with SAP ERP HCM Processes and Forms components, leading teams of both functional and technical resources to successful implementations. He earned his degree in psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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