Maintenance Planning with SAP Plant Maintenance

Maintenance Planning with SAP Plant MaintenanceIf you’re in charge of maintaining a plant, you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! With this E-Bite, you’ll create a maintenance strategy using task lists and assess an asset’s current status through measuring points and counters. Once you’ve devised a maintenance plan, you’ll learn the ins and outs of scheduling: starting, canceling, updating, deactivating, or skipping a maintenance call. Keep your plant in tip-top shape!

  • Create and execute a maintenance strategy in SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Use measures and counter to monitor asset performance
  • Draw up and modify maintenance schedules

What You Will Learn?

Take the first step towards performing preventive and predictive maintenance in SAP EAM by creating a maintenance strategy and task list. Then, use measuring points and counters to asses an asset’s current status. Finally, learn how to start, update, cancel, or skip your maintenance plan to keep your plant in tip-top shape!

About the Author of This SAP PM Book

Khaled Saeed Dahrog is an SAP EAM super user with more than 14 years of experience in plant maintenance across the world in roles as varied as maintenance zone supervisor, senior maintenance planner, and most recently, maintenance system specialist. His expertise is in maintenance supervision.

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