SAP SD Sample Resume (for Freshers)

SAP SD Sample Resume

If you are going to start a career as an SAP SD consultant, one of the important things to do is to make you look good on your SAP SD resume. In this post, we are going to give some tips about designing a CV and also provide SAP SD sample resume for downloading in … Continue reading “SAP SD Sample Resume (for Freshers)”

SAP BI Sample Resume (for Freshers)

SAP BI Sample Resume

Some time ago, we published on our blog SAP FI sample resume and since then have received many requests about sample CVs for people who want to start their careers as functional consultants for other SAP modules. Therefore, we decided to continue publishing SAP sample resumes and today we post SAP BI sample resume on … Continue reading “SAP BI Sample Resume (for Freshers)”

SAP FI Sample Resume (for Freshers)

SAP FI Sample Resume

Although our website is primarily oriented on the topic of SAP certification, occasionally we publish articles on subjects of SAP consultant’s career. Recently, on one of our Facebook pages we were asked to post SAP FI sample resume (for freshers) that can be used as a template and a reference. To answer this request we decided to … Continue reading “SAP FI Sample Resume (for Freshers)”