SAP SD Questions (vol. 5)

1. In the copy control procedure, you need to specify certain controls. Select the correct controls.

  1. Routine for data transfer
  2. Copy requirements
  3. Number assignments of document types
  4. Switches

2. Which of the following statements are true regarding cash sales and rush orders?

  1. Both will print the delivery immediately when you save the order
  2. For both transactions the goods issue is a seperate transaction that need to be processed afterwards and the billing documents need to be created afterwards
  3. When you save the cash sale the system create the delivery and the billing document and update FI.
  4. When you save the rush order the system create the delivery and print the receipt
  5. The cash sale order type is order related billing. The rush order is delivery related billing.

3. Which of the following is true about rush orders?

  1. Because it is a rush order, a reference document must be used.
  2. Upon saving the rush order, the delivery due list is updated.
  3. In a rush order, the goods issue must still be performed.
  4. Upon saving the rush order, the billing due list is updated.
  5. For rush order the system will print an invoice when the billing is created, to be send to the customer

4. Which of the following are true about cash sales?

  1. When saving the order, a background delivery is created.
  2. Upon creation of a cash sale, a delivery is created in the background and a billing document is created.
  3. When saving the cash sale, the stocks are reduced.
  4. Cash sales generate order and delivery document numbers.
  5. When saving the cash sale, the billing due list is updated because cash sale is order related.

5. All the following occur during the processing of a cash sale except for:

  1. A sales document is created using a special order type.
  2. A delivery note is created automatically upon saving the sales order.
  3. A billing document is created using standard processing.
  4. The customer account is posted to for the invoice amount

6. Which of the following are true regarding consignment fill-up?

  1. A billing document is created.
  2. A goods issue must be posted.
  3. The inventory value is decreased.
  4. Pricing can be entered.
  5. Liability does not transfer when the customer receives the material.

7. A consignment pick-up is a sales order type:

  1. KR
  2. KA
  3. KE
  4. KB
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