Upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2Behind every great SAP administrator, there is a SolMan. Upgrade your virtual sidekick with this guide to SolMan 7.2! Learn about major feature changes since 7.1 before diving into prerequisite planning tasks. Then, using step-by-step instructions and screenshots, walk through the entire upgrade process—from executing the Maintenance Planner to monitoring the execution phase. Once your upgrade is complete, tackle post-upgrade configuration. SolMan 7.2 is here — are you ready?

  • Get an overview of the major new features in SolMan 7.2
  • Meet the prerequisites and see how the new release will impact your existing installation
  • Execute upgrade and post-upgrade processes via step-by-step instructions

What You Will Learn?

Walk through the entire SAP SolMan 7.2 upgrade process with this E‐Bite! Learn about major feature changes since 7.1 before diving into prerequisite tasks. Then move on to the main upgrade, using step-by-step instructions and screenshots to navigate your way through the process. Once your upgrade is complete, tackle the dual stack split and post-upgrade configuration to ensure a smooth transition.

About the Author of This SAP SolMan Book

Jereme Swoboda is an experienced SAP technologist focused on the SAP Solution Manager product suite and the SAP NetWeaver stack. In his role as a consultant at NIMBL, Jereme has integrated SAP Solution Manager—including implementing complex technical monitoring and technical operations—on a variety of platforms for both large and small companies. Jereme has extensive experience pairing real-world scenarios with SAP’s capabilities, and focuses on assisting customers in maximizing their SAP experience.

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