Automating accounting journal entry preparation using SAP

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    Terrence Jefferson

    My goal is to replicate the accounting automation success in SAP that we had in Oracle at a previous company —where we automated the entire suite of 100-150+ month-end spreadsheets / Journal Entries (JEs) via a combination of Oracle Service request enhancement and Oracle BI reporting enhancement. However, I’m not familiar enough with SAP to think of a high level plan such as the one I just laid out for Oracle. I know SAP utilizes apps which I imagined would be the jumping off point for every JE preparation —each custom app would be its own JE template form. Once a user clicks on this form, they would see a series of data display/entry screens. Each screen contains all the prepopulated data and also contains any necessary manual data input boxes—boxes which represent required data from outside sources (non SAP sources)

    Currently, we are wasting onerous amounts of time running countless reports in SAP, then using data from those reports, data stored in previous versions of the JE tab, and data from outside sources (non-SAP system reports or numbers given via email by other departments) to complete our excel JE spreadsheets (which contain upload pages, plain-english journal pages, summary schedules, detail tabs to support summary schedule line items, delicate pivot tables, rate tables, and endless screenshots of G/L balances). This process has many manual touch points, is wholly non-intuitive, and is extremely inefficient.

    Bottom line—I would love to eliminate all these JE spreadsheets using SAP—but I’m not sure how to utilize SAP apps, SAP BO, and/or SAC (or some other SAP functionality) to make this happen.

    If someone could give me a good list of pointers or sequence of steps, that would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Automating accounting entries with SAP increases efficiency by reducing manual data entry and errors. SAP’s automation capabilities streamline the entire process, ensuring accurate and timely financial records. This not only improves compliance and reporting, but also frees accountants to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately increasing overall productivity.

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