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    I am a supplier and use the SAP Portal from the supplier end. I do not have experience, outside of training through videos, as to how SAP would be entered from the actual ordering company. How do you believe this may be useful, and possible to explain on a resume?


    Cleo Isco

    Perhaps, you can mention that you have a completed a video SAP course?


    Thank you for the advice. I am thinking all I can say is that I have a beginners knowledge and and in training of SAP for the time being to show that I have experience when sending out my resume. I am struggling to find an entry level position because they see all of the other experience I have which would show me much more advanced versus what I believe I need in order to move forward.

    I am really thinking to concurrently learn this and APICS CPIM at the same time, but still do not know how to use this to advance my opportunities and future.

    A Kachi

    I found the course details very useful. Can I copy the date of SAP MM for my personal use?

    Please advise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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