Document lifecycle and flow within SAP

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    How do documents move inside SAP? I am talking about pdf, word files, etc. Are they managed centrally by a document management system that links them to modules? Do they move from module to module e.g. purchase order copied from SD to FI ? Are they managed by smaller modules such as Invoice Management?

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    Cleo Isco

    Usually, documents like PDF of Word files are not entered in SAP. SAP have internal formats for different purchasing, sales, or finance documents and information is exchanged between different modules based on these native SAP documents.

    Of course, it is also possible to add external files as attachments (e.g., Word or PDF) to SAP documents. This functionality is called Document Management. However, it doesn’t really make sense to copy external files from one internal SAP document (e.g., in SD module) to another (e.g., in FI module) because users can always go to the original internal SAP document and see the external attachment there.

    I hope it answers your question!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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