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    I am in preparation for FI associate certification. I am going through the learning hub courses TFIN50, TFIN52 and TERP20. For some e-learnings like TFIN50 there are available different versions in learning hub. E.g. TFIN50_1_EN_Col10 and TFIN50_1_EN_Col15. Does anybody know the difference between these versions?
    Thank you.

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    A Col# is the collection. It corresponds to a software or course version. Thus, TFIN50_1_EN_Col10 and TFIN50_1_EN_Col15 are respectively collection 10 and collection 15. The higher number should be a more recent software version or course.

    SAP should spell out the meaning of these suffixes more clearly. I, too, did not know what they meant when I was initially looking through the available courses.

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    Vijay Jain

    Hi Dear

    i want to know about SAP FI EXAM Procedure.
    I am an Indian citizen and working in Russia. now I am preparing for SAP FI certification.
    but i don’t know about the exam procedure too much, so can anybody tell me that how can i give this exam in Russia in English. if yest then please tell me how can i contact with them

    if any other ways is also available to give only exam then please tell me that also


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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