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    Dear all,

    I am looking for settings in SAP S/4HANA on ordering and billing IT Consultancy services either T&M or fixed price. Could you please share the steps or documentation? Service master information, service order and billing, please.

    Many thanks!

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    Cleo Isco

    Please refer to the order management / billing documentation on the official SAP website:

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    In SAP S/4HANA, configuring ordering and billing settings for IT consulting services, whether on a time and material (T&M) or fixed price basis, involves several key steps : Service master data: Create and manage service master records to identify IT consulting services, specify pricing, deadlines, and other related details. Sales document types: Configure custom sales document types (e.g., purchase orders, contracts) to accommodate T&M or fixed-price contracts, ensuring the right mix of invoicing methods milestones and milestones. Pricing workflow: Configure pricing workflows appropriate for T&M and fixed price scenarios, allowing flexible pricing calculations based on service quantity, price level, and contract terms. Payment milestones: Set payment milestones or payment plans to schedule payments at specific project stages or according to contract terms, ensuring accurate and timely payments. By properly configuring these settings in SAP S/4HANA, organizations can effectively manage and streamline ordering and payment processes for IT consulting services, supporting Different interaction models as needed.

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