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    Good day,
    Would it be possible to use LSMW to park various invoices on various PO’s for the same vendor?
    To my understanding you can import an excel file into SAP using LSMW
    Alternatively, how do other companies using SAP, process large volumes of invoices received on a weekly basis, that are linked to a PO?
    Thank you

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    Edward T


    From your post I will assume that you will use LSMW for your daily transaction.
    The things is LSMW is only intended to be used in migration process, means it will not recommended to use in a regular basis.
    But yes depending of how your requirement is, LSMW could do many things.

    In other company for a requirement that cannot be handled using standard transaction, the most common way is to develop custom program to fulfill the requirements.
    Other possible solution is to implement SAP add-on or Third party application, such as Open Text is one common product to be use for Invoice management.


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