Manufacturers part number not showing under purchasing tab in material master

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    I tried to fill in the cell Mfr Part Number to the purchasing tab in mm02 but its not showing in all Material Types.

    How can face this problem

    Cleo Isco

    In SAP, the availability of certain fields like “Manufacturer Part Number” (MPN) in the purchasing tab of transaction MM02 can be dependent on various factors, including configuration settings and the material type being used.

    The Manufacturer Part Number field might not be included in the screen layout of the purchasing view for certain material types. In SAP, you can configure different screen layouts for different material types using transaction OMS9. Check the field selection settings for the relevant material types to ensure that the Manufacturer Part Number field is included in the appropriate screen layout.


    The issue of manufacturer part numbers not appearing on the Purchasing tab of the material master record can be due to a data maintenance error or a configuration issue in the SAP system. Make sure that the material master record is correctly updated with the manufacturer part numbers. Make sure that the relevant fields are filled in and that there are no restrictions or custom settings that affect the display of the Shopping tab. Consulting an SAP expert or reviewing the system logs can help you identify and resolve the issue efficiently.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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