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    Hi all, sorry I’m new here.Really need your advise for my question below.

    1. Material code which duplicated (or in this case material code that not active, where material code created but no purchase history), am I able to delete to maintain only 1 material code? Because more than one material code existed but represent the same item description (the same item but many material code).

    2. There are 3 material code but referring to the same item which I need to maintain only 1 but all have purchase history. Possible to combine/merge so that all purchase history stored under only 1 material code, then I remove another 2 material code.

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    1-Material code cannot be same. If you have created materials with same descriptions you can either change them or if you want to delete you can do that by using T-code MM06. Flag the materials for deletion using MM06.
    As you have not created any PO there would be no mess.

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    2- There is no standard functionality to merge/combine material code in SAP. What you can do is flag the 2 materials for deletion using MM06 and use the single material code for further procurement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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